Dreams will come true (Episode 59)


Tears unknowingly escaped from his eyes and he stomped his feet angrily.He just throw the things his hands can reach for and knocks himself hardly on the wall! It’s totally unacceptable for him to even imagine her in that condition. He kneels down exhaustedly in frustration and all the mobile’s parts are scattered on the floor caught his eyes. Realization strikes upon him, it’s time for him to be strong because whatever the situation can be,the depth of their love will make them stay intact! He collects and merge all the body parts of his cell phone and hastily dialled up to Kiran again “Which hospital you bringing my Akshu?! Kiran cleared his throat “The City Hospital! Please come fast.” Viren walks in the speed of light and rushes to the hospital like a Formula 1 driver racing his car without giving heed to existence of vehicles on road because he can’t let her go or let anyone including God to take her from him.

The men’s in whites carry the lifeless angel on the stretcher. Kiran was asked to register himself and put the authority sign before she is send to the Intensive Care Unit! He did all the formalities as per rules .Kiran is shaking legs in anxiety and his eyes are visualising the aura of hospital where nurses and doctors running in and out with the panic attacks clearly visible on their face. A man doctor suddenly approaches to Kiran “We are sorry to inform the patient had a heavy blood loss and needed to undergo a neurosurgery due to head injury but her blood group is quite rare and it is not in our hospital blood bank! Now we are working out to find out the donor of her blood group.”

Kiran is aghasted to hear it and Viren walk up to the doctor “I will find out the donor but what’s Akshu’s blood group? Doctor half smiled” it’s blood group O with rhesus factor negative.We already requested for a donor but we can’t promise anything. You may do your part but we need to start her operation in an hour time if not her life is at a border of risk. Viren frowned but quickly calls up the medical institution sponsored by his family to get the blood donor. Kiran muster up his bravery to inform Tesha about Akshara’s condition and her whereabouts. She is burst onto tears and he is affected with her tears yet no words in his mind to solace her.He just hummed and hanged up. He then calls whoever in his contacts list for immediate blood donation because every seconds are essential for them to save Akshara.

All their determined search is abundance of waste as it almost half an hour but no existent of any donors because blood group O negative is quite uncommon despite they are universal donor in this world. Viren couldn’t pacify his nervousness about Akshara’s life yet he did not give up in this helpless situation. Kiran notices Tesha and her other family members presented there and Kiran told them about not getting any donor. Tesha stutters “I shares the same blood group with Akshu. I will give now!” Viren huffed in relief and pins himself against the wall with closed eyes! He reminiscences all their romantic moments together and he never wanted anyone’s sympathy or encouraging words but the million dollar cherubic smile of his love that coloured his life with happiness. He notices the idol of Goddess Durga adorned with flowers and a shining lamp.

Unrealizingly, he walks there and gazed at her with his intense red-eyed “I neither bow down to you nor believed in you all these years but today, I am standing here with folded hands behalf of my soul,my life! My woman….. Above all, your adherent devotee whom will praise you despite all the difficult tests you tolled on her in the name of destiny.. You made her life too unimaginative that consequently we fail in protecting her and couldn’t be her side when she needed us the most!!! She always told that you are her mother so you need to bless her to win this battle!!! I don’t know whether she will resume the normal-happy life with me as all these injuries might heal yet the pain scarred in heart for life..However, I truly beg you from the bottom of my heart that Akshara needs to be survived because we desperately need to bug each other with all love forever ..I don’t need anyone or anything else in my life except Akshara! I want my sweetheart to live all her dreams in reality..For that, you must save her and bring her back if you are the example of virtouness in this Universe!”

A police man taps on Viren’s shoulder “I was told to speak to you.You are the victim’s loved one is it? Viren nodded and questioned him “what actually happened to my Akshara? The policemen gasped “We are also here to enquire about it. A man also injured in your physics laboratory at a same time and been hospitalised here.I want you to come and give a look to verify about his identifications whether he is related to you both because we can only judge about this matter if either of the victims speak up about the incident. Viren runs through a monologue ” That b****rd must harassed my Akshara and I will definitely show him HELL! Viren nodded and replies “I will come with you!” His surgery is going on and Viren watched him from the glass door.

He stormed in anger to see the goon and hits the glass door “You shouldn’t die that fast because I need to hunt you down alive for attacking my Akshara. The police questioned “Mr.Viren behave yourself and answer first whether you or your girlfriend shared any relationship with him personally? Viren refusely replies “Not at all! In fact, we have never meet him before but I am sure that he must be the reason of Akshara’s state. He dared to evoke the monster in me!” The police sternly says “we will take actions based on proof so we can’t simply accuse he is at fault Mr.Viren! We never know!!” Viren arched his eyebrow “You do your job Sir and may you solve this issue with justiceness… Now, I humbly request never let this issue turn out as a paparazzi as Akshara’s dignity should never put at a stake. Police gives an assuring smile “No worry! We understand your concern! Viren nodded “Thank You and I will take a leave!” Viren determinedly thinks”I will do my part as well that he will regret for his mistake till he dies!”

Akshara’s parents hearts are shattered into million of pieces and both her siblings are trying the level best to console their parents. Finally, the love of the parents overshadows the favouritism in them. Perhaps,this incident created a path that made them realise that Akshara is also God’s blessings for them even though luck is never at her side. After all, a girl’s kindness and love is always greater than any luck or money that can’t never buy happiness . They are grieving and her mom is pointing finger at ownself for not taking care of their little fairy all these years. Her dad keep bugging the nurses whenever they walk out of the ICU “Is my daughter safe? The only reply the nurse could ever give her dad “Neurosurgeon is trying his best! Let’s hope for a good news!” Viren could see the pain in their eyes but he is just gazing at the red light to be switched off. However, the ‘Light of Hope’ is sparking in his heart that she will again begins her cuddling session with him. Tesha is in Kiran’s arms and tears flowing down her cheeks and she keep asking him “Why Akshara needs to suffer so much? Can’t she leads a ordinary happy life as other girls?!” Kiran unable to give any answers to her rhetorical question so he caress her hair as a sign of giving strength.

The red light goes off and Viren runs up to the doctor “What happened to Akshara! The doctor sighed. Viren gravelly tells “Speak Up Mr! I am asking you!” Doctor grins “She survived and safe now but she had a neurosurgery due to subdural heamotoma where the blood clots between her skull and brain as result of head injury! It’s quite serious and we can only tell you the effects of this surgery based on her actions when she regain consciousness. She also had many stitches on her body due to injury so it will take time to heal! Let’s hope for speed recovery.” Viren huffed “Thank you so much Doctor for saving my love and Akshara’s mom folded hands”Thank You Doctor and we are truly indebted to you for your help our lifetime! The doctor smiled and left!

To be continued.

Here you go and I hope I did justice to these chapter. Lots of love for my readers that always commenting on this fiction as a support ??Thank you too for all the readers for spending their time to read this chapter ?Next is on Monday because I will be busy this weekend ?Take care lovelies?

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