Dreams will come true (Episode 50)


A wonderful journey of walking down in the land of Telly Updates and made my dreams come true to write a love fiction! All lovely readers who was to kind to give their appreciation and made me smile! My hearty gratitude for all:) The day has come, Vira will be United!

Viren finally landed in India and grab his  luggages from the compartment. He politely offered a drop to Ana and without hesitation she accepted it. He gets busy with his mobile regarding the surprise party.  His driver took the luggage  from him and Ana wonders  what’s going on! He looked more tension now than he supposed to be for the project. Viren hangs up the call and told the driver to send him to the ‘Global Dance Studio’.The driver asks come again Sir! Viren gets riled and says since when you became deaf?? The driver stutters Sorry Sir! I heard it and will bring you there!Sir but everyone is waiting for you in family! Viren in gravelly voice I know when to come home ! Viren’s monologue “I can’t do this. I never spoken to her and this is way too much. At least I should call and invites her personally!”  He rings up Akshara but none of his calls were answered. She notices the calls but she decided not to answer as she is sulking at him for forgot her in the past five days.He thinks where have she been? He then keeps ringing up her mobile! Akshara can’t stop her hand from picking up the calls as she deeply missing his voice. Akshara accedes to the call  but she remains muted!!
Viren:Hello……… Can you hear me?

Viren:Then why you’re  humming rather than speaking?!
Viren chortled “Ok listen I know you are sulking at me but since you told that you wanted to see the love of my life. Tonight I invite  you to  join us at the  party in Cruise. Kiran knows all the details and he will drive you there.I would like invited your two sisters so don’t forget to come.I will be waiting for you people!Take care!” Akshara becomes more upset and replies harshly Noted with thanks! Viren smiles and thinks Sorry dear! I know you’re hurt and angry but I want to give you an unimaginable surprise so I am not giving any single hint! Ana eavesdrop his conversation and thinks love of his life?! Damn he is not single! If only he invited me then I can sneak out on the girl! She stares at Viren but he ignored her as he is pissed off too see many good morning messages and mails from Simran. He thinks when she’s going to turned over a new leaf and moved in her life. I never been hers and will never be! Ana curses”He is a popular yet a blind guy as he don’t even glance at any girl but how come there is someone captivated him?

Akshara is all frustrated and  she vents it out by throwing her mobile “he sounded as though he is commanding! He didn’t even ask the reason why am I not talking? He is totally changed in few days.” Tesha and Venisha sees Akshara blabbering to herself and enquires her! Akshara  suspires “Viren called and invited us for a party to show the girl he loved!” Tesha and Venisha giggled! Venisha replies you was curious aren’t you? Then why are you exploding in rage! Akshara says Yes, I wanted to see her but I am just pissed off.I mean….I thought he called to talk to me as it’s been a  such a long time for both of us talk. I swear that he is changed for God sake as no endearment in his voice.Worst of all,  he is not  coming to fetch me.Last time even if I said I wanna go myself, he compels to follow him and now he said Bro is coming! Definitely, I don’t feel to go to the party! Tesha interrupts and says he might be busy naa  so we can reject the invitation. If you don’t go then he will have feel very bad!!”

Akshara rolled her eyes that’s a old version Viren not now babe! Venisha “think twice before spit out the decision Akshu, what if he thinks you’re a jealous of his love??? Some more,  it’s been a while that we have even go for party and we should grab this chance.I will call my Prince too!”  Tesha excitedly says it’s a golden opportunity to flirt with any hot and dashing boy in the party! Akshara is all mum to take a look but then she agrees with a nod as she don’t want to mood off them! They crushed into Akshara and laughs.

Akshara tells them Dii but we have to ask Maa and Papa permission? What if they don’t allow us to go.Tesha laughs and says I will convince them as they will never say a no to me! You both just say yes if you are questioned by them.Venisha nods and says and today I will give you perfect makeover and I also bought a dress for you! Akshara gives a vacuous stare”Why should I wear a perfect make up and dress? Dii you are simply wasting your money! I am gonna be the by-stander there and no one literally cares about me so I am just going to be simple. Tesha nudged her shoulder”Simple means what? Wanna come in top and jeans?!!  Akshara”I meant just wear my old black dress! Venisha”Akshu shut up! I said naa so just listen to me! Akshara nods.

The trio sisters begin to doll up themselves  for hours till the Sun also illuminated over the horizon in the colour of reddish-orange as though painted the sky.Three sisters are wearing beautiful prom dress up and  Akshu was stunning in a light turquoise dress where a trendy  crop top featuring a high neck illusion bodice that sparkles with intricately beaded white stones added glittering crystals and the turqoise chiffon skirt was a floor length.   Akshara looks at herself and shyly whispers “Dii I am too overdressed!” Tesha and Venisha chuckled then  says “Akshu you are drop-dead gorgeous so be confident!” Akshu goes to pray at her alter. Tesha went up to Kiran’car and both of them waits  in the car where as Venisha says she is coming with Arjun. When Akshara opens the car door  .Kiran utters “Arrey yaa! You are so late! Akshara holds her ears “so sorry bro!” Kiran smiles and says “It’s okay!!You are at The Best Today dear!

Akshara covers up with a fake smile as only  her Durga Maa  knows she is holding back her onslaught tears. Akshara’s Pov; My heart till now wishing whatever Viren told must be a lie! Before the day comes, I bugged him to meet the girl due to curiosity but  now that curiousness just going to kills my heart! He is not mine and I have to accept it in front of my eyes! Why despite all our coziness, my love is unrequited ? Why am I not worthy even in his eyes! I am going to stand as a lifeless doll with a fake smile and says you both make the best couple! I have to do it since I need respect his love and wish for his happiness.”  All of them reach at the High Sea Mumbai. Akshara  is amazed with spelindidferous sight of the sea slowly eases the pain in her heart. The gushing waterwaves and the soughing wind gently touches Akshara’ s  soft curls. Even if the black velvets paints the sky,  the gigantic white cruise ship floating on the sea shimmered by its light. She is  amazed and just walked on her path followed by her closed ones.  As she walks in, a hostess welcomed her with a bubbly smile and guide her to the dance floor.

Akshara meet all walks of people with exuberance and greeting to each other as bumped into one another. Tesha holds her hand and says why are you seems to be all lost? Akshara gasped”Babe I feel we will be lost in this luxurious ship!” Tesha smiles “it’s your first time naa  that’s why you felt awkward! Just stay calm babe!”Akshara nods and the moment she reaches the dance floor.Her eyes are gazing around to search for Viren! There were small crowd of people and most of them dressed up in prom dresses and some teenage girls are in mini-skirt and cropped tops. She  gives a vacous stare to Kiran”Is the party is at Dance floor of cruise?Then, Why Viren is not here bro?”Kiran wraps  around her shoulder “It’s here and he will come dear! Let’s wait for him! 

Suddenly, the song “What makes you beautiful” from One Direction  is very clarion in the sound system. A young boy suit up in a plain  white long sleeve shirt  randomly dance for this song
You’re insecure,
Don’t know what for,
You’re turning heads when you walk through the door,
Don’t need make-up,
To cover up,
Being the way that you are is enough
Everyone else in the room can see it,
Everyone else but you,
Suddenly few more boys jumped on the floor and totally rocked it with their  dance!

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else,
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,
But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell,
You don’t know,
Oh, oh,
You don’t know you’re beautiful,
If only you saw what I can see,
You’d understand why I want you so desperately,
Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe,
You don’t know,
Oh, oh,
You don’t know you’re beautiful,
Oh, oh,
That’s what makes you beautiful”
Aisi Kya Chali Hawa
Such a breeze has blown
Ke Le Gayi Meri Saanson Ko Mujhse Door… Tere Paas
That it took my breath away from me and towards You
Aur Mujhe Hua Ehsaas…
And then I had this feeling that
Tu Tu Tu, Tu Meri Ri Ri, Main Tera Ra, Hone Laga…
You’ve started becoming mine, I’ve started becoming Yours
Main Main Main, Main Tera Ra Ra, Tu Meri Ri, Hone Lagi…
I’ve started becoming Yours, You’ve started becoming mine
All the people are whistling and cheering loudly! Girls some in prom dress and some in slashy tops with skirts which appeared like a bystanders in a split second joins the boys with  cadency for the part of  song.
Kaise Yeh, Hua Magar
How this happened
Na Hai Mujhe, Na Tujhko Koi Khabar
Neither I nor You have any idea about it
Par Yeh Dil, Kab Se Hai Kehne Laga…
But my heart has started saying this since a while that
Tu Tu Tu, Tu Meri Ri Ri, Main Tera Ra, Hone Laga…
You’ve started becoming mine, I’ve started becoming Yours
Main Main Main, Main Tera Ra Ra, Tu Meri Ri, Hone Lagi…
I’ve started becoming Yours, You’ve started becoming mine


Akshara is all glued up watching and wondering is it a Flash Mob but for whom they are dancing? She gestured to Kiran what’s going on bro?
The lights goes off and it was all dark where none can be seen. Akshara stands in puzzled expression yet she manages to catch the euphinous piano tune of Tum Hi Ho song.
Soon, one by one light appeared on the  screen of each “Apple Ipad” in the hands of dancers at a freeze formation. It follows a rhythmic pattern and begins with a huge black font letter on the first screen then goes on in  each IPAD as

Akshara  open her eyes widely in shocked and she utters  “Viren loves Akshara” ..She keeps hand on her mouth and she couldn’t believe what’s happening now…Then in the same formation, everything changed into the picture of their  first selfie taken during presentation. It was indeed nostalgic moment for Akshu and tears are dropping from her eyes unknowingly and the her cheeks are getting as red as apple.The light comes again and the dancers moved away where Viren is standing all styled up in white Tuxedo jacket overcoats the  aqua coloured shirt  and a white pants-indeed a eye-catcher!  He winks and gives a flying kiss to Akshara!
The song  “Marry You” from Bruno Mars is played and Viren shakes his leg to impress his lady love 😉
It’s a beautiful night,
We’re looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.
The dancers joins him  and Akshara feels fulgorous with the FlashMob.
Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go oh oh oh,
No one will know oh oh oh,
Oh, come on, girl.
Who cares if we’re trashed got a pocket full of cash we can blow oh oh oh,
Shots of patron,
And it’s on, girl.
Don’t say no, no, no, no-no;
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;
And we’ll go, go, go, go-go.
If you’re ready, like I’m ready.
Just say I doooooo-ooo uhu,
Tell me right now baby,
Tell me right now baby, baby.
Viren pulls Akshara to him and  then he  kneeled down .All surrounded them  is cheering and whistling. Akshara is all blushing when his dreamy eyes gazing on her and her heart is fluttered with his exceptional and unexpected love. Viren bows at her and pours out which was remain unsaid….
“I  never know you was the woman my life had longing for,
When you made me apologise.
I never know you will be the reason of my laugh,
When you nagged me with your questions.
I never know you are my better half,
When you became my friend.

I never know I would have faith in love despite of my bad past,
When we hugged for the first time.
I never know I would understand the value of kiss,
When you kissed this stubble face.
I only know you are the most beautiful woman I have ever meet,
When you gives me the unvanishing smile everytime.
I only know that  you and me are one,
When we shared eyelocks.
I only know we can go through any hurdles,
When we are inseparable.
I only know that you will never give a chance to talk
When I listen to you.
I only know that my heart shattered,
When you shed tears.
I only know that we are soulmates
When we are just meant to be!
So will you bear this grumpy Viren for your entire life with all love? 

Akshara is hypnotized by his words and   felt  special to exhibit the emotive Viren to the world. Akshara puffed and just whispers ” Yes, I can’t think of anything I want to do more than spend the rest of my life with you Viren.”
Viren grins and took out a simple yet subtle a diamond ring and puts it for her then brushed his lips on her knuckles . He stands up and Akshara just crushed him tightly and says I love you so much Viren!  She tightens her grip on his shoulder and Viren grasps  her waist “finally you said.” All starts applauding for the glorious couple Vira again except some girls  on the cruise envied her and thinks how lucky on Earth she is to get Viren. Akshara gets concious with the clap sounds and  slowly breaks the hug. Viren then says thank you everyone for your kindness to join this flash mob willingly and made this special day a memorable one.

Akshara smiles and nods and whispers thank you so much Durga Maa for giving my love! You are always the bestest in my life!! Venisha and Tesha starts giggling so Akshara are all shy to face them and hides herself on his chest.Viren cuddles her by constantly placing his lips on her hair! Tesha says “Dii my babe forgotten me? Akshara shakes her head and  says even death can never apart us!You both are was and always be the reason of my smile.  She walks to them and the trio sisters hugged.  Arjun  smiles and says congratulation to the cutest newly-couple!!!!! So when you both planning to get  marry? Viren says I am ready to be a bridegroom at anytime but the bride-to be have to answer! Kiran sarcastically Wow! Just proposed and my partner is hurrying to hear the wedding bells.Akshara says No way, my Dii and the most handsome brother-in law needs to get married.  Akshara nudged Tesha’s shoulder, “my baby also need to get a partner then only I will think of my marriage!” Arjun sarcastically says Viren be happy about it as you still have time to check out with other girls. Viren nods and says Good idea though! Akshara laugh ,”I am the coolest, if you guys check out another girls Venisha interrupts we will flirt with the  other hot boys. Kiran says I think we are on a cruise so time for me to roam and you guys enjoy. Tesha  nods yes, its a time for the couples to enjoy. I will leave. Kiran says but Tesha we go together okay? Tesha turns crimson and  nods.Akshara acts as coughing and winks at Tesha. Viren says do you know we will stay here? Akshara asks of course need to stay in cruise but what I should say to my parents naa!.Venisha smiles and says we planned everything well earlier. Akshara says which means? Venisha we know about  your love story before you understood it. Akshara makes a pout that means you both hide it from me naa despite knowing I was grieving about it..Viren smiles and says if they have told you earlier than you will not be surprised and please let both of them  to spend their time together. You can bug me instead dear .Venisha and Arjun laughed then make a move from there .  

Just then, Viren holds her hand brings her to the pool bar of cruise where they can get the perfect view of sea. Not many people were there, Viren smooches her by wrapping his hand around the waist and she holds his hand gently. Viren”Oiiiii how was my surprise? Akshara smiles “the day i believed fairytale do exist! You know before I come here, I was very hurt.Do you know why? Viren I know because my Akshu over thinks that I will loved someone even after I gave her hints and hold her in my arms many times. I think your brain is weird?! Akshara laughs “Don’t you know that we shouldn’t beat around the bush!Nevermind, if you would have told me that day then it will be dull proposal! You know how shrewd  I am and would have nag  you till you do a filmy proposal!Viren smiles “I have to be filmy then my ‘Queen of my heart’ will definitely say a ‘Yes’! Akshara chortled “But you know it’s awesome not because of the songs or not even when you put the ring! It made me to fly high in sky because a young man with two words-spoken all his heart and that literally makes me fall in love with you all over again! Viren gives a light kiss on her  earlobe.Viren whispers then??? Akshara “hmmmm then means?? Viren whispers in her ears “you’re are smoking hot in the dress”. Akshara couldn’t resist her heart from melting by the touch that gestured intimacy. He slowly move her hair’s curls to the side and gives a profound snogs  the bare skin of her shoulder .Akshara clutched her skirt as her heart is pacing up. She felt very shy to even share a eye-beaming with him.Viren could feel the trembling hands of hers, he slowly moves with the passionate touch from her waist and releases her from the clutch and locks with his fingers! The  romantic vibe pulsating in the air causes Viren made her to turn around. Akshara is all crimson and lowered her eyes. Viren cups her face  gently and stares with lovesome.The intense look urging her to give in  and she slowly closes her eyes.

The longing moment was unbearable so Viren’s lips meets her ‘RubyRed’ lips. He iniatiated softly then the intensity increases and she tangled her fingers in his hair. His  mouth is demanding persistently for her lips that sending  chaotic vibrations along her nerves .He circled her in his arm more tightly that leads her in succumbs to the soul kiss too passionately. Finally, It’s a time for gives a space to breathe so he released her and slowly rubs her face with his stubblesness. Vira embraced in each other’s arms and she utters you are only mine…..I am all yours !!Viren caress her hair and whirled her “I love you so much bugbug”. Akshara with gleefulness
“BugBug???? I know naa my Jammy!”

To be continued 🙂

Ok took some time but here I am 🙂
Hope you like the flash mob because  it is not something fantasy that only happens in fictions.. It can happen in real life too 🙂 .Thank you for reading and lots of love to the readers ♥

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