Dreams will come true (Episode 44)

Akshara’s mind isn’t quiet as questions about whom could have send that video keep clashing on! She wonders where she kept her mobile unknowingly? Viren notices that Akshara is totally affected by the incident.He grasps her hand and purposely
“you  look ludicrously odd now!”  Akshara stares at him 
“you started to annoy me naa? ”
Viren smiles   “I spoke the truth. I only like to see the cherubic smile face of yours!”
Akshara gives a ‘duh’ look!! 
“Viren I am still thinking who did this and you keep disturbing. How am I supposed to think then?”
Viren “SIMPLE! Don’t think!! I will just find out!” 
Akshara sighs and tells to Kiran
“Bro your friend is such an annoying creature on the Earth! From where did you find him? ”

Kiran laughs “you know what? The best thing I can ever do is not involving in both of your conversation to be SAFE!” Akshara with a pouted face utters Bro! Viren says enough of talking with your bro! Now follow me for a while.Akshara in puzzled expression “Hello! Break time will end soon and need to study for god sake.Where are you calling me? ”
Viren  replies in a s*xy  voice tone ” just come! Don’t expect me to carry you?”
Akshara “Carry if you can!  Nothing fears me”.
Viren stands up and sarcastically says I think you don’t know I am fitness freak! Akshara rolled her eyes  “Ya right!”
Viren smirks and then he wraps Akshara around her waist. Akshara is totally shocked and also felt shy but shoves it
“Ok I was just joking. Don’t do this naa Viren.”
Viren raised his eyebrows “So can  you shut up and come now?”
Akshara nods and  with a pleading look “leave me first!”
Viren removes his hand with a smile. After that, Akshara starts taunting for fun  “I  wonder why the grumpy Viren is missing in action?That attitude was seriously better!” 
Kiran laughs looking at Vira pulling each others leg and asks where you all going now? Akshara blankly looks at Viren’s response and he replies join us then you will know. Kiran winks at Viren “Nevermind, you guys spend some quality time together and  enjoy Okay?” Viren understands the sarcasm of Kiran and nods.Akshara replies sarcastically enjoy with this guy? No way! Viren  shakes his head  and walks away rapidly. Akshara grabs the bag and bids a goodbye to Kiran then goes behind him.

Vira reaches to the Audi and Akshara nudged his shoulder with a  readily smile” where are we going now?” Viren opens the car door for her and gives her a tough look “just get in”.Akshara gets confused why is he being too strict  suddenly?He sits beside her and Akshara glance at him.Viren is all mum and it was obvious for Akshara that he is ignoring her.Akshara whispers Viren ”Why you look moody?” Viren pretends as though he did not hear her! Akshara again  “Viren talk something naa.Why are you behaving strangely?” Viren just stares at her with an ire expression. Akshara starts asking in a loud and peepy voice! “Viren why you are sulking at me? I come right then why are you’re being angry? Viren I am sorry if I do anything wrong .” Akshara sighs then holds her ears “I am sorry la bro!” Viren gets shocked and says  BRO??What’s wrong with you? Akshara laughs off due to her craps “sorry accidentally said. I mean sorry naaa my dear Viren Jii!!”  Viren  does not give any kind of response to her. Akshara gets pissed off  and finally utters “WHAT THE” ! Viren is super-stunned to hear that and stares at Akshara.Akshara bites her lips “sorry I  only meant what the hell! Don’t be too narrow-minded” 😉 Viren says you’re unbelievable! Just stop mumbling! Akshara gets very furious as he is sulking for unknown reasons! “I didn’t do any mistake and I tell sorry but you’re showing me your attitude Mr.Viren Thakur! You don’t know about this Akshara Gupta!”  Akshara sounds as though she is giving a warning but Viren looks at her and couldn’t resist his laugh as it was too childish 😛

Akshara gets furious and says stop laughing! I am being serious now.Viren press the brake pad and stops the car. Akshara says why you stop the car now? Viren sarcastically replies you have finally reached the destination! Let’s Go.Akshara looks around and just  follows him . It is “Wonderland Foundation ” where  Mr.Thakur is the founder of this NGO for orphans. The people part of this NGO are dressed up in plain blue saree for women and white for men.As Akshara and Viren walking together, the workers greets them and welcomes them with mostly a  toothy smile. The duo, finally meets the children whom are having their play time session.Some  little boys are chasing each other and the little girls are watching TV.The children sees Viren and runs to him  joyfully.Before Viren introduces Akshara, the kids popped out with the question Bhaiya is it your wife? Akshara is  blushes and run out of words as it’s an awkward question.
Viren grins and says Nooo!! One of kids who is she then Bhaiya? Viren she is my friend, Akshara! I bring her here to show my little friends 🙂

The kids laughes and a worker approaches to Viren.Viren goes with the worker and  their conversation personally.The kids continue playing with their toys and they start singing rhymes. Akshara is elated to watch them and she discovers that they sing loudly but none of the words are pronounced correctly.Akshara claps her hand and gets their attention. The children focuses on Akshara and  she starts teaching them on how to sing  with  eloquence.The living rooms gets lively and the children are in excitement. Viren is amazed when she reveals totally the kid in her and is out of the world when she starts singing with the kids. It was the time for them to go, Akshara and Viren bids  goodbye to the beautiful kids. The children gives a sweet and tight hugs to Akshara.  When approaching to the car,  Akshara walks at a distant from Viren . Viren is confused  “I thought you had a good time so why are you walking faraway from me? ”
Akshara is just  being deaf to his talks!

To be continued!
I will not update daily because I started my degree programme 🙂 :)However I will manage and try my level best to update regularly ♥Lots of love to the readers

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  1. Hi dear..!! Episode was just cool.. ☺☺ each and every scene of ViRa was adorable and that BRO part was very funny.. And it’s OK dear that u can’t update daily.. We will wait for you ☺ but will miss u ? tc dear love u??

    1. Kavya you never knew that you’re a sweet reader! I miss you too dear! Love you so much ♥

  2. Hey dear,how are you?? Episode is superb.. 🙂 All the best for your degree dear..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 😀

    1. Hey sweetie! I am fine but too sleep-deprived as need to wake up early in the morning:( how are you dear ? Thank you so much dear.Stay blessed and keep being sweet ♥

    1. Thank you dear ♥

  3. Very good episode and pls add romance.

    1. Soon they will bring the relationship to next level so romance will be a must dear! Keep calm and wait!

  4. Hey nc epi….n congrats on d happy note

    1. Hahah thank you so much Dev ♥

  5. Super episode ♥♥♥
    Happy moment together
    Love u viren and akshara
    So sweet

    1. Thank you so much babe ♥

  6. superb epi as usual yaar…really luved d epi..waiting for nxt epi update asap

    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂 Posted and it will be published soon ♥

  7. Awesome episode dashni my sweeeeeetheart. …very interesting story. ..love you loads 🙂

    1. D.Dashni

      Awww dear thank you so much. I love you more ya♥

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