Dreams will come true (Episode 43)


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Viren goes there and sighs in relief after sees a glimpse of navy blazer.He approaches to Akshara that sitting with knees held together and her hands entwined herself with her face looking down.  Viren gently places her hand on shoulder but she doesn’t respond to him.Viren then sits beside her and touches her soft hands.Akshara looks at Viren with  red wet eyes but she doesn’t even utter a word. Viren cups her face and says  just forget whatever happened.I told you many times but again I repeat that don’t shed tears.You never know how bad I felt when I see you sobbing. Akshara gets more emotional and lies on his chest. Viren wraps her around him and pulls her more closer.Vira are out of their world after embracing each other. Akshara then whispers I know you never do it! I am with you for such a long time and if I have doubted you then I would be a  headless girl! Viren carress her hair and says your faith is very precious and most essential  in my life .Akshara says I always trust you dear  but why you decided to become a scapegoat and accept it as your mistake when you didn’t do it ? You thought is it that my mind will be at serene if I am free from the accusations .I actually  become more restless and I feel now that I shouldn’t have meet you. If you never meet me then you wouldn’t have lost your scholarship right! 

Viren says shhhhhh and keep finger on her lips.Akshara is lost in Viren’s eyes .Viren says to her I am elated each and every counts of time after I meet you dear. The scholarship is not a big deal. Akshara looks away sadly and replies don’t lie. How will you cover up the payment since there are three years more to complete degree?? Viren smiles and says don’t worry! I have my dad’s business shares under my name but I grew up not using his fame and money so I entered government school and also college with scholarship. Akshara is dismayed and says but now you have to depends on him right? Viren says Chill! Somehow I have to take up his business as well since some companies and as well as shares under my name and  that time I can pay. After all, the college fees is not a huge amount of money. Akshara says but why you have to involve in this? Viren replies  I know your story isn’t effortless as mine and you work hard to achieve in education for a better future. If I acted selfish right now, you will face hardship and I swear I never wants it.

Akshara is all mum and  and rest in his arms.They were silence for a while . Viren finally says Oiii say something!  Why are you still grieving on this issue ? Akshara whispers but  I can’t take that you lost your dignity  and that also because of me! How am I suppose to repent for it ? Viren smiles and says everything comes after you dear whether it matters about my money, education or status! Akshara is really amazed  with his genuine thought for her.  She  cups his face and whispers why you are so concern about me even when  parents don’t care so much for me?! Viren smiles and says because you are the best thing happened in my life dear. Akshara smiles a little and replies you never knew that you made me worth! By chance I meet you and by wish we became friends but I think most of all,  we will always resides in each others heart.Viren is in euphoria to hear it in his heart but he pulls her leg for fun by saying that Wow you are becoming poet now 🙂 Akshara makes a pout and  says Viren stop it! He wraps her around shoulder and says  I simply said for fun!  Akshara says  do you know something, there were days I thought I shouldn’t have born because of the love which yearns from my family have never been felt but now I  swear I don’t care about it. I got the priceless friendship where girls can’t even dream about!

Viren smiles and says don’t worry soon you will get the love of your life and you definitely cherish it more than this friendship.Viren thinks in heart I will colour your life with love and laughters only dear. After that, Viren says however you have to be matured Akshara since you’re too young at age. Akshara hits him gently and says age is just number Viren! Maturity is a choice and I choose it long time ago. Perhaps,my heart and soul only thought to cherish the moments with you for right now Okay? Viren  smiles and says OK Boss! I think now you are switch into good mood so let’s make a move. Viren wakes up and gives his hand to Akshara. Akshara readily hold his hand and duo walks together to the classroom.Kiran sees them together and says before my blood pressure increases thinking of you both! Please tell whatever happened!! Viren and Akshara enacted together the incident. Kiran says I wonder who can come up with this kind of cheap ideas? Akshara replies Bro worst of all I wonder who is having enmity with me since I never go against anyone. Viren thinks in heart I know that  Maa and Simran  can be too  low-minded people to plan against you but are they involved in it this matter? !

Akshara realises Viren is lost in thoughts and asks what are you thinking? Viren smiles and says nothing dear. Kiran says just forget about this matter.Akshara says No bro, I will find out soon because if that person played in my life then I can accept it but now he or she is the reason for Viren’s name at stake. I will never ever forgive it and the person must face the  consequences for the cheap deeds.Viren is totally dazed with Akshara’s response and Kiran says  I am proud that you are being unshakable with this incident and we both will support in your thick and thin as always. Akshara nods and Viren says for now don’t take up any tension dear and we will soon set everything right .

To be continued:)

Ok guys soon Vira will officially become couple  so just be patient guys 🙂 I am also curious to know whether I had only 7 to 8 readers only for this ff? 🙁
Thank you ♥

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  1. wow thts rly grt to hear that they will become a couple officially..! waiting for that dear.. 🙂 and yeah epi was enjoyable. Vira’s scenes are adorable baby..! waiting for the next one 🙂 tc dear

    1. That’s for sure dear 🙂 I am waiting for that too babe ♥Thank you so much for taking out your time and giving the love and support which means a lot in my life 🙂 Love you ♥

  2. Dashni ur story is Supr awesome. I just love it. Keep going..

    1. Thank you Ananya 😉 I am happy to know that you are reading it 🙂

  3. Im very happy with this part.no misunderstanding between them..yes..we will keep patience dear.and you surely have so many readers. Be cool.

    1. Thank you so much for your continuous support and encoragement that urge me to write better dear ammu 🙂

  4. Awesome update dear.. 🙂

    1. Thank you sweetie pie 🙂

  5. Haii dashini..amazing yaar..Don’t worry I’m a silent reader…I love this ff soooooo much ???…Every epi is also Awesome…today’s alsoo…Plzzzz update fast qith long storyline..nd one more thing if u write another ff na????plss that name.. ???

    1. This is my first ff as I actually an engineering by mind but I am too addicted on reading love stories; ) I decide to write on as I am obsessed with the beautiful name of yours Akshara 🙂 Don’t be silent anymore naa .your words actually make my day good and gives me positive thought to write ♥

  6. *Tell that name

  7. Osm words by viren …….lovd d epi dashni…..

    1. Thank you dear ! Glad you liked it ya 🙂

  8. no dear i was busy with my admission process as just i have completed my 12th standard i have to get admission so busy with that process so i cant comment …
    but i have read all your episodes so dont get upsetr …

    1. Thank you so much Ani 🙂 I was little worried but I am happy seeing your comments 🙂 Don’t worry dear, you will get the admission and may god bless you dear ♥♥

  9. Nice epi..Sorry fr not comment in every epi.Last week i was very busy with practicals bt yet i tried to comment on previous epi bt wasn’t able bcz of some problems with network.And now Ramdan is start so i won’t able to comment on every epi,that’s why bonus SORRY!bt i’ll try my level best.bt i’m always waiting to read them & will read,dear..Plz pray fr me after 4 days of Ramdan my half-yearly exam will start:(:( Don’t know what will happen with me.I’ve to study a lot..Love u & miss u…

    1. Don’t say sorry Umama 🙂 I am seriously touched with your kindness to take your time and explain dear.if you read them its more than enough dear . Don’t worry I am sure you will definitely pass your exam paper with flying colours ♥Have a good time in this Ramadan and god will bless you dear.Love you and miss you too ya ♥

  10. simply awesome

    1. Thank you babe 🙂

  11. awwww….luvly epi dear..waiting for nxt epi update asap

    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂

  12. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ..dashni my sweeeeeetheart I just love this story very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. …so unique and beautiful. …I’m ur huge fan from the very first episode. …the story is really superbbbb. .I’m totally addicted to it. ..ViRa getting stronger with each hurdle in their life…n they are getting closer…..keep it up honeyyy. . .eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 😉 😀 Bear hug

    1. Awww thank you so much and for all the love u have been giving me from the first episode dear :)Love you even more and tight hug from my side ♥Muahhhh

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