Dreams will come true (Episode 51)

Girls wandering in the ship are all impossibly tall, and slim like some strange race of human-giraffes. Kiran isn’t checking out any of them as a beautiful girl with a confident smile walking beside him and she looks as a star shimmers the night with her radiance. Tesha retract her arms and asks you are so cool so can I assume you are single! Kiran with half smile says Of course, with no regrets. Tesha shivers and says I know right. She corrades the coldness with her palm.Kiran notices that so he pulls out his blazer and wraps her up.She thanked him with a smile for his gentleness. Kiran chortled and asks have you ever fallen in love? Tesha huffed “Love?……I have fallen in love but couldn’t stay intact with it when the moment my first love left me only with humiliation.. I am actually and orphan and raised  by a single woman from the age of 10. Tesha had tears in her eyes but she shoves off by panting “she wasn’t my biological mother yet she is more than her!   However, I was so blinded by his love that I thought I  will  against  my Mom if she doesn’t say a ‘Yes’ to our love. Time passes by,I am so connected to him and  heart desperately needed his companion all the time. Then,  he found a girl with magnificent family background in the college so he dumped and  ditched  me easily when he is knows that i can neither benefitted him nor match his family status. Yet, he left with rumours that I slept with him and ditched for another friend of mine to get the good names in my collegemates eyes..Everything is rumoured but I was forced to be in the shoes as I had no proofs .” 

Kiran feels too sympathetic for her and holds her hand.Kiran”your past shouldn’t eat your present as you were not in a hopeless situation but with hopeless people.” Tesha with a pale smile “I moved on now so I never wanna fall in love or be in love at anytime even if he’s known a prince charming! I love to be single and I am very much happy about it!” Kiran nods and  thinks it’s definitely hard to win her but her unstoppable smile even after all wounded pride pulling my heart closer to hers. Maybe is she the one I am looking for??! Tesha wants to switch her mood at least  to have a temporary serenity achieve in her mind and soul “My stomach is growling so can we have our dinner at the restaurant?” Kiran chuckled “With all pleasure!” Duo left to the restaurant and enjoy each other’s company for

Vira are having their first date at the pool bar. A man waiter serves them a  sunrise tequilla which has garnish with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry and then a glass grape wine. Viren smiles at her and asks “Are you sure dear  to try tequila after knowing the consequences?  You will seriously be drunk dear! Akshara winks at him “Jammy we are on the first love date and you think I am going to cull the drink?? Let me try naa! If I am beyond control then my saviour is right here so no problem. Viren you sounded fishy hope not silly. They toss the drink and she took a first sip.The predilection gets higher and she gulps 3 more glass.Akshara gives a jack-o- lantern smile to Viren and he is aware that her sobriety getting a free ride off.Viren holds her hand baby enough of the drinks..Akshara makes a pout and her eyes widens baby???Am I a baby???? Viren says ya baby! Come let’s go for walk please?! Akshara giggled you said baby naa so carry me now my darling! Viren is puzzled with her naughtiness. He says we have people around us and  if you don’t mind then your wish is my command baby! Akshara opens her arms for air hug  with a cherubic smile.Viren approaches her  and pulls her close into him and she nestled on his arm. As he lifts her,  she gently wraps her around his shoulder and had an eye-beaming.He chortled and Akshara asks where are you bringing your baby? Don’t drop me you know! She cuddles his chest without any worries and plays with his button by opening it out.Viren smiles and both reach the room.He manages to reach his pockets and takes out the card and  uses  it to enter the cabin~a epicurean suite decorated with battery- powered candles around, oriental rugs and rose petals on the bed. It gives  a little-romantic  ambience for a night .He puts her on bed and Akshara had a glimpse of the room.

She smiles at him and asks why you bring  a baby to this room? I thought for a baby, it must be a cradle. Viren keeps his finger on lips and look into her eyes “you are a big  baby girl that I can do anything but I will not be arrested under any child harassment.He laughs and Akshara pulls him closer  and whispers Oh really? ?? Then do! Viren cups her face and says you’re not too conscious so don’t try to seduce me! Akshara pushes him on bed and took  her mobile from her clutch. Viren is quite dazed and look attentively  what’s she is trying to do. Akshara gives a flying kiss to him and plays a song in her mobile and throws it to the sofa couch. “now you watch me seduce you Jammy!”.She starts dancing for the “Baby Doll” song. Her every movements is too alluring and she constantly flick her hair to entice him. Viren smiles and thinks she must be insane! Then, Akshara slowly  lean towards him  and blows gently in his ear! She snuggles completely on him. He tugged Akshara’s hair and smooches her.All the passionate lusts slowly sparks  in the silence.

She is all against his chest that chiseled to perfection and a smoldering heat runs as their body crushing gently seemed to travel through her veins to warm her.  Akshara  sighs then lie beside him and he  cups her face gently with one hand. He then nuzzled on her and gently kissed the tender area at the base of her neck.  Akshara shut her eyes in anticipation and Viren gazed at her lovingly. The intensity in their love demanded his lips  to captured her soft lips. A much electrifying  full-on kiss gets deepen and her fingers has a tight grip on his spine. As  reaching the moment of being breathless, Vira slowly pulls apart. Inexorably,Viren gives  a chaste kiss  slowly to the tip of her ears and  goes to her neck. Akshara tangled her fingers in his hair and they embraced each other. Viren knows  the limitations of their love is greater than the desire!!!Viren then released her but not completely as he pats on her back  slowly and carress her hair. Akshara buried herself on his chest. As he taps more, unrealizingly she dozes off on him. Viren kisses her  and circled her in his arms. 

The next morning, Viren was the earliest to wake up but he can’t get off the bed as Akshara still sleeping peacefully..He is admiring at the cuteness when she is asleep while waiting for her to open the eyes . Suddenly, Akshara’s mobile starts ringing and it was super loud ring tone.  Akshara able to hear it and  rubs her and eyes. She is aghast to see they were together on bed. She yanked him away and asks “Why  am I with you  for god sake?” Viren smirks “you asked so ……… Akshara took the pillow and hits him.”Idiot you  know naa that I am intoxicated! Viren says so??? What’s wrong in it? We just had our romance with kiss and slept hugging each other. Akshara sighs and says thank god we stay in limits! Viren furrowed his eyebrow could have been more as you insisted by giving in  but I hold on… Akshara blushes and crushed him tightly “You know you’re a perfect gentleman just the way you are!” Viren holds her too  “you are more perfect when you were drunk. I saw the wild and s*xy bug bug dancing for a bollywood song seductively!!!”It was a WOW factor!”” Akshara bites her lowered lips and whispers “don’t embarrass me further naa please! I should have listen to you and I really wasn’t aware that tequila can drives me crazy than you do” Viren grins “Chill dear! You made my night lively with all love. Akshara smiles and he replies  now go and have your shower!! Akshara breaks the hug and gives a vacous stare “but what  should I wear? I must ask Tesha about my dress first!” Viren points at the wardrobe and gestured to go there. Akshara goes to open it and totally amazed as it’s decked up with dresses, such as midi skirt with tops,  bohemian dress  and even prom dresses. Akshara stares at him and says Jammy is it all for me? Viren nods and Akshara is all confused “I can’t make up a choice so let me have a shower first.” Viren then starts watching a English movie on the flat screen TV while resting on the sofa couch.

After an hour, Akshara comes out in a blue bathrobe and goes to the wardrobe. She thought Viren doesn’t notices her so  she opens the wardrobe even without  a faint sound. Viren smirks and the moment she kept her hands on the dress. She is totally astounded and feels very shy as in the spontaneity,Viren hugs her from behind. His arms gently clutch a little tighter for few seconds and he rest  his head against her shoulder.He gives a wet kiss on her neck. Akshara blushes  and caresses his arm “Wish all my day begins with your love”! Viren grins “the day should ends with our love!” Akshara grins shyly but covers it up with a command “choose a dress for your bug bug naa”! Viren nods “I think what you are wearing now is double awesome but use it only with me bug bug!!Akshara smiles “I know you don’t mind if I wear any clothes with you.”Viren whispers”I don’t mind either if you are not wearing anything! Akshara cheeks are filling in with red roses as she blush even more. Viren grasps her more then says please be my wife soon! I seriously can’t wait! Akshara  gasped” Wife?????? Viren please don’t be typical! You better know my plans that I have to graduate…….Then work in offshore and that must be only at Canada…….After all that only I will think of marriage….It will take years to go Jammy! Viren fully released her from his arms and fumes in the start point of rage “What The?? I ain’t being typical dammit! Now you answer, planning to live your dreams or leave Viren???” Akshara is dismayed so she grabs the white bohemian dress in her hand and just walked away without even  a glance at him.

To be continued ♡
Okay I was super busy these days so no time to write …I will try to update regularly and the next episode will be published on Wednesday 🙂

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