Dreams will come true (Episode 42)


The principal in gravelly voice  says Viren your  scholarship given for your good academic performance  has been exempted and till the end of your degree, you are not given any kind of financial ad from the college! Akshara is totally dismayed to know it and   in melancholic voice she says I truly believe from my bottom of my heart that Viren can’t do such thing.  Please don’t penalise him. If you really  want a solve this issue then I am ready to get  expelled from this college. Even in my dreams,  I never want Viren to lose the prominent status he had gain in his life. Viren is dazed to hear Akshara’s words and indeed felt blessed to see the importance his lady love has given in for him .Akshara wipes her tears and says worst of all, there is not even a single evidence Sir to put a blame on him as it’s my number and I am all  responsible for it.However,  Viren interrupts and gaze at her anguish eyes.I seriously did it  without your knowledge Akshara. Stop taking my side  because of our friendship. I am at fault and this issue will end right now here as I accepted my mistake. Akshara  looks  on with lugubriousness  as she know he can’t do it and her confusion over the top thinking why he is willing to take the punishment and who is framing  against her? 

Viren then says I am the one who have done it Sir and I deserve the  penalization  for my stupidity.I thought of playing with her but in the end we are indulged in a major problem.  The principal says this is a college and not your home to play around .Some students are yearning for the opportunity to pursue degree here and you are being too light headed.  Remember that you must have been expelled by now but  I give you a chance  only for the sake of friendship between Mr.Thakur and me.Mr. James asks Viren to sign the form of accepting that any kind of scholarship is not granted till the end of degree. The principal says apologise to Mr . James and hope you never do such things again. Akshara is totally heartbroken witnessing unwanted incidents happening around her and runs away from there with tears flood her vision.Viren  apologises to Mr.James and instead he replies coldly that you will never be forgiven   if you exhibit any disciplinary problems again .Viren nods  and leaves the room.

Viren is keep thinking whether Maa and Simran involved in this matter as he walks to lecture hall?!Was it their game? But how can Akshara’s mobile can be taken by Simran or Maa? Why they specifically choose to send to Mr . James ?? Who is helping out in this conspiracy? Is it someone in the college?He keeps thinking. He looks at the undried tears of Akshara’s on his shirt and shattered as  unbearable pain felt in his heart too whenever he sees her in grief. He tells to himself I am sorry Akshara I know you are hurt but I have no choice rather than telling a lie to save you dear. By now, I have to console Akshara and I shouldn’t leave her alone. Viren goes to the classroom  but  only few students are seen. He asks Kiran whether Akshara came there? Kiran says No,  she didn’t come here.Kiran asks why you look so tensed?  What is the problem going on for godsake? Viren sighs and says I surely tell you later.

He rushes in search  of Akshara everywhere in the college  and the questions keep crossing his mind whether she sulk at him  for accepting the punishment or she left him with the notion  that he send the video after he said firmly he did it!?! He also rings up her mobile frequently  but no avail .He again roams around  agitately even till the library floor to find her but there is not even a sign of Akshara. He thought    to check out in the class but she isn’t there. However, her  turquoise bag was still there so he thinks that she must be around the corner here. In the end, he gets very pissed off and hits the wall in rage asking where the hell she went? Why is she driving me insane? He suddenly remembers the dark place of the college  where Akshara asked for forgiveness and decided to go there.

To be continued 🙂

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  1. dear very short update 🙁 but still great as always 🙂 waiting for the next one

  2. U gave a short one dashni sis..glad that akshara dont misunderstood him.eagerly waiting for next part

  3. awesome as always

  4. Nice one dear.. 🙂

  5. Hey dashni ……an emotional epi….

  6. wanna kill sakshi for doing dis wid akshara…plzzz update nxt epi soon yaar…eagerly waiting

  7. Love you viren jii
    I can see his true love towards akshara ♥♥♥

  8. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very very muchhhh ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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