Dreams will come true (Episode 54)

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Episode 54:

Viren simpers and monologue   runs  in  his mind “Maa sorry I had to be rude. You have always   been my strength but now   you  are too tricksy    so I can’t   and will   never dance  on your  rhythms.”  The old lady  is all hot tempered and glared   at his stepmother  “You   have never  claimed   him as your   son so you   don’t   bother about   his life!” She huffed and wryly responded   “You thought you was his world   but now everything   changed……He don’t  give a care on your   consent   to be in love   so what   about   me?!Actually , he don’t   think me as his mother! Grandma gives a victorious   smirks  “I have never be defeated in my life….I have made up my mind that   to uphold our family’s   dignity, I will be a beast in his so called love story… Remember in the   past,   how   much   he yearns   for his mother   but I  never give up on the matter and instigated   him against  her till he grew   up with so   much antipathy for her life’s biggest mistake………….. Now time for the pipsqueak  Akshara to endure the pain as her tale of love will be incomplete as it is just her dream never to the extent  of reality.. His stepmother   gasped “Try  your best Mom  but   he never step   out  when he made a choice. We all  know how strong-headed he is! Grandma smirks “Only my age gets old never my knavishness! My grandson always deserves something   classy   never   a trashy  so I am sure they  will not   make a good match.  Somehow I will prove  it to him and sets   them apart!” The stepmother   nodded.

Viren had his shower  and realises   his mobile   ringing .He answered the call and switched  into loudspeaker.

Viren :Hmmmm what  baby??
Akshara:Come now and meet my  Maa…We haven’t   ask her permission   to be in relationship and we need  her blessings   too.
Viren:What are you  crapping   there?We already in love and I guess   you forget   that   you were cozy with me….Then why the hell now  I should   ask and what if she says no?
Akshara:Heyyyy Mr.Viren I am not blabbering….. If you really    love  and giving importance to Akshara   then you better  come now!!

She hangs up the call and Viren grins ” She is just Unbelievable!” Akshara   then took out a  salwar kameez from her wardrobe…. Tesha huffed puffed “Baby you know   you’re  annoying him! Akshara pouted  and Tesha gives in “OK you’re   not but   baby at least wear this half saree dear to surprise  him when he is coming not  always this. Akshara stares   at her “Saree??Me??? I am still  a baby girl you   know. Tesha laughed  “Baby???You?? Then who had a compassionate   liplock and romance   in cruise?  Akshara is befuddled  and her voice   trembled to give a reply .Tesha nudged her  shoulder “Perhaps we stalked you….How romantic my baby can be?? Akshara  scowled ” Such a Stalker! We??Who were the we?” Tesha grins “Not my fault! Kiran   and I came to the side  of the bar to get  some fresh   air  and saw you   both  were lost in love  so we decided to leave you   guys   alone….Akshara  turns crimson and Tesha giggled.  Akshara hits her hand “Baby stop embarrassing  me naa!!!” Tesha nodded ” OK he will be here so better   wear this saree now!!” Akshara rolled her eyes   and grabbed the half saree in her hands “please baby  you tie it  for me then?! I don’t   know how to wear  it at all” Akshara pleaded  and Tesha helped her without  any hesitation ?

Viren goes to living   his room and Viren dad arrived   too. He asked him “I have  to discuss  about   your   relationship   with   a girl! Viren chortled “Perhaps   we will talk once I arrive home    later and I think we have nothing   much to discuss about this if you trust  my choice!” Viren’s Dad grins” I believe   in my son but still I have to know   about   the girl you drooling   for. I don’t   want you to have any regrets  in your  life.”  Grandma interrupts their conversation  “He will definitely  be ashamed   to fall in her magical   love spell soon! Viren laughed “Maa how I  wish you understand   that love is magic… It happens   to everyone and  I took  time   but I am sure I found   THE BEST! Grandma smirks “In what   preferences  you  thought   she is Best??? What she has??? Beauty??? There is many girls more gorgeous than her even our Simran is far better…. Rich?? ?Our servants   can earn better   than she  and her family does??? Status???? She has only the   status   of being   a middle class girl.  Akshara can’t   even match up to stand beside you how would  I allow her to hold your   hands forever??She is BEST for nothing!

Viren gasped “Maa true   beauty   can only be held by the immense  eyes so she is the most beautiful girl I ever met..Her smouldering  chestnut   eyes  holds the love that aheads my   future happiness. Her pretty   smile   is the curve that sets everything  straight   in  my life…..Above all, her inner-beauty that reflects   her genuine kindness and gentleness is what I was longing   for!!!! What did you say?She isn’t  rich! Get your facts right Maa!!! She is richest girl   on this Earth   when it comes   to love…Neither you nor me can be someone with   a heart full of love Maa?!?!  My Akshara   uphold  the status of an  intelligent engineering student   with the mind concede   to couragenouess  in exploring   her life…Soon she will have the status of being   my wife and mine…..Just mine…  Maa, she already  lived in my soul and for eternity our   hearts   are connected   so do we really need you   to
permit   us in holding   hands forever?!”?

Grandma begins   sobbing  and stutters “After   she came in your   life, you forgot   the love and care I given   for you my entire   life! Never expected you to change my boy! Maa never even dreamt of  it! Viren’s expression turns paler and in muffled voice “Maa I never dreamt   that my Maa,  the biggest   strength   of my life and my only support  can against   my love and happiness  just because   intoxicated   for family   status!!! I am aware   of your  doings with   Simran Maa.. However, now and forever   you will always   remain   as the most   essential  person   in my life and the respectable   love  I had towards you is unchangeable!!! The strong young man with wisdom weakness strikes   upon   him  neither he can see his Akshara nor Maa’s infinite   valueable tears shedding of their eyes. He approaches   and cups   Maa face “Maa I just   wish you have all your faith in my choice   because  I never want  to choose between   you both…Please don’t push me to that extent because my love towards    you both   remains incomparable.. Yet, if I have to choose then you knows who it will be!!!!!

Grandma sighs “Boy even if it hurts, I think the melodramatic past   will once again has begin in this family…I wonder after knowing the pain of the consequences, how can you   fall in love without   believing   in elder’s choice like your   dad’s mistake!!”   Viren snorted .” My biggest vow in life is I will never be like   my  DAD and Akshara   will never   be like my so called   MOM!!! Viren’s Dad in gravelly voice responded “I know   yours  is a true   love  towards her but due to my past, it’s difficult   to believe   in the girl you loved!! I am not   judging   her but let   me know   her completely! Perhaps,it really need more time for her acceptance in yours and our lives  as well…”  Viren without   heed to his  response just  left  out the living   room to his car.  His grandma’s words reminded him  of the betrayal that always  remains heart wrecking in his life .Viren is all aghasted and a strong   intuition clashed in his mind   “Akshara will leave me if  she is given  a choice   to choose   over   her family…” He has a glimpse of faith   that she   might fulfill  his vow but the impossible   questions  keep popping   up in his mind unrealizingly  “What  if she don’t ?!”  “What if she left if she encounter the rejection of my family in our love ?!”  “What   if she felt I will resemble  my biological   parents’ attitude   if she   knows   my past??” He drives recklessly  as he is devastated  for being  unable  to  answer his own terms of questions.

To   be   continued♡

Hopefully   TU server will   not   be disabled   like   it was in the past two days..I am not sure when the next update   will   be… .Till then lots of love to the  readers of   this ff???

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