Dreams will come true (Episode 47)


Akshara wipes her tears off and notices Tesha and Venisha gazing at her blankly “I wanna go to room! Both of you just stay in living room till papa and Maa here! Tesha “don’t go babe! I want to talk to you” Akshara refuses saying “just leave me alone please” and  runs away to her room! Venisha is upset that Akshara is sad and stutters “let her be alone! I knew she is in love with Viren so it must be unimaginable for her to stay even a week without him.Worst of all, she is in a situation to face the reality soon that he is in love with another girl. For god sake,  I thought he loved Akshu too but I am speechless that he is in love with someone else.I mean when I saw his concern for her when she isn’t feeling well, I thought I saw love in his eyes and was really happy that at least Akshara get someone to feel loved except both of us! You know right my parents doesn’t even love her as much as they even love me! They are good-for-nothing in Akshu’s life except taunting her in the name of luck.You also know that Kaushal after earning good money, became too selfish and only enjoy with girls by indulging in cohabitation! He rarely even spend time with us so definitely he is not gonna play a good part in her life. I swear I was really hoping for them to be couple so that my mind will be at peace that Akshara will not be surviving alone after I married to Arjun.” 

Tesha  holds Venisha’s hand “you are being worried so much for Akshara! First of all, we are just assuming things even without meeting the girl Viren is in love.May be he isn’t in love with that girl and  might be infatuation!! He might have played with Akshara as though he is in love with other girl in the thought of making Akshu jealous! You never know boys can be nasty and silly at times! If Akshara loved him, she should have faith in her love and fight for it rather than running away from the truth and ain’t sharing her feelings to anyone! Venisha
“Fingers crossed that Akshu stand out for her love and  they must become together as they really look  as match made in heaven! Tesha “I know right!  The level of comfort Akshu shares with him is unexplainable as I never  seen her being in a relationship or even friendship with a boy.However, just now we saw her running to talk to him and she even chased me just to talk with him personally.Worst of all, she is sobbing for him. After I  see all this, I make up my mind now that I will go to any extent for both of them be a  couple ! You know we  have the impossible superpower to kick out the girl of Viren’s life ;)”  Tesha winks at her and Isha ended up laughing!

Both of them sees Akshara is sobbing in the room yet  they managed to glance that she is writing something in her pink diary! Tesha taps her shoulder “Babe rather than sobbing like a baby, fight for your love and snatch the girl away from him! We are with you naa! Akshara is more then dazed to hear it and closed her diary  “Are you guys out your mind? I am snatching someone’s love is IMPOSSIBLE! Yes I LOVE VIREN so much even more than myself. I don’t know when I fall for him and gives my heart to him  but I know that my heart wish to hold his hand and be his side forever!!! However, that doesn’t meant he have to love me in return! He respects me and my values! He takes good care of me till date, that’s enough!! If he is in love with another person, I should take vengeance is it? I must support in his love as a friend not  to do what you all said! I know my tears are pouring out of my eyes like a rain! It’s because I can’t see him with another girl but I never thought of taking the girl’s place even for a moment. I can’t stoop low like a daily soap girl villains for god sake! Tesha “You are not being villain but you must fight for your love babe! Akshara sighs “I am not gonna fight for anything dear. It’s love, not war babe! I will wait for him if my love is pure then he will  definitely come to me.I will just wait and that’s final. Both of you stop being worried for me as I am totally fine.Venisha hugs her and says “You are matured then I ever thought dear” Tesha joins the hug “We will always be there for you dear! Akshara grins a little and says  love you both sweeties 🙂

Trio goes to bed and Akshara thinks Viren is not here from tomorrow but before he comes to college, I must find out the person behind this conspiracy.
Next morning, Akshara gets ready  in a plain black shirt and blue jeans.She just dolls up  a ponytail hairstyle and wears a simple college make-up. She doesn’t have mood to go college as Viren will not be there but she knows the current situation  is just a few ant bites that can never stop the high spirited horse in her. Tesha looks at her and says you must come home early. I will be totally bored without you dear.Akshara smiles and says I will come home fast. She receives Kiran calls “I am waiting at your house dear!” Akshara “Bro, why are you here? Tesha looks at her and says which bro babe? Akshara “Kiran is here, I gotta go” Tesha is he hot?? I am single you know!! Akshara laughs and pulls her hand “Come I show you! Tesha “I was just kidding babe!! Leave me naaa Akshu!!!” Akshara goes to the car and make Tesha wait at the doorstep. Akshara approaches to the car and opens the car door “Good morning Bro! Wanna have a coffee?”  Kiran “No thanks, dear! WE will be late for class!!” Akshara nods and thinks of doing something. She acts as though fell down on the road ” Ouch my leg! Tesha sees this and runs to her then Kiran also comes out of his Suzuki Swift.He says Sis are you okay? Tesha “babe are you hurt badly? Akshara looks at Tesha and winks at her! Tesha understands why she does it! Kiran and Tesha lifts Akshara. Kiran says you’re okay right? Akshara smiles cutely “I am fine bro! This is Tesha, my beautiful cousin and also my only bestie” 🙂 Tesha smiles and whispers Hello! Akshara “this is Kiran and he is my pet brother!”

Akshara nudged him at his shoulder and he smiles .” Hello, I am Kiran” Tesha shakes hand with him and says you both will be getting late so make a move. Akshara gives a sarcastic smile and says “Ok, stay safe dear! Anything call me!” Tesha nods. In the car, Akshara asks “Bro are you single? Kiran gaze at her with vacuous stare “Yes, I am single! Actually, I had an ex long time ago but my relationship didn’t work out well so  I decided to not waste time in love after that! Akshara”Bro if you meet a girl who is beautiful in and out! Will you give a chance for yourself to fall in love again? Kiran nods and says why not? If I feel she is the one, I would have definitely love her  regardless of her past or present. Akshara grins “That’s so sweet of you!” Kiran “why you popped out this question suddenly?” Akshara “just for a knowledge! But Bro, why you came to fetch me?? I would have just take train. From tomorrow I can come by myself.Kiran smiles “I have to since Viren’s mind is totally affected  that he is leaving you so he made sure I safeguard you! I also happy to drive you to college so no worries I will come okay!”  Akshara smiles and says “Am I the only one needed to be safeguard by you or he asked for someone else too Bro? Kiran gives a puzzled expression “what do you meant by someone else, he keeps saying about you only as though he is going to live there for a long time!” Akshara thinks may be Kiran doesn’t know about the girl and shoves off his question ” Bro you have to agree, he treats me as a kid though!” Kiran grins “It is not that way yaar! He actually cares for you so much that’s why!” Akshara just smiles and says ” Ya right!! Bro, you know something, we are actually clueless about the person who is trapping against me! At least by today I need to find out who is the person so that we can make the he or she to confess their guilt and talks to the principal as Viren’s name is at stake till now for something which he never do! Kiran nods and says Ya, but first you must try to recollect the events on that day as it was from your number.Someone who watched you closely, would have taken your mobile  to do this. There is only two possibility, either with or without your knowledge!! Akshara starts brainstorming to think about everything happened on the day before went to Mr.James room!

To be continued 🙂

Thank you for all the comments my lovely readers ♥Lots of love 🙂

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  1. Siddhi

    Really good episode Dashni

    1. D.Dashni

      Glad you liked it dear 🙂 Thank you so much ya ♥

  2. Dev

    Nc confession n mindset of akshu buddy…nc epi….keep going

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you so much 🙂 Happy that you are are giving me the support as always 🙂

    2. Dev

      Its totalluy my pleasure buddy

  3. A.Kavya

    Wow dear akshu confessed!! ?? And trying to patch up Kiran & Tesha ? Then carry on dear ?? u know as I love Kiran’s character I too wanna see his love story.. anyway waiting for your 50th episode very eagerly..!!! Tc dear ????

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you sweetheart 🙂 Much needed confession was Akshu’s wan ♥ Epi 50 I will be posting it on next week ya 🙂 I can’t wait to see your response for epi 50 babe 🙂 Kiran should have importance for his role too so he will have a love story babe :)Love you lots and tc ya

  4. nice… missed viren n akshara talk

  5. D.Dashni

    Ikr! That’s y earlier episode 45 and 46 I made their conversation for long time because Vira will not have scenes till 50! Wait okay ♥

  6. I’m silent reader
    Awesome story yar bt plz update soon n unite akshara n vir soon

    1. D.Dashni

      Oh annu just wait naa till epi 50 dear.Glad to know a silent reader ya ♥

  7. Sweetie

    Dashni sweetheart..Absolutely fantastic episode.. 🙂 Akshara confessed her feelings..I loved the bonding of Tesha and Akshara.. 🙂 Yayyy!!Now Kiran’s love story will be starting soon,isn’t it??You know I love Kiran’s character so much..He is a really caring brother..I don’t have a brother,so I get really excited when I find and get to read such type of characters.. 🙂 Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and keep smiling..Loads of love.. 😀

    1. D.Dashni

      Awww thank you so much ya 🙂 Dear sometimes having brother can be annoying at times because they pull our legs to the core like my two brothers! Stay blessed ya and keep smiling too 🙂 Lots and lots of love you too ♥

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