Dreams will come true (Episode 40)

Viren wakes up at wee hours and gets ready in light red collared polo shirt with denim grey jeans with black sneakers as he don’t even wants to encounter his grandmother. He left the room he saw the grandma is praying and he thinks in heart what is the point of praying when your mind have bad intentions. He walks away and drives to Akshara home after a hectic jam . However, he reaches home at Akshara’s house early. He didn’t want to disturb her so he waits for her. Almost an hour, he waited patiently for Akshara. Akshara gets ready in yellow navy blazer with blue jeans and loose hair.She keeps it very simple yet classy.  She looks at the time and thinks wonder what time he comes?!

She does her morning prayers and she  could feels his presence.She walks out and sees the Audi parked at the street .Akshara rushes to her room and takes her bag.She informs her mother and leaves without breakfast. She opens the car door and sees Viren put down his head on the steering. Akshara pats his back gently and asks are you still sleepy dear?Viren gets conscious and shoves it off with a smile. He then says good morning. Akshara replies very good morning but why your face looks kinda dull.Are you hiding any problem? Viren says where got?! I am perfectly fine and let me drive.Don’t worry so much. Akshara nods and wears her seatbelt.She again asks what time you came my house. You didn’t give a call also. Viren  says I reach early so I thought not to disturb you and waits for you.

Akshara smiles and says I used to woke up early so next time if you’re at my home then just inform me.Viren nods and looks at her .He asks anything special? Akshara looks blank and asks what are you asking? Viren smiles and says I mean where’s the Indian in you?! Akshara says don’t say like this.I feel so lazy to get ready and you know I prefer to be simple. Don’t I look good in it? Viren nods and says you look good in anything you wear  so don’t be too self-obsessed. Akshara stares at him and says whatever! Viren then your grandma spoke to you or still sulk at you ? Viren ignores the question and asks are you going for work today? Akshara says of course, I can’t be on leave for many days. Viren remembers the duo conversation and says what if I don’t let you go? Akshara says you can’t do this Viren .I need to work and earn money .I have my self expenses to pay and I don’t want to depends on anyone. What problem you find in it now? Viren says no I just asked .. I won’t stop you from working but you have to take care yourself from getting into troubles .Moreover, you will be exhausted to do two things at a time .Akshara  smiles and says you are always there  around me so  I shouldn’t be worried of myself because my saviour is here .Viren nods and says  true also .Akshara place her head on his shoulder  gently then says you are very thoughtful and I am indeed lucky to meet you.Viren smiles.

They both walk to class together while chit chatting with each other .Akshara sits beside Viren and asks him questions regarding physics.Viren teaches her the questions even if Akshara keep interrupting with why like this? Why you can’t use other methods to solve the calculation? Viren  gets annoyed with her questions but was very patient to handle her .He finally made her understand all her doubts and Akshara is in euphoria mood.Sakshi then walks up to Akshara and says can you sit with me for a while to teach me some questions? Akshara readily nods and tells Viren I will come back here OK? Viren nods . Akshara places her mobile on the table near to Sakshi unknowingly and starts teaching her question.When Akshara stuck in a question and starts thinking about it.Sakshi opens the cover of her coffee bottle and placed it near to Akshara. She purposely push the bottle and the coffee spills on Akshara. Sakshi then says I am so sorry. I did not notice the bottle here. I am really very sorry. Akshara says no it’s ok ya . Don’t feel sorry.. Akshara left from there leaving behind her mobile on the table.

Sakshi takes Akshara’s mobile and unlock it very easily since there no lock for it. She sends a video from her phone to Akshara’s mobile and forwarded the video to a number in what’s app messenger.She then deleted the chat history and also the video in Akshara’s mobile. She placed it back on the table and pretend as though she never does anything. Akshara enters the class with her blazer which is still wet  and approaches to Sakshi’s place. Akshara smiles at her and continue doing the question and finally answer it right. She shows the method to Sakshi on how to do it. Sakshi thanked her and Akshara left to her place. Sakshi sends a text message to Simran I have done my part well since the idiot didn’t lock her mobile and hope the plan succeeded.Sakshi smirks. Viren asks why your blazer is wet ? Akshara enacted to Viren whatever happens earlier and he just sighs then says she must be blind!! Akshara says don’t say like that. Everyone make mistakes so chill. Viren smiles and their computer programming lecture starts. Many students also enters the class including Kiran and Rahul. After 3 hours of lecture, the class comes to end.

Mr.James enters the class with the look of umbrageous clearly seen in his eyes. He comes in and calls up Akshara. Akshara is blank and Viren wonders why Sir is calling her?! Viren holds her hand and whispers dear Sir is calling you.Why are you still standing here? Akshara realises that she is day dreaming and looks at Viren.Akshara asks I am scared to go .I don’t know why!!!  Viren says Chill dear. You never committed any mistake so just go and ask why Sir calls you?! Akshara then approaches to Mr.James with puzzled expression.
Mr.James says you better follow me to the principle room now. He walked away and Akshara walks behind him.She turns around and looks at  Viren with fear in her eyes.Kiran asks why Sir looks very indignant Viren? Viren says  must be something wrong!!  I have to know it.

To be continued 🙂

To those readers thank you so much for reading and commenting on this ff till now:) Silent readers please let me know who you are 😉 I will be very  glad to know you all if there is any 🙂

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  1. Oh No!! What video did Sakshi send?? Such a devil she is..
    Nice update dear 🙂

    1. Thank you so much ♥ You will know it soon dear 🙂

  2. superb…

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  3. Superb

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  4. hi dear.. sorry that i couldn’t comment on previous chapters but yeah i read them regularly…!! now whats going to happen with akshara?? hope everything will be alright.. waiting for next one dear 🙂

    1. Finally you did babe! I kinda miss you dear when no comments from you 🙂 Thanks for reading regularly dear.I hope you will in future too ♥

  5. superb epi as always..wanna bang dis sakshi’s head yaar…always troubling akshara…eagerly waiting for nxt epi update asap

  6. Thank you so much ryths babe :)Sakshi sucks naa. I have posted dear and I hope it gets published by the end of the Tuesday 🙂

  7. Omggg wht video did she send ??

  8. Sakshi very disgusting…what video she sent from akshara’s mobile?…ViRa part wa very lovelyyyyyy. ..keep it up. Love you loads 🙂

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