Dreams will come true (Episode 41)

Mr . James says to the principal of the college that  this is the girl whom have sent a pornography clip to my mobile. Akshara is terrified hearing it and says what pornography clip? I never sent anything to anyone.  James replies firmly don’t even try to cheat because the management have found that the number is yours through your registration in the system.Akshara have tears in her eyes and says Sir please trust me .I never send anything and what’s the point for me to send you Sir? I swear I don’t have any idea about this matter! The principal says if you committed a mistake then  you have to accept it and face the circumstances .It’s  from your  number and if you didn’t send then who else can do it ? Akshara replies but Sir I didn’t send and why I want to do it despite knowing that I will be in trouble ?! Mr.James I never do it, please trust me Sir!

Mr . James replies even I am pretty-shocked to know it is your work. So far I thought you were innocent by your looks and behaviour but now I know that you can stoop too low to send such things to a lecturer. Shouldn’t have judge a book from its cover. You have to be punished! Akshara cries and sttuters please  trust me .I beg you Sir. I never knew how this could happen and I am not at all involved in it. Sir please recheck the number because you might be wrong. It can’t be mine!! Mr.James took out his mobile and shows the number. He asks this is not yours? Don’t even think of hiding it ? Akshara is really freaked out to see  it because it is her number but she  have no idea how could this happen?! She nods and says yes it’s my number but I didn’t do it Sir where as Viren is tensed up as he doesn’t know what’s happening around Akshara?He keeps recollecting the fear in Akhara’s eyes so he  decided to go there as he doesn’t want her to feel lonely if she is in trouble. He walks to the principal room.

The principal commands to Akshara that you will leave the room for a while as I need to discuss with Mr.James regarding your punishment. Akshara replies but I didn’t do it. Mr.James replies Akshara just leave for a while. Akshara with a wet eyes goes out of the room and sees Viren walking towards her.She runs to him and hugs him tightly. She burst into tears even more after hugging him.Viren is terrified to see her  weeping and he responded the hug  by carresing her  hair.He whispers please stop shedding tears. Tell me what happened??! Akshara weep till her tears wet his shirt. Viren cups her face and asks tell what have you done? Why are you not saying anything? I am here right with you so don’t be frighten of anyone.  Akshara in uneasy voice says   I didn’t send any pornography clip to Mr . James but the blame is on me .Viren I never do it but I don’t know who send it from my number?! I swear Viren I didn’t do it. At least you trust me please??

Viren is appalled but without thinking even a second he says I have faith so much on you dear and please don’t be scared!! I know what to do?! Come in with me. He knocks the door and enters the principal room.The principal glance at Akshara  and says we decided to expelled you from the college as it will be exemplary to other students for not have a thought of doing this again. Viren intterupts and says Sir actually I did it.Akshara looked at him in shocked.The principal says Viren I know you very well and you can’t do this . Don’t try of saving your friend. Viren says No Sir! I used her mobile just now and I thought of making a prank on her friends and family with her name.So, I forwarded the video to all the contacts in her mobile .I never know Mr.James was in the contact list. Akshara don’t even have any idea about it . I accept my mistake and ready to face any kind of your punishment.

Akshara couldn’t believe what Viren is crapping right in front of everyone and thinks he really did it or he is saving  me? Her mind is ready to accept Viren excuses but her heart keep saying it’s a prevarication as he can never misuses someone’s things and also do such cheap deed! Akshara is puzzled with this incident and doesn’t know whether she has to believe her mind or follow her heart says. She is all silent and searching for the answer in herself.
Mr . James says shame of you Viren. Nevertheless, at least you accepted your mistake, what if you didn’t? Do you know your action would have spoilt Akshara’s future and reputation.Principal is all mum and finally says Viren you have to apologise to Mr.James and I have decided your punishment now.

To be continued!

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  1. Wow..!! Best epi..! Really viren’s true love made him do like that.. Hope the situation won’t get much worse. And yeah Viren should find out about Sakshi and Simran and should teach them a lesson for their bad deeds.
    Tc dear..! Waiting for next one asusual.. 🙂

  2. simply superb….liked it

  3. Superb epi dashni…….n worst wud b viren xpld frm colg bt it shud b sakshi…..yuk i hate hr….
    Love u lots….hugs….tc????

  4. dear this is awesome and i commented as i was a silent reader but really i was busy these days so cant comment

  5. Super duper episode.. 🙂

  6. Viren true love toward akshara awesome ♥♥♥
    Hate shaksi 🙁

  7. Mind blowing episode. ..nooo not viren…that disgusting sakshi should be expelled. ..my poor ViRa …plz don’t let akshara doubt viren…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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