Dreams will come true (Episode 53)

A girl in elegant blue crop tops with black midi skirt only .She gleames up with a necklace customised with pink and white roses and perambulating with the 7-inch high heels around the cruise. She realises that she was thoughtless after visualising the stupefying laugh and her eyes begin searching for her crazy little love – Akshara. Just then,a strong muscular man smooches her from behind planted a compassionate good morning kiss on the baby -pink shimmering cheek.Venisha grins and says good morning Aju! He smiles and asks why you left the cabin and walking around aimlessly honey ? Venisha snorted not aimlessly. I wanted to meet Akshu but not sure the cabin number she stayed up last night! I must ask about Tesha too Aju! Arjun arched his left eyebrow “you should have just called your sisters mobiles!” Tesha huffed “I know right but I have to look at the glorious face of them to kick start my day and isn’t it super-duper fun to just roam around the cruise? Arjun continously necking her till her shyness arousing the desire of lust yet she hold back. She whispers “Aju you are really a salacius tiger!” He smiles “all your appealing grace evoking the libidinous in my blood honey!She slowly turns crimson and avoided herself to lost in his eyes.

“Isha finally you are here” – a clarion call from Tesha.Both Arjun and Venisha breaks out and greeted her with a smile.Kiran also joins them and asks where is the two love birds..We don’t even have a glimpse of them from yesterday night. Tesha chuckled “Perhaps they are living in their own fairlyland until forgotten our existence.” Arjun smiles “Let’s leave them alone and nourish our empty-bellied guys!” All of them laugh and headed to the restaurant of cruise to whack out a scrumptious breakfast.? Akshara notices her love in the reflection of mirror.He was in 5’8 inch , a well-toned abs with flexing biceps. She couldn’t resist her eyes to refrain the magnetization over the natural
good-looking men that fires up his intense stare from the natural brown eyes. He was all wet and drapped in towel that defines hotness.

He gazes at her lovingly and slowly approaches her but Akshara managed to surpasses the hypnotism and points her finger at the wardrobe. She knows he is refined in his apparels so never thought of making a choice for him. Viren gasped and nods. She chuckled and walks off to the balcony to exposed in the breezy bluff. Viren is in unbottoned casual long sleeved cotton shirt and blue denim.

He tiptoed to the balcony to astound her and finally wraps her tightly in his arms. She smiles as he adorned their love with his beautiful touch and she find as if it was like the first time they were in quixotic moment ever especially when is bare chest is petting her back. He bury his lips on her neck and slowly it turned on him.He circumvolved her slowly and meet her lips compassionately.She dug her nails in his hair succumbed to his kiss? An audible knock on the cabin door witted them and Akshara shrugged off him to open it . Viren is totally miffed so decided to wait for her on the couch.? A waiter clutches a deck food trolley and gives professional smile then greets Akshara “Good Morning Mam!Here goes your breakfast Mam! Akshara grins “Thank you for the breakfast and you may leave Bro! Viren looks away when Akshara comes to serve him breakfast. Akshara looks at him vacously “Why Jammy?” Viren responded with a sturdy stare! Akshara smiles ingeniously and sits on his lap. She cuddled him by pulling his cheeks “Ohoho Mr.Viren smile naa!” He pecked her nose and clench her waist “I shall smile if we have cozy chat! ” Akshara hides in his bosom and stutters “tonight everything will resume to our daily routine naa! Why isn’t the Earth rotates as slow as tortoise then we could have spend more time ?! Viren kissed her lightly on her hair and decided to divert her attention. He asks you’re stomach ain’t growling is it? Akshara denied to eat and mutters I want to be in your arms at least for a while because I don’t know whether we can be like this after return home?! Viren is quite puzzled regarding her insecure thoughts. He cups her face “We are and will be together always!! Why are you worried about the future which is unimaginable baby! He again brushed his lips on her forehead. Akshara responded with half-smile but slowly she utters haltingly”do you know that some people around us are envying on our relationship even when we were friends! Imagine if they know about our relationship now?!

Viren grasps her “I know but why should we give a damn on them?! Akshara lies on his chest “Why??Each and every moment I had to live with the biggest fear that I’ll lose you because they will plan to separate us! Do you know they even plan to expelled me out of college!!! Viren arched his left eyebrow “Who are they dear?” Akshara gasped and clutched his shirt “The two SS!!! Simran and Sakshi! Somehow I managed to figure out they are very covetous on me to be hanging around with you so now they can and will go to any extent to ruin our love story….. Viren really gets hot under the collar when he knows they dare to ruin his Akshara’s dignity. He also felt shameful to even share to her that his grandma’s is cunning too and don’t want to scare her more by saying about Maa’s intentions…He just hummed and Akshara stares at him confusedly “Why are you not saying anything Jammy? Viren shoves off with a smile and holds her hand “You’re mine…only mine so even your God can’t separate us so what about that idiots?!!!!!! I will marry you even if the world is against us…. You won’t be given your self a thought to leave me and that’s your fate to spend your rest of life with Viren… Akshara smiles in relief and crushed him tightly “How I wish dear?!” Viren’s phone rings and Akshara riled.She breaks the hug and Viren shows his mobile. The screen popped out Kiran’s name. Viren puts his phone in loudspeaker.

Kiran:Areey yaa!! You both planned not to return home is it? Viren chortled and Akshara giggles what if I say yes bro?? Tesha interrupts “then I won’t mind saying to your mum about it!” Akshara squealed “Tesha??? Kiran and Tesha replies chorusly”Your romance can be done another day too?” Akshara rolled her eyes “Both of you cut your craps.We will be leaving the cabin in half an hour time.”She hanged up… Viren huffed “half and hour time?! Impossible BugBug!!! Akshara pouted “I know right?! Akshara then helps to button his shirt where as he was busy admiring her. Akshara says “purposely naa! Viren grins I like it when you doing it for me baby! Akshara points at the food “Now in return you feed this. what-so-ever soup as I am not going to do anything. Viren nods “Ok but you have to pay for it!!” Akshara eyes widen “Pay??That’s very mean Jammy! Viren winks at her “I haven’t finish saying! Pay by giving a kiss!” Akshara blushes and slowly snog on his cheeks. Viren smiles…… Vira had their respective breakfast but Viren feeds her and himself too as she act up as a Queen!?
Vira left the cruise with their loved ones and many other passengers too – indeed a sweet and felicitous memories they had together on the sea?

After few hours, Viren finally reached the Thakur’s home after sending his BugBug home. The moment he stepped in- he is mentally prepared to face all the schmalzy drama of Maa and Simran. He just glance at his stepmother whom sitting in living room with her Ipad.A servant runs to Viren and carries his luggage. Viren thanked him and walk to the staircase.Maa is stunned to see him and yelled “Viren…………Viren turns around and stared at her. Grandma gives a tough look “just only you remembered us after roaming with those people!” Viren smirks “Just a little correction Maa…. Was with my love!!!! Ohhh! I forgot to share a good piece news Maa, I proposed to my Akshara in private cruise…You have missed our entire lovely moment but don’t worry you definitely need to be present in our wedding especially with your loveable Simran Maa…. Grandma fumes in rage and he gasped “I want to refresh myself and we shall discuss more later!”….

To be continued

Okay I am superb late in catching you up guys .My schedule is totally packed right now! ? My next update will be on Friday guys ♡Silent readers say something naa…….Lots of love to all to those constantly supporting me.I truly appreciate each and every comments ????

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