Dreams will come true (Episode 56)


Akshara clutches him tightly “I am sorry dear for made you to re-live the heart wrenching moments.” She cups his face “I love you so much baby and I swear neither I leave nor let you go” Viren kisses her forehead and holds her face “I have to say that I had insecure thoughts that you will choose your family over me or leave me if the circumstances are against us.” Akshara has a half-smiled “under the witness of moon, shining stars and wild storms, I promise I will live with you and love you till the moment I release my last breathe dear…. Will took time but surely I shall win your faith dear!” Akshara locked her fingers in his and eye beaming were between them in pulsating air.

Viren stutters “I trust you but the insecurities fluctuating whenever I was reminded of my parents.” ……….. Viren wraps her waist tightly “Now I am too confident that I will be unstoppable in making you officially mine soon.. Don’t worry so much.. Every moments I am with you……” Akshara replies happy!!!!!!! Viren chuckled and Akshara confidently “But truthfully you are the one painted me with happiness!” Vira shares a cozy-wet hug as they are completely drenched in rain. Akshara’s heart keep wishing to be with him after understanding depression lying deep down in him even if it is hidden behind his perfect smile. Viren is yearning to be in her angelic arms that always nurtured him with the genuine love and care he is been longing for. Akshara felt too shy and hesitant to asks him about accompanying him for a night as she feared it might sounded wrong… She huffed-puffed “Actually Jammy! ..I ..I… Viren chortled understandingly “I want you to stay at my place if you don’t mind . …Can you??”

Akshara is taken aback and quite blurred in replying him “I thought….. I mean can but…Your family???” Viren smiled and tugged her hair “When you trembles , your cheeks resembles new bloomed apple.” Akshara lowers her eyes and did not respond anything to him. Viren brings her to his guest house and says I hope you don’t mind being here. Akshara nodded with a smile and duo goes to the living room. Akshara feels cold and she kept rubbing palm against her skin in the hope of regaining warmness . Viren notices it and says you can have your shower in the hot water . Akshara shakes her head refusingly “I never thought we would end up here so I don’t have anything to change.”

Viren holds her hand and brings her to the room. It was a huge master bedroom well-furnished with a king size bed, a night lamp and a blue couch. Viren switches on the ligbt and opens the wardrobe.It was decked with few towels, two bottles of shampoo and got bathrobes hanging on the hanger. Viren brings the bathrobe and asks are you comfortable in wearing it?If not then I would buy go and get your types of clothes baby! Akshara grabs the bathrobe “It’s Okay Jammy.I won’t mind wearing it and I will dry this saree now so that tomorrow can use it.”

Viren gies behind and locked her hair to the side of her shoulder.His fingers run on her bare skin before it unpins the endpiece of saree and slowly he opens out the thread that holds her blouse. His touch evoking her shyness that leads her to feel his passionate touch with eyes are closed and she grasps her saree . Viren circled her waist with his arms then kissed her earlobe and slowly brushed his lips towards her neck while his hands are extending to her bellybutton. Akshara couldn’t paused her arousal so she jerked him and shrugged off with her bathrobe to the bathroom. During her shower, she reminiscences all Viren’s words and tears runs down her cheek unknowingly.

She thought “unrealisingly I made a mistake of bringing out your past.” Viren, I thought you was arrogant because you was rich and when I know you very well,I was dazed with your kindness and now I am surprised how you could respect a girl unlike making the mistakes like other boys who would have vengeance on others generalising girls as a traitor despite lived in such betrayal. She looked at her self-reflection on the huge mirror “Love, my only dream is to wait like a dream in your killer- eyes dear. I know that it’s hard to erase your past from your heart and no doubt you are too insecure about me but I know that you are the first guy I ever fall in love with and I will make sure that our love never falls apart at any cost” She wipes her tears and looks determined about winning in her tale of love.

She comes out in the bathrobe and the moment Viren look up at her.His irresistible desire for Akshara has aroused and he comes near her. Akshara steps behind as he walks near her and finally she hits herself on the wall.Viren’s finger are tickling her cheeks and he blows gently at her.He then snogs her compassionately on the right cheek then it moves to her left and slowly Viren comes forwards to surrender themselves in a liplock. Akshara interrupts ” Dirty Boy!!! It’s better if you refresh yourself if not you would get sick. Viren gasped “You have to preach people on how to ruin romantic moments!!! ” Akshara giggled and winks at him. Viren gives a tough look and left from there. Akshara alerted her both Sha sisters about her whereabouts. She dessicate her hair with towel at the corner of room and watch the stars on the sky through the window. Viren tiptoed and crushed her from behind.

Akshara smiles and says Viren you said you are tired naa so let’s sleep .Viren says what the?? Akshara covered his mouth with her fingers “Not what the???Don’t talk as though you never romanced before hottie..So let’s sleep!” Viren arched his left eyebrow “do you think you can escape from my grip in the cold weather with your hotness that are too seducing? Akshara turns crimson and lowered her eyes “Please??” Viren chafed his fingers on her back and lifted her to the bed. She is surprised with his gesture and couldn’t advert her eyes from him. He gently placed her on the bed and pulled the blanket over her. His lips wishes a good night on her forehead “Don’t worry I will sleep on the sofa. I am a kind of a gentleman if we have some distance!” Akshara holds his hands”I know you well but now come to your baby . It’s her turn to cuddles you till you get a good sleep. Viren vacously asks”You Sure?? I can’t promise you on my wildness. You might turn on me!!” Akshara rolled her eyes and spread her arms.

Viren snorted and gives in that now his half weight is barely on top of her as he snuggled on her completely and he rest his head on her bosom under the blanket. She keeps caressing his hair “I love you Jammy!” Viren hummed because he understood that she is trying her best to make him feel loved by snugging in bed and his mind achieved serenity as he found his stress remover – either her love or her pulchritudinous smile! As he pulls in more, she willingly tilted her face for him to access to the crook of her neck and with his inexorable force , he gave her deeply. She moans in pain and to reduce it, he soothes it by creaming her neck. She digs her nail in his hair succumbed to his snog. It finally marked her with his lustful perhaps loveable hickeys — indicating SHE is HIS!

Akshara then rolled over him and lied on his mesomorphic chest. She hugged him tightly with a petite smile on her face as she dwelling in a paradise?Viren constantly kissing her forehead while tangling his fingers in her hair to control the s*xual fire on him yet he gives up and whispers” Shouldn’t we have more?! Akshara with a squinched eyes “You know me! Let’s store that moments for our future naa and now we only need the much needed compassionate sleep! ” Viren gives a ‘duh’ look but inner-mind decided to do with her accordance “I know right! You are a sleeping beast..Akshara pinched his biceps with a mischievous smirk! Viren “Ouchhh! OK, my one and only sleeping beauty Akshara brushed her lips on his chest and dozed off forgetting that she was supposed to pamper him that night ?Viren unrealisingly falls in deep slumber after petting her back and caressing her hair for a long time as he knows that his baby always loved to be molly coddled ?

To be continued!
I know that I have included only Vira scenes than anything else and not concentrating in Simran and any other characters. Well, it’s written in the way as now they are celebrating their love and enjoying their cozyness forgetting the villains of their love.The villains will exhibit their evilness soon that might leads to a devastation in Vira’s life so all this and earlier romantic moments compensate for it. Let’s see how my mind works and destiny will plays it part ?

A little note: This much only I could think and write our as for God sake as my health is detoriating and today ended up with flu and cough that my brain isn’t functioning out well so I don’t know when my next update would be but definitely I will show up soon ?? Till then you guys take care of your health..I know some of the previous chapters before 55 i realised now that I didn’t reply to your comments ? so thank you for commenting there ?Hugs and lots of love???

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    Oye dashu…..tc of ur health 1st….
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    1. D.Dashni

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  2. Very interesting:-):-) what going to happen dasni?

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    Finally made up to here..Hi Dashni..How are you??You know right I’m jam packed with all the stuff surrounding me now..So late to read and I’m replying after like 4 episodes..So sorry for that..Episode is super s*xy.. 😉 Waiting for next..Take care of your health..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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      Thank you so much dear 🙂 I hope i will fulfill your request possibly dear?Keep reading ..Lots of love ?

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    Awesome episode dear and take care.pls read my ff Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 and do comment

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