Dreams will come true (Episode 46)


Viren is having his shower and his monologue “how am I supposed to live without seeing Akshara for a week and what if Maa and Simran do anything to her? I can’t let the project to be unsuccessful as it will be a big loss in the business and I shouldn’t leave Akshara surrounded with those bad-ass! I must make sure that she is secured and i need to seek help for Kiran in this matter.Viren gets ready in a his usual long bottom and a plain white shirt . He calls up to Kiran and starts their conversation.

Kiran:Whassup Bro!
Viren: I need a favour from you ?
Kiran: You know I will do whatever you   
            say! Then why so  formal?
Viren:Ok! I am leaving to Aussie 
           tomorrow in the afternoon . It’s a 
           business trip to present our    
           project and I have to go because I
           don’t want dad to face any loss
           besides he was very stressed 
           about it!
Kiran:You meant Australia? Tomorrow?
           How the hell you get Visa and 
            everything freaking fast?
Viren: My dad arranged it so I just check
           in online that I got my visa and
           flight ticket. I think he applied for
           Visa using my personal    
           information I guess as he
           was holding my passport.
Kiran:Ohh, that’s damn cool! I heard the
           girls over there are s*xy & hot so  
           check out them in night clubs .
           Then we can go together again!
Viren:Oh don’t give any shitty ideas! I am
           totally worried about Akshara and
           not liking the fact that she will be 
           here. I wish I can bring her but
           even if I called her, I know she
           won’t come.
Kiran:Chill! Her parents will not let her 
           either! Don’t worry of Akshara.
           You know she is a lion at heart .  
            so which house cats you are
            scared of?
Viren: You never know that Maa and
            Simran are coming up with plans
            to make Akshara suffer as they .
            don’t want us to be together!
            How can I be carefree in her
.            matter then?
Kiran:What the f**k? Why Maa is
           behaving in such way? Have you
           find out was  it  their hands  
           involved in sending the
            the pornography clip?
Viren: I don’t know about that till now.
           May be they are involved or
           someone else in the college?!
Kiran:Ok no worries! We will find out the
           culprit soon and for now you just 
           focus about the project and do the
          best in it.
Viren: I hope she will be well here and
           don’t let her to be in  any trouble.
           If can you just use my car and  
           drive her home  not bikes .She is 
           phobia to bikes!
Kiran:Chill out man! I will drive her home
           and will bring  my car  to college
           so stop being worried. Let us enjoy
           together without you!
Viren:Try too!She is moody at ask   
           questions a lot so  just bear with it!
Kiran: Till you come, your sweetheart
             will be safe in my hands and I will
             try my best to take care her better
             than you do!Ok?
Viren : Ok! Update whatever you guys
             do and wherever you both are!

Viren’s home:
Viren on his laptop then goes through the presentation and starts doing some editing in it. He  thinks of calling Akshara and rings her up but she does not answer any of calls.He decided to go and meet her at her home and just take his car key.Maa sees him  and asks Viren  do you need Maa help in packing your bag? Viren “No Maa, I can do my things by myself”. Viren’s grandma  “Ok but where are you are going now? Viren “just going out” and leaves from there. Viren’s grandma monologue ” why he hesitate to speak me nowadays?! I am feeling very strange.Hope nothing goes wrong in the relationship with my grandson. ”

Akshara’s house
She did not notice Viren’s call because she is enjoying around with her cousin sister, Tesha whom is also a girl best friend for her since childhood even if Tesha  a year older than Akshara. They are  gathering after a year as Tesha completed her course in business management  and going to find her job for herself. Only girls are at home and in the name of cooking, trio Akshara , Tesha and Venisha are messing up the kitchen. Tesha asks Akshara any hot guys in your college?  Venisha winks at Tesha and both looks at Akshara. Akshara without thinking utters “Viren who else? He is Hot, Handsome Hunk, Cool, sometimes Grumpy and the sweetest on Earth! Venisha laughs “Tesha I told naa before she come, she only will tell about Viren if you ask about a boy. She is obsessed with him. Tesha “exactly isha! Akshara gets annoyed and says “You both always have nonsensical thoughts in your mind always” Tesha winks at Akshara”Of course I will, I just ask about any random s*xy guys but you described all about Viren for what naa? Akshara blushes and shoves their craps  by throwing the  flour in the cabinet on  Tesha’s face “Tit for Tat”.Akshara runs away from the kitchen and locks herself in  the room. She sees more then 10 missed calls on her phone and finally sees a message from Viren “I am waiting outside your house street”.

Akshara is shocked to read the message and runs to the doorstep. She forgets that she is wearing a sleeveless shirt and above-knee short pants . Venisha and Tesha sees Akshara and says why are you running out with these clothes? Akshara did not hear  them and goes out. She opens the car door and breathes out heavily.Viren laughs seeing Akshara “you look cute with the headbun thoo” Akshara sits in the car”Stop laughing naa! Why you come at this night? Some more 10 missed calls, what if my neighbours see me like this in the car ? Viren winks at her “they would say  never knew Akshara is s*xy or may be is she dating a rich guy? ” Akshara “Shut up Viren” She gaze down at herself then realises  what she is wearing and gets very shy. It was an awkward moment for her. She shoves it off “Viren now you just tell me why you are here?”Before Viren says, Tesha knocks the car window and Akshara opens the door .Viren finds it weird to see Tesha with the clothes full  of flour. She sarcastically winks “Akshu is it Viren?Hello Viren!” Akshara keep talking about you! Akshara says since when ? You better leave now Tesha!  Tesha “I am Tesha, her lovely cousin and also her bestie but I  know she never spoken about me till date.” Viren nods and grins “Hello nice to meet you Tesha”. Both of them shakes their hand in front of Akshara 😉 Akshara says Ok, you have seen Viren naa, please  go home ..I will come in few minutes. Tesha says don’t worry , I will go now.She leaves and Akshara looks at  Viren with a puzzled expression. Viren why you are here naa? Viren wraps Akshara  around his arm and says I wanna say that I am going Australia tomorrow.

Akshara is dismayed hearing it and open her eyes widely “Really? Why you didn’t tell me anything?? “Viren “my dad arranged it and I have to go because i need to help him in this project since my brother Veer is still studying in overseas.I can’t just let him to be in stress.   Nevertheless, it’s a complete business trip dear.   ” Akshara with  melancholy voice asks “till when you will be there? Viren says probably a week and if it’s  possible I will return as  early as I can.   A question popped out in Akshara’s mind “Is it really just a business trip  or the girl whom you loved  is living there?” Viren is dazed to hear that question  and is solely silent. Viren’s monologue “this will  be my last hint for you dear if only you have confidence to accept the fact that the girl I love is you”! Akshara hits him and says Viren I am asking you something and why are you being deaf ? Viren smiles and says she is living here  not in overseas and she is the only one I spend most of  my time with! Akshara  just nods and hides the fact as always that she is doleful in her heart as she can never express her love towards him after knew he is in love with some unknown girl! Viren says  so did you even try to find out who is she ? Akshara replies “No, I can’t find who is she at all” Viren smiles “you want me to introduce you to her? Akshara first shakes her head hesitantly but  she thinks for a while, I must know who is the lucky girl. She stares at him and says Nvm, just introduce her to me! I am actually very excited to meet her! Viren says after I return from Australia, I will show her  to you because by the time you find out by yourself , I will definitely be a grandfather! Akshara pretend to grin a little  and says my parents will be coming so I need to go! She just gaze at him and utters in one shot – ” I may not be your love but wherever you are, a thoughtful friend’s  prayers is always with you even if you don’t have faith in it Viren.  Please  eat well and don’t be so stressed up dear” Viren grasps her  hand not permitting her to leave and gives a tight hug! His fingers are touching the bare skin of her shoulder and his chin is brushing her neck.Akshara couldn’t withstand his touch that increases her heartbeat so she is adamant  to breaks their hug but he  doesn’t let her go.” Viren  “remember whatever i am going to say now! You please take care of yourself and be safe. Don’t roam around and  even I told Kiran to take care of you but make sure you don’t involve in any problem! I will seriously miss you!”

Akshara  hold back the tears in her eyes as she do not want to send off him with grieve so she just whispers”I will miss you so much too and good luck in this project!”Viren slowly breaks the hug but manages to glance the smouldering eyes  of Akshara which are watery. So, he cups her face and placed his lips on Akshara’s forehead.A tear dropped off from her eyes due to the tenderhearted kiss that makes her feel weak. Akshara just turns around and bumped out of the car without sharing any eye contact with him,  and says see you soon Viren then  just close the car’s door. Viren  is heavy hearted  too but somehow he calm down himself thinking in his heart
“distance ain’t going to split us off because our heart is one and you will be officially be mine soon! I will show you that you are my LOVE! ”
Akshara enters the living room and  gives vacuous  stare at Tesha and Venisha whom just are laughing at her! Tesha “both of you in the car for a long time, what were you doing? Is it too personal to share ?? Just share naa, how many kisses and hugs you get? Akshara finally shattered all the tears “Cut the crap for god sake! He is leaving to Australia and will only be back in a week! Venisha consoles Akshara  and asks but why are you crying for it ? He will just be away for a week dear! Tesha “exactly baby! After he returns, he will be with you right baby!” Akshara sighs and  says the sad truth is  he will introduce  me the love of his life and  I am going to meet up the girl after a week! Venisha and Tesha are shocked and both stare at each other without saying a word.

To be continued 🙂
Can’t keep calm as I am excited to reach episode 50 and to all the readers.Days and nights I have written  it whether I get appreciation note or not but I always love you all for the support  you are giving me!! I am happy to write a love story which starts the journey from
“friendship  to love” .Till now you all gave support to Vira when they were friends and  so keep doing it as  in episode 50 they will officially be …… ♥

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  1. Soo beautifully written.. Loved it.. Waiting for Akshara to realise truth about lover.. Keep going..

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    Wow baby..!! Just 4 more to complete 50 episodes..!! I am very much excited???? love u loads.. coming to today’s episode it was a bit emotional and yeah I like Kiran’s character very much ?.. waiting for the next one and I really want to thank you for making time to write this even in your busy schedule!!

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      Thank you so much my baby 🙂 Love you even more! I also Kiran’s character ya! Don’t thank me ya .It’s my responsible to write it and I do it during my lunch break and before sleep so I managed to do dear 🙂 Hugs ♥

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  8. as usual awesome epi yaar..very excited for nxt epi

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