Dreams will come true (Episode 45)


Viren is nark as Akshara isn’t giving her response. Viren walks behind her and reaches out his arm to grasp around her waist. Akshara is astounded even if his touch wasn’t on her bare skin but it was a gesture of intimacy.Viren lips were brushing her hair and then whispers
“I thought you enjoyed but why you looked like you are riled?” Akshara’s heartbeat isn’t in pace and she sighs “Viren  we are actually the middle of road!!”  Viren “So??? I just demand an answer” Akshara “every moment with you I always had an euphoric and today also was a felicitous day.” Viren “Oh, really? Then why you was angry?”Akshara “I said sorry naa just now but you was showing your idiotic attitude” Viren  “It was just
role-play as you was the one who said my grumpy attitude is better!” Akshara “role play?? I was kinda worried that you’re angry with me you know” Viren smiles “I don’t and will never dear” Akshara smiles “that’s sweet. Come let’s go.I need to go to work. ”

Viren is still hugging her from behind “l wanna say something but you must  agree to it”? Akshara “tell first then I will see whether I can agree or not?!” Viren “You trust me right? Tell yes first then I will say about it! Akshara “Ok Baba! Yes I will agree to whatever you say!” Viren says you will not work at restaurant anymore because I decided to make you work in the foundation  to teach tuition for  the children since they are lack of teachers to coach them. Akshara is elated to hear it.She turns around and keeps her hand on his shoulder”Are you serious? I am so damn happy but….Akshara thinks for a while and replies Viren its a good job and it’s bad if I do it for the sake of money. Viren smiles and says I offer you  a part-time  job and you have to be paid!  It is nothing wrong in it and once you’ve become an engineer then you are so allowed to do free classes for them. Akshara grins  and says thank you so much but now I have to inform my boss about it and get my salary. A call interrupts their conversation and it was Viren’s dad. Viren gives hand signal and asks Akshara wait!

Viren’s Dad: Hello! I want to speak something to you boy.Can you come to my company now?
Viren:Right now I am busy . Will come  later.
Viren’s Dad:It’s very urgent boy . Please be here. I have something to discuss importantly.
Viren: OK will be at your place soon.
Akshara “with whom you were speaking”? Viren “my dad.He says something urgent  to discuss.There is a sort of stress in his voice.  Akshara “I wonder why you always sounded rude to your dad?! Viren just keep quiet. Akshara says  I think its better you leave me at the restaurant. I will get my salary there and take train to home.You go home first now. May be there is a problem Viren “No, its okay!  I will send you home then I will go and meet him.You know my driving style so we can go together  dear.Akshara nods but she can clearly see the tensed on his face but she doesn’t say anything.

Akshara reaches the restaurant and she speaks to the boss about giving up the job and also apologise for leaving the job. However, the uncle says Nevermind, I hope you have better and bright future girl! He gives Akshara her salary and she thanked him with happiness at it is her very first salary 🙂 She bids goodbye to the boss and other waitress whom working there. She goes to Viren and shows him the salary with a smile. He smiles and says you have earned it for your hard work and you will earn even more than this dear. Akshara wraps his arm and says you know I wouldn’t have earn it without you! You took care of me till date and thank you so much for it! Every penny of it belongs to you dear.Viren grins I think  I have told that there shouldn’t be sorry and thank you between us dear. Akshara nods ” Yay but soon I will give you are treat” Viren nods. Akshara “I know you’re tensed thinking of your dad so let’s make a move.”
Viren sends Akshara at her home fast and rushes to meet his dad. 

Viren enters the office building.Each and every staffs working over there greeted Viren.Viren maintains his charisma and never let his stylish and cool walk even if he was worried about his dad.Viren knocks the dad’s room and enters the room.Viren’s dad smiled at Viren “Sit here boy.. Viren sits “What is the matter? Why you look so tensed up? ” Viren’s dad sighs “A project is well- planned to do with a  company  in Australia and one representative from this company have to make the presentation about this project. Viren “Just send any of your staff or the manager Mr.Mehra.What’s the big deal in it ? Viren’s Dad “The problem now is Mr.Mehra met with an accident today and I don’t think any other staff are reliable and capable to do the presentation in Australia.I have other projects to look after here. So, you have to help me in the presentation ? Please don’t refuse, it’s very essential for business and you will get your share. Viren nods and says show me the presentation now.Viren’s dad puts the demo of presentation and Viren easily understands the project. Viren “when I should leave to Australia? “Dad I already arranged most of it so tomorrow afternoon you will be your flight. All the accommodation is arranged and I will give personal assistant for this business trip”. He press the bell and a well-dressed girl enters the room with a file in it. Viren’s dad introduces her as Ana. She smiles at Viren and shakes her hand. Viren just nods and does not respond anything. Ana in her heart “Wow,he is damn handsome and hot.Only if he glance at me once! Viren
“I am going home now and just give this laptop.I still need to look through it!”

Viren goes home and sees Simran approaching him excitedly. Simran “Vir you return home fast today, any news?” Viren sarcastically “why you have done anything wrong so expecting any news?” Simran stammers “Nono, it was just a friendly question!  Viren pulls Simran to his room and pins her against the wall. Simran “What are you doing, Vir? You are hurting me!” Viren “just shut up! I know very well that you’re planning against Akshara. Simran is shocked and run out of words. Viren tighten his grip on her “If you even try to harm her, I will go to any extent to finish you!” Simran gets pissed off  “Why you running behind a the cheap girl when you deserves better” Viren becomes furious “You know something that you are the cheap class girl with a criminal mind! Now I will tell you that I only deserve her. Akshara is my LOVE and will be my WIFE at any cost! Get a life for yourself! Don’t waste your time on me! Viren pushes her out of the room and slams the room door. Simran’s rage explodes and breaks the glass flower vase on top of the cabinet
“I am not losing you at any cost too Vir! Simran will definitely be the daughter in law of this house!”
To be continued 🙂
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  1. Dev

    Hey dashni….now comes d maza….
    Lov. U lots….hugs…tc

    1. D.Dashni

      Awww thank you and same to you ya ♥

  2. Sweetie

    Lovely episode.. 🙂 Keep smiling dear.. 😀

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you sweetie 🙂 Keep smiling too 🙂

  3. keep it up

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you dear 🙂

  4. Hi dear..!!! Great update and y this sudden trip to Australia? To make Akshara miss him and realise her love?? Anyway waiting for the next one!! TC dear ?

    1. D.Dashni

      Hi babe 🙂 Maybe or maybe not dear.i want her to solve the scholarship and know her enemy without the help of Viren and also miss him 😉

  5. Siddhi

    Very good episode but pls add some romantic moments of viren and akshara and is it ur imagination?

    1. D.Dashni

      Hahaha riddhi just wait .it will be weird if friends have cozy moments as they haven’t bring their relationship to next level. I always made them closer and will do it more after few more episodes. Just wait till till episode 50 …The story is half imagination and some are true according to my real life events. I am writing this as I wanted my love story to be something like this ♥

      1. Siddhi

        Okay and my name is Siddhi.

    2. D.Dashni

      Hahaha typo 😉 Siddhi is a nice name though ♥

      1. Siddhi


  6. superb epi as always…waiting for nxt update..do it soon

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you as always ♥

  7. Navina sundaram

    Super episode dey
    So lovely ♥♥♥
    Seriously i am enjoying akshara and viren love
    Love it

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you so much babe ♥

  8. Awesome episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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