Dreams will come true (Episode 48)


Akshara and Kiran walks together to the class and Akshu keeps telling about everything happened on the day .Akshara starts saying “Viren fetch me from home then we go to class.I sat with him as usual during lecture and then class ends..She paused for a moment. “Bro now I remember  that Sakshi came to me and she asked me to help her to solve some questions  and I was forced to sit with her! While I was doing it, her coffee spilled on me so I went to the washroom .Oh yesss!!!! The time I left, I was mobileless as I keep it on the table. Kiran raised his one eyebrow that means …………Akshara gazes at him with spellbound facial expression and whispers that means  she is the one!! My phone had no app lock so anyone can access through it easily! But why is she wants to trap me bro? I didn’t do anything naa. I can’t believe that it can be her. Kiran holds Akshara’s hand and says we will find out the reason for her act by today and make her confess her guilt soon if she is!!!So, please take away the worries in your eyes dear. Akshara nods and sits at her place “we should come up with an idea bro because we are not totally sure that whether she has to be blamed. If and only if she opens up by herself about committing the cheap act then we can solve this issue easily.Kiran says we will think of a way to get the truth from her mouth soon.

Akshara nods and her eye lens are just wishing to capture Viren in it! Her day is  too pale without Viren but somehow she covering it up with her talks and fake laughters. 🙁 Akshara emotes her feelings to Kiran” Bro, I actually missing Viren so much. I miss the moment where every time he will beside me to depend on whether it’s under the light of Sun or moonlight. Each and everytime I needed him, he is been there for me! He is a handsome hunk with two words or probably doesn’t speak at all but  the intense stare of his eyes always astonied me more! Till now, it always feels good or what say even more fabulous to be around him! I really loved the presence of my saviour! It’s unimaginable if he is here now, we can never guess how furious he gets even though only possibly Sakshi might be the reason?!

Kiran pulls her cheeks “my cute little sister,  I know you’re missing him to the core but have some patience. He will soon be here dear.I am also sure that he will be insane without you! Akshara gives a blank stare with a cheeky smile”I don’t know! May be Not! ” The lecture class starts and Sakshi comes there with Rahul where he is carrying her handbag and books for her.Akshara gives eye signal to Kiran “She treats him as her slave never as a lover bro” Kiran “that is the sickening-plain attitude of all the girls.” Akshara gives a duh look ” This is called over-generalisation bro! Not all the girls anyways including Tesha and me! You know we are good! Kiran winks at her “Perhaps she is good but I have to think about you” Akshara makes a pout “you only meet  her once but felt she is a nice girl but sadly I ain’t being one”Kiran laughs “Your Best drama works only good at Viren. Nevertheless, I just tells my first impression on her yaar! Akshara laughs and says  jokes apart! Wherever Tesha goes, she creates a best impression and remarkable footprints in everyone’s hearts.I was actually too excited that she is going to stay with me but  my mood totally turned off after Viren told about his trip. OK enough of all our talks as the lecturer is here and we must come up with a plan bro like seriously! ” Kiran nods “Chill out dear.We will think of something to do!

Three hours of engineering chemistry lecture is going on but Akshu isn’t focused as she  really need to come up with a “master game” to sort out this issue completely. Many plans are crashing in her mind but she wonder how to execute it well! Just then she thought of a simplest way to solve this problem and she is very persistent in doing it as it is the last and best way.The lecture ends and Akshara told her plan to Kiran. However, he sounded as though refusing “it is very risky when it comes in blackmailing someone dear!” Akshara firmly replies but bro, do you think we have a choice now? This is by far the best way to make her spit out her act. Literally now I am going to beg you if you are not executing this plan. Kiran finally gives in “don’t worry I  said I am with you in this matter so I will and we can do it now itself.” Akshara takes Kiran’s mobile and send a text message to Sakshi as it will be unknown number for her then. Akshara type the message “I know that you was the one sent the video by unlocking into Akshara’s mobile. If you don’t want to be caught then meet me at  the dark corridor nearby  library by 1.p.m.I have proof against you so don’t you  even dare to ignore this threat if you  want to be safe.” Akshara says we have 1 more hour to go and you will ask hee the reason for doing this. I will take the video  during your conversation with her. Kiran says I have monopod  with floor spreader and also camera in my car.So let the video to be shot without  your control as you need to get rid off Rahul but  please stay somewhere near the library as the video shouldn’t go to anyone’s hand .Akshara sighs “let’s do it bro! Hope nothing goes wrong.” Kiran nods and rushes to his car to get the essential things for their plan.  Akshara sighs and follows Sakshi to see whether she notices her mobile or not?! Sakshi sits at the cafeteria with Rahul and on her mobile. Akshara sees the changes in her face.Sakshi eyes widens reading the message and she clearly looks so tensed as she kept the hands on her head. Rahul is talking something to her but she hiding her tensed with a toothy smile-obvious it is fake smile!

Kiran calls Akshara and ask her to come the corridor. Akshara goes there and approaches to Kiran “bro Sakshi was very tensed after seeing her mobile that means she read our message so no doubt it must be her work. She will definitely be here so let’s fix the camera and monopod in this hidden area as it can shoot clearly at greater distance. One more thing, bro do or say whatever you want, I just want  a solid proof to show to the principal. Kiran nods and gives a friendly hug to Akshara”All will go well!”  Akshara looks at the watch and it strikes one clock so she on the video She could see the glimpse of Sakshi coming. Akshara notices Rahul isn’t there  and she thinks good he is not here!   I don’t have to do anything to stop him.

Kiran pulls Sakshi and pins her to the wall.Sakshi is more shocked to see Kiran and says “Was it you?” Kiran says  Yeah, I was the one! I know you are planning against Akshara and guess what I was happy about it .You was cagey and really thought no one has an eye on you.Let me tell you that I was looking whatever you was doing when Akshara went to the toilet.I even recorded a video when you was using her phone but don’t worry I never shows it to anyone.  I am only curious to know the reason of your doing. Sakshi says I am not stupid to believe whatever you said .You are Viren’s friend. Kiran smiles and says yes I am his friend but I only had vengeance on him due to his stupendous richness, intelligennce and hotness so all the girls drool over him and I was hardly seen.Thus, I hated whoever close with him including Akshara as she is the reason for his happiness so if she burst into tears, it’s heart-wrenching for him and I can equates it to my joy! Sakshi “awww thank God you was against them.I got freaked out when I saw the threat! We almost think alike but you know I only hated Akshara from the first day of college. I look down at her as from the way she behave, I can know that she is from a middle class family. What was to my surprise, she become the class-topper and whatever she is in, she do it with excellence.She overshadow the position I should be. Worst of all, I can’t digest the fact that somehow she lured Viren on her! I mean every girls dream to get a  high class and luxurious life with a perfect gentleman! Indeed Viren has all the qualities of boyfriend goals but for my shocked, I wonder how he is sticking to the low class girl who has nothing.Then, the envy on Akshara turns to hatred till I don’t want her to deserve anything better than me .I will go to any extent to make her suffer so the pornography clip was my first move. There are many more to come that I want only her life only full of tears. Kiran sighs and I like the fact that you’re so cunning but no one can see it. By far was it only you the one who involve in this matter?If only you then I can help you in whatever games you play in the future. Sakshi smiles and says not only me!  Simran sketch the plan and I work out for her. Simran told me to send the pornography clip  through Akshara’s mobile to any of the lecturer so I forward it to Mr.James without her knowledge.She hated Akshara  as she is the only barrier to start her love story with Viren since he obsessed on that Akshara . Akshar who hears the conversation is aghast and deeply felt hurt to know all the conspiracy done behind her.However, she took the camera from the monopod and goes to principal room.She cuts the video because she don’t want the principal to mistakenly point finger at Kiran as whatever he spoken is all prevarications. She takes the camera and Kiran pulls Sakshi’s hair Oh glad, that you’re not alone because you and Simran will face hell  if Viren knows about your cheap games.Sakshi what the hell are you saying? Kiran says whatever you spoken got recorded so get ready for the circumstances. If you want help, please dial Simran to find a way. He  pushes her on the floor and walks away from there. Sakshi gets terrified and says what have I done? Why  I fall in bis words and become a scapegoat.

Akshara knocks the principal room and says Good afternoon Sir. Principal stares at her and says it  is  time for your lecture. Why you are here? Akshara smiles and says because I have a proof that Viren didn’t committed any mistake and it is well-planned game by one of the student from engineering department to put me into trouble. Principal says what are you saying? Akshara says Sir, just spend a little time to watch this and you will know the truth. The principal nods and sees the guilt-confession of Sakshi in the camera.He is shocked and says that means Viren is innocent but why he took the blame then? Akshara says because the prevarication isn’t a big deal for him as  he only wanted to save my dignity and education. Now you know Sir that Viren is never involved  in this matter as he can never go wrong so please I request you to give the scholarship he achieved for his degree. He truly deserves it. Please Sir??! The principal smiles and says he will surely gets it after knowing the hidden truth. The principal calls a peon and told him to bring Sakshi to his room now! Akshara glares at Sakshi when she enters the room. Sakshi starts her crocodile tears saying I am sorry Sir.I was stupid to do it.Please forgive me and don’t take any severe action on me.I truly apologise Sir but please give me a chance.I beg you sir. The principal gives a tough look and in his gravelly voice ” you have to repent for your mistake. Now you will be expelled out of this college for your action”. Akshara interrupts and folds her hands “Sir my humble request is let’s end this issue here.She did a mistake but that doesn’t mean she have to be expelled. Everyone needs a second chance in life so she is . As a guidance to the students, please create  a path to rectify our mistakes not making us to just cry over a spill milk. Some more I only find out the truth to  show Viren’s virtuoness and for you to grants him the scholarship again.Please sir consider my request.” The principal nods with a smile but then he just gaze furiously at Sakshi “You are safe because of Akshara’s kindness . Don’t ever repeat this fault as you will bear the negative consequences” Sakshi nods and duo leaves the principal room.

Akshara snaps her finger and says Just Wait! Sakshi  rolled her eyes “What lecture you gonna give me now? Remember that you will pay for it! “Akshara laughs and says “I know you can never change.I give you chance because I don’t want to spoil anyone’s education. You thought my politeness as my weakness, but don’t forget that it’s always my strength. I am a lioness by heart so I never afraid of house cats blackmails like yours! You will pay now for whatever you did it to me and Viren! Akshara rubs her palm  then blows it and gives a TIGHT slap right on Sakshi’s cheeks ” Now don’t forget to convey this slap to your partner Simran! Sakshi stands in shocked and says “How dare you?”She carried her hands but Akshara grasps her arm tightly “Don’t ever dream to do it”Sakshi moans and Akshara replies I would have forgiven you even for all the tears I shed but due to your idiotic act, Viren bears an insult  for a moment so this slap is to remind you never try to repeat anything to trap us. If not you will encounter Akshara’s wrath!

To be continued 🙂

Took a long time but here I am with this episode 🙂 Miss you people!  I have many things in my mind so when I wrote it, it turned out to be pretty long I guess. Hope you all like it  🙂 Lots of love ♥

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  1. Wow awesome bt when viren come back plz without viren there is no interest in story plz upload soon i m waiting

    1. D.Dashni

      Aww just wait dear.He will definitely coming back soon 🙂

  2. too good

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      Thank you tani 🙂

  3. Super episode yaar

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      Thanks dear 🙂

  4. woooww…superb… loved d epi..waiting for nxt epi update soon

    1. D.Dashni

      Awww thank you sweetheart .will do soon ♥

  5. A.Kavya

    Wow dear..!! Thanks for the long update?? aww akshu baby is missing Viren and I can’t see that dear ..!! As u solved this Sakshi’s matter take a leap of one week Na ??.. I am just kidding. Let them miss each other even more !! But seriously dear missing Viren more than Akshara??.. tc dear love u loads

    1. D.Dashni

      Hahaha you actually read my mind dear. It will take a leap a week dear ♥my reader think alike as me that’s why I love you sweetheart ♥I know naa I miss him too till I accidentally write Viren instead of Kiran when I was writing so need to lot of editing 😉 nevertheless thank you so much to take your time and read♥

  6. Sweetie

    Thanks for the long update yaar..Awesome episode it is.. 😀 Much deserved slap for Sakshi from Akshara.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂 Lots of love.. 🙂

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you so much Sweetie 🙂 ya truly she deserved that slap 😉 Love you ya 🙂 Keep smiling too dear and you’re definitely blessed ♥

  7. I like this awesome,long epi a lot.Missing viren too.Plz update soon…

  8. And write Viren’s pov too,apu.How does he miss her?It’ll b good to read that.

    1. D.Dashni

      I will do it in episode 49 dear because I when I wrote this episode and surprisingly turned out to be too long so I didn’t want to write about his POV. Hope you like the next epi too♥

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