Dreams will come true (Episode 5)


Viren is driving a white AudiA4 to his home. He remembers all the moments with Akshara.He gets angry and hit the steering wheel thinking she made me tell SORRY!!!! When he reaches home, his dad asked him why is he looking tension?Go and have your meal with mom. Viren replies him rudely  telling how many times i told you she is not my mom but your wife. She is just my step-mother and she just remains as so called aunty. His Dad says even after going college your still behaving like a kid.Accept whatever happens in life and follow the flow of your life .Viren just walks away pretending he did not hear anything.

In the room, he goes near his grandmother who was folding  clothes. He hugs her and calls her maa
Maa:Why are you looking so tensed boy?
Viren: It is all because of that girl.She is impossible maa.
Maa:Girl??? Who she is for you ? ? Your new friend?
Viren:Friend? ? The annoying girl? Never maa! Seriously she makes me  go insane.
Maa:Cool down boy! Tell me what happened first then I will believe that she is annoying.
Viren tells how she made him tell sorry with her tactics.
Maa:(Laughs) She is not wrong all.You behaved rudely therefore you have to apologise no matter what. Remember that saying sorry not going to bring your dignity down but it will helps you to save your relationships. Viren then thinks in his mind that it is the same words  Akshara told him. He just nods and says to his heart may be I behaved badly.
Maa: .What is unbelievable for me is now you are at the age of 20 but from your childhood days I never heard the word Sorry from you but just for your things you asks sorry?!
Viren: Maa what else I  can do when she hides the mobile that you gifted me.You know right maa I can’t lose you or anything you gave me.All the things you given me is too precious in my life.
Maa hugs Viren with little tears in her eyes.
Maa:Do you know what’s her name?
Viren:Annoying tweety! I just feel to call her like that.
Maa:No !!!! She isn’t annoying and tell me her name faster.
Viren:Akshara.I heard it in class the other day.
Maa:Such a sweet name! I am sure she looks beautiful!
Viren:I don’t know ! I am going to have my shower.
When he showers, he reminisces their eye locks and also how she asks sorry to him. He just thinks in his heart Akshara is too iratating but at the same time her eyes shows innocence.

Akshara at her house was sweeping then mopping the floor in her room. She changes her room to be tidy.She become exhausted and  takes some rest. Then her sister Venisha enters the room
Venisha:Hey how was your college life ? Any boyfriends for you or still all alone? (Laughs)
Akshara: I don’t have any boyfriends at all.All are just my classmates dii.
Venisha:Engineering got many boys right? So any hot boys in your  department?
Akshara: What do you mean by hot boys? All looks good in their own ways.
Venisha: It means they must be dapper ,muscular body and most importantly must be  classy.
Akshara:Wow, so many things to observe then I am not sure.
She recalls Viren and  tells Venisha that a guy have intense looks in him but too rude!
Venisha: Rude?What you did to him?
Akshara tells the incident and starts to laugh.
Venisha:Are you mad to go and make mountain out of molehill? What if he hurts you badly then?Wanna cry?
Akshara:(Looks at her hand and sees the marks due to his grasping).No worries, he said sorry for his behaviour not once but twice. That’s more important. I thinks there must be an unwanted past behind is arrogance dii.
Venisha:May be he is stressful due to some reasons but I don’t think he can be rich?
Akshara : Why you think he is not a rich guy?
Venisha: Rich boys are flirty when it comes to girls. They have irresistible sweetness in them . You said he is rude right, that’s why?!
Akshara:This is hasty generalisation dii! May be your opinion is right too.
Venisha: Okay enough! Don’t want to waste my time anymore talking with you. I need to call my darling and talks to him!
Akshara nods and goes to take bath.
To be continued.
Hope you all like it .Thank you♥

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