Dreams will come true (Episode 55)

Viren steps in the street where Akshara’s house is located and without any hesitation, he just harshly press the housebell. Akshara heards the consistent clarion sound of bell rings and its quite irritating to her ears so she rushes out to to open the door . She is puzzled to know that it was her chivalrous man. She is quite dazed and wonders why on the Earth he ain’t having courtesy to stay unruffled till she comes?Where as, he doesn’t notices her presence as his eyes is gazing at his mobile and the fingers are tapping the bell.Akshara gasped and snapped her fingers “Stop it! I am here Jammy!” Viren nodded with a smile and raised his eyebrow”Where’s your mum?”Akshara sighs “we need to go together to meet her so go to the car and wait please before any of my neighbours eye on you.Viren huffed and left.

Akshara sensed something is wrong because he appears quite pale and distressed and worst of all no cuddlings?!She thought he doesn’t leave a second to stuff in apples in my cheeks with his sweet gestures and now he behaving as if we are strangers??? Akshara gasped to calm down herself and just adjust the blouse of her hot pink silk saree embroidered with dark blue stones. She keeps herself simple yet elegant as her accoutrements is only few tinkling bangles and earring customised with white and blue stones . She make a first move in their conversation so she sidehugged him and brushes her nose on his stubble face. He responded with a smile “where you wanna go ?” Akshara pulls back herself and stares at him “Don’t tell me you are okay dear?! The displeasure eyes and gravelly voice proves that something is hidden in you!” Viren is all quiet because whatever discussed in his family circuit compacted his mind. It is also pacing up the fear of losing her which lies at the corner of his heart. He isn’t ready to reveal the dreadful betrayal done by his very own mother that only made him encounter vilification throughout his life .

Akshara cups his face “Say something naa!” He realises his silence and shoves it off with a smile “Just tired and you sounded too suspicious though! Akshara pouted and stutters “Sorry to disturb and you then can go home if you are tired dear!” Viren neither wanna share his past nor spoil their quick date so he better not to share about it. He pecked her nose and kissed her forehead ” No worries! I have finally meet my Akshara’s comeliness so no doubt, I am perfectly doing well.” Akshara responded with a half-smiled “You know well that I was yearning for this baby and now let’s make a move to the temple… The address I will put in your GPS now”.. Viren pulls her leg “What your mum doing there ? Can’t she just stay at home ?! Akshara snorted and gives a ‘duh’ look..”Don’t question too much because I want to admire the beauty of burbly drizzling rain.” She tilted to the window but the real reason is she is unable to show off her heedful facial expression since her heart keep purging out that Viren is hiding something. However, she ain’t gonna force him to speak up as she understands that a relationship needed a comfortable space to each other rather than intruding loved ones’ hard core personal issues.
Vira reached the temple and reluctantly he refuses to follow her.

Viren; Baby you go in and bring your mum. I will wait here.

Akshara:I am not so done with this attitude.Look Mr.Viren i know you are a so called atheist but what’s the point of your existent when you failed to respect our culture?!?!

Viren:We are not here to fight so cut the crap and go baby.

Akshara:I have always done whatever you commanded but now if you loved me then you should learn to respect my values even if you don’t have faith in it.

Viren: You are IMPOSSIBLE in mending everything in your ways! Just come!

Akshara chuckled and Viren responded her with a harried expression.

Akshara :Jammy you go first since i need to get the offerings to give for prayers.

Viren: Sure but don’t take a long time!

Viren went in the temple and he is all unexampled about what he should do as it is the first time in his life . He just stands at the corner and his eyes is searching for Akshara’s mom.Just then, he sees Akshara walking from the distance and he is flabbergasted as she glows magnificently in saree ?He falls in love all over again to the girl whom never stop miffing him yet easily captivate his heart. He couldn’t advert his eyes from the way she carried herself where humblest and glorious personified at a time! Akshara holds his hand “What are you doing her? Come let’s go!” Viren nodded and walked in a path she guided him. Akshara folded her hands and looked up to the beautiful Goddess Durga — The Mother of Universe and Akshara’s strength. She gestured to Viren to fold his hands and he whispers in her ears “Ok where’s your mum?She turned invisible is it? Akshara stared at Viren “my Maa is right in front of you and we are here to get her blessings.I know you thought it’s my biological mum so purposely I never told you?!” Viren gives a stare and sarcastically asks how to know we got your Maa’s blessings? Akshara chortled “Definitely you will be answered by her”. Akshara then covered her chestnut lens with her eyelids and does her prayers.

Akshara’s POV:
“Maa……I am sorry i shouldn’t forced someone to believe in you but Maa I couldn’t resist myelf from doing it. It was just first scratch and I have faith that very soon he will have faith in you Maa. I know you would definitely bless our love Maa and thank you so much for making him a part of my life”
All Viren is doing is admiring her and he calmly waiting for his lady love to look up at him. Viren slowly whispers “Hey dropdead gorgeous, today you are the best! I swear I can’t get over you.” Akshara blushes yet she sarcastically replies “I should take that as a late complimentary. Viren smiles “I know I am such a jerk but what to do?” They walks together then and Akshara wraps her hand around arm”Jammy at least introduce to my mother-in law naa. Much needed meet because we both need to know each other well. I guess she must be kind and has sweet talks like her son. Viren leaves her hand and walked away without a word.

Akshara is shocked with his sudden behaviour and she walks behind him. The greyish-black colours paved up the clouds that racing each other to release the moist water to the soft soil. Consequently, Vira are drenching themselves in wild rain with only remarking visible footprints on the muddy road not eyelocks. Akshara crushed him from behind and placed her head on his shoulder “Why are you sulking now? Did I ask anything wrong dear?? ” Viren does not respond anything and Akshara cups his face “Don’t hide anything to your baby naa. Please??” Viren holds her hand “Some things are better not to be discussed at all. Let’s go.” Akshara gives a puzzled look and stutters “Sometimes I thought we are very close to each other but now I felt we are truly distanced apart.” She lies on his chest “Am i not that worthy that I dont deserve to know everything about you??!” Viren pats her back “Past should be forgotten right so what’s the point of knowing it!! Akshara very firmly loured “But a mom can never be a past in child’s life! It’s a universal truth!”

Viren’s anger boiled up hearing it and he just pushed her. Akshara is appalled and standstill with his furiuosness…
Viren’s eyes are moist in red “She is neither my mom nor considering her!! If you are so into my past then now let me speak up .
“My mom was a middle class girl just like you and my so called parents met in college. They soon fall in love and got married to each other with blessings of their respective families as far as i know. The lady actually becomes a share partner in my dad’s business after I born . We were living in London and the desperate lady ditched my dad and married to another man because she said she couldn’t find love in their relationship when I was just 7 year old kid. She did not only gift us betrayal but we were dissed by her act .”

“Shockingly , too soon my dad moved on from his divorce and he also married to his childhood friend.. I still have a glimpse of their grand wedding and in a year time they had a son named Veer. My grandma stayed with us in London but still I was emotionally affected and couldn’t live up there. My dad brought me to India again when I was 11 and all of us stayed as a family with my grandparents. All this event scarred my heart brutally as I thought he will care and love me unlike my mom but he also forgotten about his son.” They only named me Viren nothing else but somehow with the little humanity lies in my dad’s heart, he raised me but only in terms of supporting financially and nothing else. I only had my grandma as a strength as she always take good care of me when I was shattered. However, a little boy definitely yearns for his mom and I waited for the day I will be in her arms but she never turned up. I grew up and I realise I wasn’t the example of their love but the greed of LUST .”

“Hate is a big word and even that feeling I can’t have on them. Remember once you asked, why am i not adressing him respectfully?? Why should I???? A dad is SUPERHERO for a child but mine I always wish never to be like him. I wonder how can he find out a new love too soon?! If he built a stable relationship with her, the lady might not have ditched him and I wouldn’t be left out!! You told I was an atheist but have you ever thought why I don’t have faith in your God? He played a part in my destiny, if and only if he is existent and kind then he would have showered mercy when I was a infant and wouldn’t be given them as my parents. ”
“Ruthlessness is to live like an orphan despite having parents whom left you for their own happiness. Yet, my heart never gives up the responsibility of a son because of one noble thought in my mind. He is my Dad and nothing could ever change the fact!” Akshara is speechless and only tears in her eyes could be a respond..

To be continued?

What should i say??? Life isn’t giving me a space to write out my story.I don’t even have time to pamper myself nowadays?????Extremely busy ? and this episode is written in one go and I know it’s long ?I hope i never made any mistakes ya..Miss you all and now I would say thank you very much to my readers… Big bear hug and kisses to you all.Do comment if possible ????The next update will be on Sunday.Hope you all read it too ?

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  1. Emotional episode yaar:-(:-( dasni iam eagerly waiting for your fanfiction episode

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      Awww seriously ??? After ending this I will definitely write on swasan ya ?Let’s hope?Thank you so much dear?

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    Love today’s episode …… emotional scene between akshara and viren .
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  3. emotional and also heart touching

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  4. Awesome, wowwww dashni. .it’s mind blowing and superbbbbb episode. …viren poured his heart out…I loved ViRa meet in temple…n their convo, viren praising akshara was lovely. …keep it up honeyyy….we all r stuck with our busy lives but only your powerful strength can give you true light of success. ..so never leave the hope N cheer up we all friends r with u…..take care sweetheart. ..love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡

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