Dreams will come true (Episode 52)


Viren clenched his fist and hit the wardrobe as he is rage explodes ” Unbelievable!!! Nothing mattered to her even to sort out this poignant moment between us?!He walked away furiously.  Akshara heard the bang sound yet she decided  not to respond quickly as they might get into a violent discesptation.  She begins sobbing silently but her mind is unquiet as questions are clashing with each other. She looks at her on mirror’s reflection “Why is he getting angry? Isn’t he supposed to be part of my dreams as he is for my life? Am I wrong? Shouldn’t I deserve to reach my achievements in  education and career as well?..If I am standing here talking to myself, the molehill issue will be a mountain! I have to clear out this misunderstandings as I am responsible in this matter. She wears her bohemian dress and step-out to find him in the cabin.

She decided to check out  at the balcony of cabin. She notices him gazing at the picturesque view of  sea with retract arms. She approaches him slowly and the fear of facing his  tempestuous killing her! She gently wraps her arms around his neck and  embraces him passionately “I am Sorry dear! Please forgive me naa if I hurt you..Please?!!” He is replying her with silent treatment..Akshara then rest on his shoulder and mutters everything in her heart.
“Is it wrong for a girl to live her according to her own dreams? Please understand that  I want to be your wife and mother for your child but at the same time I don’t be a typical housewife and live all life in the fame of  my husband. I  need  to achieve in my education and career as well and be identified based on my success.Akshara sighs “Jammy you’re a soul that will live in my soul for eternity so please be  my side through thick and thins with all your love. You know why I called you jammy because it meant lucky and I only felt it when I am with you in my lifetime. Seriously, I want to grow old with you as you are the reason and will be to complete me with happiness.. If you  ever felt that whatever I spoken is unworthy in this matter then I  swear I can bury all my hopes and live with you according to your preferences as nothing can ever come before you!! ”

Viren turns around and looks into her eyes  then cups her face”I ain’t stopping you from living your dreams . …OK I am sorry baby I have overreacted. You know I am  too possessive about you because only of the fear of losing you. You know I don’t believe the institution of marriage but I want you to be mine….Only mine….I don’t mind about this society but you’re very pious  when it comes to culture dear. Akshara lies on his chest “I am yours…. only yours Jammy! You know I hate it to the core when we fought or have misunderstanding dear…That moment my heart always shattered into million pieces…Viren place a light kiss on her… He says I like when we fight baby because it only brought our heart closer than we are!! Akshara with a half-smile “Jammy you go and have your shower. We are leaving today naa?” Viren smirks  and says baby!!! I can have my shower if only u help me!! Akshara pinch his hand”You are sober naa! Why are you mumbling then??? Viren stares at her “You are the most unromantic girl on this damn earth Mrs Akshara Viren….Akshara chuckled “Perhaps I need tequila I guess to be your wild bug bug! Viren replies “anytime with pleasure but now we don’t have naa so I have an idea.
He lifted her in his arms and Akshara laugh loudly “Jammy baby I had my shower you know! Viren arched his left eyebrow and replies so??? ? Be clean bug bug!  Akshara laughs “Oh God! My jammy is crazy! The moment they step in to the bathroom suite, Akshara says baby please I had my shower so let me go as I need to get ready naa. Viren puffed ” I will let you go if and only if your beautiful lips brush me up. Akshara turns crimson and pulls him closer. She smiles then finally snog on his stubble face.. Viren is riled “you’re such a….” Akshara winks at him ” a cute one”. He left to shower and Akshara goes to do a “French Braid” for her hair. She then calls her mom to inform her that afternoon all of them will be at home. The mom achieves a mind peace as her daughters are safe and sound. 

At Viren’s house
Viren’s grandma yelling to Viren’s dad that Viren isn’t answering his calls and Simran fuse up  grandma’s anger by saying he must be with Akshara naani. Simran then gives a pale look to Viren’s Dad “Uncle I can withstand anymore the heart-wrenching fact of my life.Viren must be in  relationship with that girl.She had entices him and drives him crazy for her. She can’t even dream to match to your family status but she is damn cunning. She has the capability to take away Viren from us like now? It’s been more than 24 hours since Viren landed from Australia! But where is he uncle? He never called naani despite knowing she will be worried about his whereabouts?!! Simran slowly begins her crocodile tears to convince Viren’s Dad against Akshara “Uncle my silence has been taken as advantage in this family. I have been here for months yet Viren doesn’t even have glimpse on me. I have try all my best to show all my love for him but in the end  he only gave a  warning that  Akshara will be his wife… What should I do uncle? ”

She huffed “Viren’s happiness is essential  even though he don’t  get marry to me. I can live all my life thinking about him but I really can’t let him to get marry to a third class girl because she is only with him with the  expectations to live the luxurious life. ..Viren’s grandma sums up whatever Simran spoken is veracious. Akshara can never be the daughter in law of this family as I don’t want your shameful history to be repeated….. Viren’s dad look on. He is left with nothing to say but at the same time he wonder how can Viren be wrong in his choice ??! Grandma becomes very furious “I am talking to you and why are you not responding anything?” Viren’s dad gives a  fury stare  and firmly replies “My son’s life will be decided according to his choice and  everything will be discussed once he return.” Viren’s dad make a move without awaiting their respective response. Simran is disappointed in his response but grandma hugs her and says “Naani is with you and I always mend everything in my ways…We shall rid her off from Viren’s life too.”

To be continued 🙂

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  1. Such a nice episode yaar you are still studying??:-):-)

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you Mehrin 🙂 Ya I am studying for engineering and you dear?

  2. nice episode
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      Thank you so much mini ♥

  3. Siddhi

    Awesome episode

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  4. no precap…. no prob.update soon…dis episode was good

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      Thank you so much ya♡

  5. Dev

    Osm words according 2 d situation of vira…..i just hate his grandma n simran…..n i hav a feeling dat his dad wil support him…
    Love u dashu….tc???

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      Thank you so much ya 🙂 Lots of love too.Tc too ya ♥

  6. Sweetie

    Nice one dear..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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  7. A.Kavya

    I am gonna kill that stupid Simran.. ??? and I started liking Akshara even more after reading this update..!! Every girl should have her own identity?? enjoy ur holiday babe..!! Will be waiting for the next one..!!

    1. D.Dashni

      Haha yeah dear.Glad you liked her even more now baby♥

    2. D.Dashni

      Baby girl I will update soon ya .Lots of love♥

  8. Navina sundaram

    Beautiful episode dear
    Hope viren dad support him
    Love viren and akshara romance ♥♥♥

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