Dreams will come true (Episode 38)


Vira’s further mathematics lecture comes to end but Akshara doesn’t even bother to look at Viren. Just then Rahul  approaches to Akshara but Sakshi is all mum .Rahul says Heyy!! Where you went till didn’t come to class? Akshara smiles and says No, not feeling well that’s why couldn’t come. Rahul smiles and place his hand on Akshara shoulder.He asks are you feeling better now?Akshara smiles I am very well now so no worries.Thank you for your concern ya.Rahul smiles and says take care yourself dear..Sakshi just walks away without any expression on her face.Viren just ignores their conversation  and  starts playing the “Candy Crush” on his mobile. Viren actually  gets riled as he doesn’t like the fact that Akshara  talking to any other boys except Kiran and him but he pretend as though he is not giving a damn on it. Sakshi and Rahul walks holding each others hand in the corridor.

Sakshi:Darling?!Why you are so concern about Akshara even after knowing that I hate her so much!!
Rahul:She is actually very kind and she is good with me so what’s wrong in it if I cares about her baby?!
Sakshi:What?? She is kind? Since when? I can’t see any  sign of her kindness from her. She is  purely acting pious  to attract boys like how Viren is  going behind her like a slave!
Rahul:Don’t be so judgemental babe! Sometimes we are seeking her help in studies and she always teaches us   selflessly but still you can tell that she is acting?! It’s time to change our perception on her!
Sakshi:Oh now I am being judgemental is it? Now days you are taking her side too much! Why? ?You are bored with me very fast is it and wants to date that cheap class girl?
Rahul:What’s wrong with you? You are not only talking ill about her but you are involving me in too!

Rahul walks away  furiously and Sakshi is left alone. She gets pissed off and  says I thought of making you grief all your life  Akshara but now I am getting into trouble with my  boyfriend.You are sitting happily with two boys companion there. I  seriously hate you to the core Akshara.I thought that you left Viren after sees Simran with him but I am shocked to know both our plan failed. I will not lose again to you and will separate you soon from him as I don’t want you get any kind of happiness than me .Sakshi leaves angrily.

Kiran says I am going home and both of you going to stay here is it ? Akshara smiles bro  and replies Into will be leaving now too .Kiran nods and says Ok be calm two of you and don’t fight more. Viren and Akshara nods with a smile. After Kiran left, Akshara stands up and says I am going home by myself.Viren pulls her scarf and Akshara is dazed.She turns around and Viren pulls her closer.Akshara  hair falls on his chest and asks why you are doing this now? Let me go naa. Viren caress her hair with compassionate while looking into her eyes and says because you have to talk to me not leave me like this. Don’t be angry with me simply!  Akshara moves behind and says stop your drama naa!  You know what, go and date with your  so called girlfriend not annoy me. Viren smiles and says Ohh, I can’t do it now because she is kinda angry with me 😉 Akshara looks at him and says you made her angry too?! You know what you’re impossible not others. Viren smiles and thinks in his heart can’t you understand  that the girl is you??! Viren sighs and says come let’s go.I will fetch you home.Akshara  says No , I won’t  listen to whatever you command till you apologise to Maa so I don’t want you to send  me home. Viren asks you trust me right? Akshara nods and says so? Viren says that means you have to trust that if you want me to do something I will surely do for the sake of you. Akshara  grins and asks awww really??

Viren replies but you know right that we was not at fault. So why should I actually apologise? You know that I never say sorry easily but you are provoking me to do as though I am wrong. Akshara holds his hand and says I know that we are not at fault but Viren you have to understand that we have should not show our ego to the elders at home. They are not open minded as us so we have to just adjust with them. Viren says but rather than adjusting our life according to their preferences, we should make them understand our modernised mentality.Akshara says try if you can but I know it isn’t easy as you say . Most of our elders are succumbed themselves to traditions and blind beliefs at times so they will never  even try to adapt our lifestyle. Akshara cups Viren’s face and says  now you listen to what I say,  your grandma will feel deplorable for your rudeness and you have to apologise because to save relationships we must use the eternal  word “Sorry”. Worst of all, I know that you will be more restless if you see her sad as you  loves your grandmother wholeheartedly. Viren nods and says thank you to make me understand dear. Don’t worry so much about this matter after this. Akshara nods and Viren sarcastically asks will you let me bring you home safely  now? Akshara with mirth replies Sure, I will dear 🙂

To be continued♥

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