Dreams will come true (Episode 4)

Akshara wearing a sweet pink tops with leggings is heading towards the library after knowing the lecturer have cancel the engineering mathematics  class. She bumps into Viren who was wearing a casual shirt and black jeans.
Akshara: Hello , Viren Ji. I wanna ask you something regarding a quiz question where I lost my mark yesterday. She thinks in her heart why I called him Ji out of nowhere!
Viren: I am not in the mood right now and I don’t wanna help you anyways.
Akshara:Huh? How rude ? I just ask you a question! ! What wrong I did ?
Viren:Just stop your questions before my rage explodes on you .I told you right I am not in the mood and I hate helping girls ! After saying this Viren walks away from there.

Akshara  runs behind him like a dog chasing a cat and stops him.
Akshara: Is this how u behave to girls ? Why are you showing so much of arrogance? You have such ruthless manners and its my fault thinking your name is sweet so you will BE ! Now you must apologise for talking to me like this .I am not scared for anyone here anymore.I never committed any mistake.I just ask you a question with respect!
He goes very near to Akshara and she can feel his breathe.Then he says something in her ears
Viren : You talk this much in few seconds like a express train.Take some breath and day dream that I will tell sorry .I never says sorry in my life!
He then shouts in her ears NEVER!!!Akshara’s eyes open wide and she pushes him away!
Akshara: So much of ego is bad for your health.What if you says sorry before the day ends?
Viren:What if I don’t ?

Akshara:Let’s see!
Akshara in her heart thinks what problem I have if he is rude ? why I feel I have rights on him in changing his attitude.I never spoke to anyone like this and with him I feel more brave..She then opens the book in library but start thinking how she is gonna make him tell sorry ..She starts to crack her head to find any idea.From far she sees him sitting at the corner of table and writing something and she also notices that he never realises her presence  so Akshara hides herself in the shelf area and stalks him .She have a plan in her mind but  waiting for the right time to work out the plan. When Viren leaves his things on table and goes out of library to washroom.After that, Akshara runs towards his table and she took his things and put inside his bag  including his mobile and notes .Then she hides his bag in one of the bookshelf.On top of his bag she put some books to make it invisible and sit on his chair. Viren got shocked of his life when sees her sitting on his chair and nothing was on his table . He comes near her and ask her what she is doing?
She says nothing and whispers don’t talk loudly on library ; P. He gave her a tough look.
Viren : Where is my things?
Akshara: You’re the owner you should know .Why are you asking me?
Viren: I know you took it and better give me back my things before I complain regarding this to the library assistant.
Akshara: She laughs and says go and complain but remember that it is a insult for you to not take care your own things and solely blaming a girl!
Viren pulls her from the chair and pinned her to the wall in the shelf row where is surrounded by books.None can see what is happening there.
Viren: What do you want from me now? You’re troubling me so much from just now!I don’t even know you well but you annoying me to the core!

Akshara: But now I know you well that you are just a plain rude guy and only thing I want is, you must apologise for your rudeness just now .
Viren holds her hand tightly and asks her to stop her drama.His grip is so rough and Akshara feels so much of pain as she can’t even move her hand.Akshara adamantly says that saying a sorry not going to bring your dignity down.One must learn to say sorry for their wrong behaviour as she says that they both share a eyelock for a moment. Viren comes back to his sense when Akshara starts shaking her head.

Viren:If I says sorry then you surely will return my things?
Akshara : I will. I never lie and let go of my hand.It really hurts so much .
Viren let go of her hand and says sorry for hurting you and sorry for just now. Can you return my things now?!
Akshara smiles and runs from there to take his bag from where she hidden and returns to him.She asks him to check whether all is things are there. He nods angrily and Akshara tells him I am sorry to take your things but I don’t have any other idea to make you learn some manners. While saying this, she holds her ears and says again I am so sorry. Please don’t create enmity between us.He just nods and walks away from there.

To be continued.

Hopefully you all like the track between Akshara&Viren 🙂 Thank you for reading this story and for the support ♥

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  1. Nic. I loved their encounter..

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  5. Lovely episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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