Dreams will come true (Episode 57)


The rays of light reflects on him through the small gap of the room’s curtain forcing him to open his eyes. Then, Viren’s morning is the pulchtridinous smile of his girl that is hidden behind the ruffled long hair. He slowly tilted her head to place it on the pillow and locked her hairs. He brushed his lips on her forehead and tiptoed without any noise.He had his shower but Akshara is all dumbfounded to the slushy water. Viren groomed himself with his yesterday’s attire and left from there to prepare all her much needed things.

Almost after 2 hours , Akshara had finally sensitive to the striking light of Sun and she continously moved her fingers on the huge bed finding her man.She frowned the very moment finding him no where and decided to roam around the house in the bathrobe forgetting her appearance.She is quite exhausted to find him and persuade herself; “he might left in the case of urgency! I’ll just wait!” She stared at the luxury gigantic sofa that urges her for slumber again and she proved it’s just a kind of lazy day. Viren walks in the hall and dazed to see her sleeping like nobody cares.He chanted her names in various ways while tickling her “akshu…babygirl..sweetheart..Mrs.Viren! She finally laughed and crushed him “Stop bantering and tell where you went?!”

Viren gasped “we are supposed to go college already we missed half lectures ?! Akshara squealed “Ohohoh!!! !Die!!! I will get ready in a few glimpse of time. Viren huffed puffed “Seriously saree for college?? Definitely I can never avert my eyes from you so this is for you.” Akshara lighten up with a broad smile noticing the gift. She grabs the sling pink bag and he gestured her to open it. Akshara takes it out and amazed to see a rosy pink blouse with light blue long chiffon skirt. She hugged him” You never fail to surprise me! Thank you so much baby!” She shrugged off with the clothes and it’s just prevarication that she can get ready fashionably in a short period. It is all because literally she took ages in adjusting her hair to hide her love bites. Viren furrowed his eyebrow and smirks at her.He slowly tangled the fingers running on her neck and he creamed her neck only to soothe her pain. She is astounded and blushed all the way in a lowered eyes . Viren gazes at the reflection of the mirror and catches her turning crimson”Wish I could make you shy even more !” Akshara is stunned with his words and immediate glows surpassing her cheeks.
At college :

Sakshi:Darling I totally felt ashamed to hook up with Simran and playing games against Akshara.Why should I care about Simran’s love!She is nothing perhaps a b*t*h that drooling over someone’s boyfriend!

Rahul:Good that you have changed but she is aiming who’s lover?

Sakshi:Don’t tell me you are unaware that Viren proposed to Akshara and they are the brand new love birds of our college!

Rahul:Seriously?? Perhaps, truly she is the deserving girl for him.Actually,we took her granted but she is always been kind to us ..Isn’t it??

Sakshi:I know and I genuinely wanted to apologise Akshara for putting her into a trouble and spying her all these days but I don’t think she will give me a chance to speak.

Rahul:Naaaa darling! She will definitely accept your forgiveness. You was against her because your first impression was a bad impression on her . It’s not your fault anyways.

Sakshi:Ya but can you do for me a small favour? I wanna apologise to her personally and can you arrange it for me by today?Please?????I wanna lighten the burden in my heart. You know I don’t wanna face any kind of embarrassment if suddenly she refutes.

Rahul:Definitely I will ask her to meet you once and you can sort out the enmity between you guys.

Sakshi nodded and sidehugged him with a smile “Thank You baby and I wanna leave to washroom for a while!
In a victorious evil smile, she rings up to Simran’s mobile.

Simran:Did you executed the plan well?

Sakshi:What say?Rahul believed me so definitely pipsqueak will be paid for that awful SLAP!

Simran :Not just slap but snatching all my rights…. She thought I am dunchish is it to give up so easily on Viren?!He is my first love and just MINE!!!

Sakshi:Yeah true partner!!! First tell me did you make sure the goon is hidden in the physics lab I shown you earlier remember because only that physics room has door-knob problem. If we mistakenly brought her to other place then she can easily freed herself.

Simran: I am already with him in the physics room and make sure Rahul never raised any doubt on you.I don’t want anyone even Akshara to doubt that we trapped her so my goon will pretend to attack you. Again I am saying , you just run away setting up the image of protecting yourself! He will closed the door after you left. Finally all her dreams will be shattered, and she will mentally brutalled as I was when Viren fall in love with her!

Sakshi: Okay I understands you well since everything is fair in love and war.You are just fighting for your love and for that we need to get rid off Akshara! Just a doubt, he will just mildly harrased her and we will spread rumors about she being raped so Viren family will never accept her . That’s all right??

Simran: We sketched it the way but if he changes it I don’t mind either.What matters the most,not even a single doubt should be raised on us and this man will freed himself through the emergency exit staircase.I throw to him a huge amount money that he will never bring out our names even if he is caught red-handed! All I need is, Viren shouldn’t be around with Akshara.

Sakshi:Ok done! I will talk to you later.Gotta go to class!


Vira are sitting together in class but they neither romancing nor even talking because Akshara is busily chin-wanging with Kiran. She somehow pulling out his interest on Tesha as Akshara desperately wanted a secured love story for her sister . Kiran couldn’t deny the fact there is a kind of law attraction between them as she magnetise him by being a sensible beauty but he also understands it will be difficult a task to a lay faith upon boys from her past. Akshara manages to convinces him; “Bro don’t behave as an acquaintance or formal friend but build up a stronger and compassionate relationship because you both are mutual interested in each other but you know naa Tesha really aghast to encounter any kind of betrayal again so she will not easily give space to love. Kiran nods “I know she is good to see but difficult to catch and that’s what I liked the most about her! From the day I spoken to her,I would say she has the charm that entices me that she is my kind of girl “beautiful , matured, independent and of course loving!” Akshara nudged his shoulder “Bro say something I don’t know! But, you are too sweet though and I really wish Tesha gets along with you because you both are really made for each other.” Kiran grins “Like you both! Vira shared an eyelock with a blushful expression dwelling on their faces.

Viren then received calls plenty of times from Simran’s number and he continously ignoring her calls.Akshara notices the vibration of the mobile and askanated him to answer.He gives a tough look denying it and Akshara grabs his mobile and place it on his ear. Viren hummed for a moment like tentatively listening whatever she spoken. Akshara is dismayed as she figures out that he is turning paler as the conversation gets extended. Viren hanged up the call and frowned “Actually, she called to inform that Maa’s health is deteriorating and doctors are checking her up at my home.I really need to leave because I am afraid something might happened to her!” Akshara cups his face “Don’t worry! nothing will happen and please take good care of Maa. Kiran gives an assuring smile to Viren” Stay positive! everything will be alright Vir!” Akshara sighs” I think you better make a move before lecturer is presented here dear!” Viren nods ” But please you stay safe dear! He tilted his head and planted a kiss on her cheeks which resembles his way of goodbye.

To be continued ☺

Finally I made up my time to come with an update and I am perfectly fine now …I miss you guys and thank you so much for reading it ?The next episode will be published on Monday! Lots of love ?

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  1. Dev

    Again dey planned….voh nhi sudarega…..n nc vira mornin scene

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      Heyy Dev i know right they planned again and this time it might work ? Thank you for reading and hope you will like the upcoming episode too yaar?

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    We also miss u a lot..ohho!what’ll happen now?curious for d nxt..love them..& u too..? take care..

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you so much baby! I miss you too and i know curiosity kills but let’s wait together ?Love you even more ?

  3. Sweetie

    Ohhooo…This Simran and Sakshi will never change right..Curious to know what happens next.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 😀

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  6. Awesome, marvellous episode, dashni my dearrrrr. ..very lovely n beautiful narration. ..now the Devils started again with their dirty planning. ..ufff….I just hope n pray nothing happen to akshara. ..n viren reach in time to save her without any loss or hurt….plzzzz dashni give simran n sakshi a very tough task to get their ways to hurt vira…but let the love win in the end n all villain should get very bad defeat……I’m very hopeful for our love birds. …don’t know what you planned next for this lovely story…n I don’t want to interfere in it…I just love the way you presenting it….I just gave my lil opinion….take it easy….keep it up honeyyy. ….I’m glad to know u r doing fine now….be like this always….take care sweetheart. ….I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. .. n missed you a lotttttttttt. …muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 🙂

    1. D.Dashni

      Dear I am now running out of words to reply you but let me tell you dear no matter what happens love will win in the end and they will definitely overcome all the hurdles dear…Thank you so much for all the love and care you giving me. You never know how much it means to me and I love you to the infinite sweetheart??? I am sending you the warmest and tight hug ?Muahhhhh????

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