Dreams will come true (Episode 49)

Akshara runs through monologue  “Euphoric moment in life as finally cognize my enemies and  never be faint-hearted in facing Sakshi.These two “SS” was the pain in my ass for a long time. They messed with Akshara Gupta without knowing she can be barbarous if her mildness manner are abused! I am sure that the Simran’s love will not be reciprocated till her death as it is only obsession on his wealth  or  lecherousness.If she loved him truly she would have gave importance in his happiness not destroying his closed ones just for the sake of jealousy and feeling of insecure. Thank God she thought I was Viren’s love and played games with me, if she really did it to Viren’s girl then he would have been very stressed and hurt seeing her in tears.I can withstand anyone’s hatred but never his lugubriousness! I am talking to myself because I don’t want to paused my mind as it only reminds you Viren! I know you are not mine  but you will always be my heartbeat till my death! If only my eyes speaks better than my heart or a love luck is on my side then you would have realised the love I stored for you in my heart?!! I have failed to express my love but will never ever stop feeling it.”

Kiran notices that she is dull  so he nudged Akshara shoulder “So our plan worked out? Akshara realises that Kiran is beside her so she shoves it off with a smile. Kiran winks “She must have been swearing us.Indeed we are partner in crime”Akshara chortled  “Bro do you think that a witchy-minded people curse will work? I must say your acting was beyond perfection that for a second I thought you are really against us! Kiran smiles a little”I will never live in that thought of negativity for a moment especially when it comes to the apple of my eyes.” Akshara is touched by his words “Right now I should  just give the perfect panda hug as without you everything would have been impossible! Kiran pulls her “Don’t say it sis! Do it! Duo shares a warmest hug and Kiran asks  Sakshi is expelled right? Akshara breaks the hug and hold her ears “I deliberately persuade the Principal to not kick her out of the college.Kiran gasped  “Oh god!! What have you done? Everything is waste of time as she wasn’t penalised for her act .Akshara gives a victorious look “Bro, I am not so done with her so I gave what she deserved. A on point remembrance for her life right on her face!You know what I meant  but I am not going to create a barrier in anyone’s education! I am not a saint either to forgive her deeds but sometimes keeping the enemy near us will only turbocharged our energy to fight with them as a savage! Let her to play the games, I will win either! Kiran nods and  “my  little angel is unstoppable and I understood that it was a slap! No wonder you drives Viren  insane about you” Akshara  is dazed and asks what did you say? Insane about me?  Kiran thinks Ohh shit! I screwed up as she doesn’t know about his interest on her.Kiran stutters “Ahhhhh! I meant the way of your thinking can drives him insane because you think too deep about the present and future at a time. You know boys prefer in hasty decision and will be hangman if we are retreated to have mellow wisdom. Akshara just give in to his explanation with a nod.

Beautiful and well-tonned up stewardesses are checking on the safety of the passengers of flight and some are lending their hand in wearing seat belt for passengers. A chivalrous gentleman  is  all styled up in a duffel coat made of wool with jeans looks all calm and composed. He didn’t even glance at events around him and only  gaze at the sky without even a blink. His POV; 
“I feel everyone around is an embodied soulless life. Akshara you are in each and every corner of my heart and mind.  The adorable cahhination,soft hands with gentle touch and the eyes that can rolled better than a dice which  intensifies your talks.How I wish the week ends before it comes? How I wish the earth rotates the Sun as a speed of lightning?!How I wish now your sitting beside me so that I can fall in love all over again? I know I should have call you before departure but I didn’t as I will succumbed  to your voice and would definitely stayed back.My  mind is persistent in doing the project as it’s very effortless as I helped dad many times for sustain the Thakur’s empire  but today I immensely felt I should have only hold the responsibility to be your love so that I can be each and every side of you. Why are you not having confidence in yourself that I am in love with you despite our closeness. You have always been too observant in every matter of mine but why you are blinded to see the love I had for you? I thought you would even have a clue that we are actually ‘meant to be’ but you are digged out of your brain with the thought that I would have loved another girl! Was it  my wrong to say I loved a girl without mentioning its you directly? The moment you left from the car without even glimpse, my heart shattered to million of pieces because you’re not able to understand my love for you.Yet, I am not naive as you can’t hold back your tears but your eyes are visioning the love on me through your care and the limitless bond we share..  My Juliet,  I can’t wait anymore, I have guts and you have no chance to say ‘No’ in accepting Viren!!!  I will do everything well-planned  just to make you blush and feel top of the world till you become only mine forever.He closed his eyes and reminisce  all their hugs before a short slumber.

After few hours,
Viren landed in Perth and reaches outside of the airport. The icy airs whistles in his ears, when he walks, a footprint is marked on the snow .The city is all muffled as it is the beginning of winter season. His secretary Ana guided him to a  Volkswagen Golf and she is accompanying him to the hotel. Ana thinks he is such a SNOB!! He doesn’t even bother to glance at anyone including me!!The moment he reached the 5-star hotel, the room is luxurious comfort but never a comfort to his heart.He  rasps to Ana “I have done with the presentation so you don’t have to check at all. I don’t want any mistakes to befall tomorrow in the meeting.Be cautious and punctual.  You may leave the room now and I hope you are having a good stay!”Ana nods with a thanks and gives him a mobile to make international calls. Viren grins because now he really wants to talk to Akshara. However, it’s almost 10.p.m in India so Akshu is in a deep slumber and insensitive to the rings of her mobile. Tesha gives up and answered the call.

Tesha:Hello! May I know who is on the line?
Viren:I am Viren. Is Akshara isn’t there?
Tesha:Just hold on for a while.
Tesha wakes up Akshara but she has no reaction so Tesha gave a hard kick to Akshara’s leg.Akshu wakes up in shocked and scratch her head.”Why are you disturbing me idiot? Tesha giggled “Viren is waiting for you on the line” Akshara just grabbed the phone from her hand “Hello! Sorry I was sleeping!How are you ? Are you okay there? Why are you not talking?  Viren grins because before the day ends, at least he had a glimpse of hearing a one shot questions. He says I miss you so come to Skype now! Just come online! Akshara replies but give me time to get ready at least. Viren commands “I don’t mind seeing you in anything!!”Akshara says then at least wait for me to connect to you in Skype! Viren replies Good see you there and Akshara gestured Tesha to take Venisha’s laptop. Akshara says please sign in to my Skype account as I need to go and wash my face.Tesha smiles and do it. Akshara’s mobile notify a message where Viren sent his email address.Tesha added him before Akshara even gets ready and Viren is pretty excited about seeing her at least through video call.Viren sees none is seen in the webcam because Tesha  moved away and Akshara  just comes to the room  with a towel in her hand. Tesha point her finger at the laptop and winks “he is in video call” Akshara kept her head on hands because she isn’t dressed up well.She is in a shoulderless pyjama  top with shorts and the top is totally wet due to the rush in washing face .She takes the towel and wraps herself in it and goes to the laptop.

She knows it is very awkward but it’s better than flaunting what she is wearing.  Viren sees her and he  burst into laugh. Akshara gets more annoyed “why are you laughing? Is it because you disturbed me up from my sleep? Viren shakes refusingly “No but why are you hiding yourself as if you’re in a snow? It is a towel right! Akshara felt more embarrassed to even give a explain!Akshara just rolled her eyes “I feel very cold so I wraps myself in a towel on me .You know if i used a blanket, you can’t see me because it is very big! Understand?? Viren nods and control his laugh because he know she is just crapping.He replies but still you look cute though!  Akshara smiles then yawns . Viren asks are you too sleepy? Akshara”Urmm Noo! I pretty much missed you but still I have a good news for you!  Viren gives a questioned look “What’s is it?”  Akshara thinks for a while,”I will not tell you until you show your girl!I demands for it because I need to know everything about you naa since you always busy in stalking me and treating me as a child!” Viren smiles and asks”What I did?” Akshara yeah “U made bro to  safeguard me as if I am a child but actually I am happy about it  too because he is such a sweetheart! Viren” I did it for your own good and now you better share the good news.” Akshara refuses it and says you show the girl first. I am very adamant about it. Viren nods “I said I will bring you to her once I am back from Aussie”. You won’t tell the news is it??? Akshara snorted I will tell you when you are here! Okay? Viren nods and says now you go and sleep well” Akshara shows thumbs up “good luck to you.Please  take care of yourself and eat well.” Viren replies you better take care of your health and better don’t involve in any trouble. By the way, send my hearty regards to Kiran. I don’t know whether I will have time to catch up again in Skype with you but I will try”. Akshara “concentrate in the project first and do it well. I am only waiting to see you in real rather in Skype so return here fast!” Viren smiles and Akshara ends the video call. Tesha gazes at Akshara furiously “Very important to meet the girl and this guy is too confused! He should call his girlfriend but he is so concern about you!! Akshara grins “that’s Viren! He always cared for me and  for that I will just wait an eternity for him. Tesha smiles you are just crazy about him. Akshara smiles and just dozes off on the bed.   Viren’s Pov; You will see the girl through my eyes. I will give you the biggest surprise of your life  soon . From here, a perfectionist will planned everything for the love of his life! Viren falls in slumber peacefully.

The next morning, Viren is all suit up in white shirt with black blazer and  blue tie. He  overcoat himself with a winter coat. Ana greeted him and she notices his face is glooming. She thinks how in one night,  he changed over and why am I drooling over his hotness?!  Viren goes to the company with heads up and introduces himself without any nervousness. He starts his presentation of the project and explained it confidently till the end. The CEO of the company is satisfied with the presentation and agreed to invest on Thakur’s company.All the needed legal documents are asked to be prepared in four days without a delay.Viren shakes hand with him. He sighs in relief as successfully he is done with the project. Ana smiles at him and Viren says hurry up in preparing the legal documents I will look through it and then please the book the flight on the 5th day itself as I don’t want to waste time here for a week!
Ana replies gently Mr.Thakur commanded for you to have a vacation here after done with the project Sir. Viren stares at here “I hope you understood  what I told! “He walks away from there. Ana nods but in heart “His is a complete  jerk but still I can resist his hotness!”

5 days leap-
Viren  has settled all the things need to be done for the project and Ana played a good part in it.The company has begin to invest on Thakur’s Empire for exportation on paint.Viren’s dad felt privileged to give Viren the opportunity to take over in this project. However, Viren is restless as he is concentrating  on the project issues and also was  too busy in preparing the surprise from Australia. He didn’t even talked or messaged Akshara but it was quite intentional as he wanted her to realise his value and miss him even more. He thinks the missing part of each other only makes the love stronger. Kiran also helped Viren in planning the surprise  without Akshara’s knowledge. Not forgetting, Tesha and Venisha  were involved in it as Kiran took Tesha’s number by telling a lie to Akshara that his mobile has to be recharged so he needed to use hers. He told Tesha everything about Viren’s interest on  Akshara and all the surprise plan he is doing for her. Venisha and Tesha are elated about it but  did not even show a sign that they are aware of Viren’s love even though knowing Akshara  is totally affected without Viren’s presence for 5 days. The energetic Akshu is now left with drab personality. There is a growing fear in Akshara that Viren might forgotten her because the first day of him in Australia was the last day she saw him in Skype and talked to him.She understands and accepts the fact that he is busy yet she is still broken that he didn’t even thought about her for a moment as how she is missing him.
To be continued ♥

A big sighs from me as I finally done writing it 🙂 I know I make you all to read such long episode but what I should I do when my mind literally throwing up everything! Hope you all like it♡ Lots of love .Hugs 😉

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