Dreams will come true (Episode 39)


Viren sends Akshara home and  she says thank you dear . Viren says I think I don’t want to hear the word “thank you” and “sorry” from you even if it is eternal word. Akshara gives vacous stare and asks why? What’s the wrong in it?Viren says you know that in a close relationship there is no  formalities.You know what I mean so you don’t have to say it anymore. Akshara  smiles and nods.She then says Ok see you in class tomorrow! Viren says No, not in class. Akshara asks why you are not coming is it ?Viren smiles and I meant I will fetch you to class tomorrow.You will allow me right? Akshara refuses No, I used to take train and  I am fine with it.Viren says please?? I will have a fantabolous day when I see your smile in the morning .Akshara smiles and you must not see me but your lady love Mr.VirenThakur.Viren says if I see your face its exactly like seeing her. Akshara says Ya right! Stop your nonsense dear.I am going. Viren smiles and says take care dear.He says to himself when he drives  I give you hint twice today but still you are not understanding the girl is you. Till when I have to wait for you to realise the love between us?!!

Akshara goes to have her shower then wears a pink shirt with white short pants. She then prays to Durga Maa that Maa thank you as you have been with me at my worst and good times of my life. May you continue to bless everyone and hope Viren doesn’t face any wrath in his family Maa. Akshara then goes to her room after having a simple dinner. She starts chit chatting with Venisha and thinks I have to ask him later about his apology to Maa. Viren goes to take bath and thinks I have to apologise to Maa after this.He approaches to grandma’s room and before he knocks the room door. He   eavesdrop the conversation between Simran and Maa as he heard the name Akshara.

Grandma: Akshara is the reason for whatever happened today.I  can’t even accept till now that my grandson hurt me and  also for the low class girl. There is  no point of you staying here. It’s a abundant waste. I brought you here to separate them but you are doing nothing.
Simran:Naani what’s my fault in it?Viren doesn’t even look at me.Your grandson becomes blind when it comes to that idiot.
Grandma:You just giving me  excuses and remember that if you are not able to marry him. I am never at loss because many rich families are  waiting to be the
in- laws of Thakur.
Simran:Naani don’t say like this. I left London just for the sake of Viren and to get him I will go to any extent.  Give me another chance.  I will somehow separate them but you have to provoke him against her.
Grandma: I will always support  you and remember that before their friendship blossom into love-we have to do something! Not any cost, I have let my decision to be changed in the past or present. I made up my mind to choose you as the daughter in law of this house long time ago as you express your love for Viren  and  I don’t see any flaws neither in your family background nor your attitude. I hope somehow we get rid off Akshara.
Simran:Thank you Naani . Don’t worry I have a plan in my mind and  Akshara will suffer in my game from tomorrow.

Viren couldn’t believe his ears as the betrayal of his own family towards his love. He  is totally breakdown as he can’t accept that the woman he had so much love and respect since a  child is plotting against the love of his life. He walks away to  his room rapidly and thinks unbelievable to know that Maa can stoop too low just for the sake of  family status. What if she is  from middle class family?I can’t fall in love with her is it? What about my feelings and my choice? I loved Akshara and will always do only for her personality and heart never for the status. I  was actually naive to think that Akshara have a wrong perception that grandma don’t like her .She was totally right.I should have understand their intention upon Simran’s arrival to India. I was careless then but now I will fight for my love. 

Viren’s mobile starts ringing and it is Akshara’ call. Viren sighs and answers the call.
Akshara:Hello Viren.Is everything fine between Maa and you? Did she accepted your apology?
Viren: Ya!!Everything is fine here dear.Go and sleep as I am too tired to talk.
Akshara:I am sorry to disturb you ya . I am happy that you didn’t  face any kind of problem with your family. Good night and will be waiting for you tomorrow.
Viren:Hmmmm!!! Take care too and see you tomorrow.

Viren hangs up the call. Akshara thinks he must be very sleepy and says Thank you so much Durga Maa as Viren don’t have any problem now and please shower more blessings on him. Akshara dozes off in her bed peacefully. Viren says I am sorry Akshara because I lied to you but I know that you will be restless and  really hurt if you know the the hidden mask of Maa and Simran. He gazed at the stars on the sky but their  conversation is keep repeating in his mind. Viren thinks of Akshara and how she will advices him for the betterment of his character and life . He then becomes  very determined and says to himself I will not show up to them that I know their plan against Akshara. They started the game and I will end it very soon. I will protect Akshara until my last breathe and loves her till my heart gives in.

To be continued 🙂

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  1. awwww…superb epi yaar really really luvd it..really very happy dat viren got to knw abot grandmom and simran’s plan…very excited for nxt epi plzzzz update asap

    1. Thank you so much sweetie pie 🙂 I posted the episode and hope it gets published asap dear♥

  2. Very interesting

    1. Thank you Mehrin 🙂

  3. Awesome episode.. 😀 Finally the truth of grandma is out infront of Viren.. Yayy!! Now Viren will do everything possible to protect Akshara.. Aww!! Such a cute and protective partner.. 😀 I love his character very much.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling 😀

    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂 Viren’ s character is goals for me actually ♥Hope you will continue to shower the love for Vira more dear 🙂

  4. It’s good.Now viren will protect his love as he get to know d true colour of maa&simran.Best of luck fr them.Thanks fr d update,dashini…

    1. Thank you dear 🙂 Perhaps he will do anything for Akshara 🙂

  5. oh my gosh!!!
    viren got to knw abot grandmom and
    simran’s plan…now will be shield between his grandmom and akshara…. Its so beautiful…
    very excited for nxt epi…pls update ASAP

    1. Haha thank you so much tani :)I am haply that you liked it 🙂 posted dear so hope it gets published soon dear 🙂

  6. Hey dashni….sorry yaar late hogaya…..coz iwas returning frm my vacation with frnds…..bt d epi was damn cool….n happy dat viren vot 2 know abt his maas true face

    1. Hey Dev don’t feel sorry.I am happy to know you as you are very sweet to take your time and comment on this ff 🙂 Thank you so much ya ♥

  7. Plz update next part.. eagrly waitng for 3days.

    1. Awwww really? ?Thank you for waiting and I posted dear. It will be published soon dear 🙂

  8. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ….loved ViRa soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..she didn’t get his hints….lol….viren heard grandma n simran convo….yayyyyy…now he knows their evil plans…..wowwww great now he will fight for his love akshara….very interesting track. ..unique and awesome story. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 😀

    1. Awww thank you so much Roma 🙂 I love you even more dear ♥

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