Dreams will come true (Episode 37)


Akshara is more terrified to encounter with Viren’s grandma and leave Viren’s hand.Grandma asks firmly what you are doing here with this girl ? You got class in the morning right! Viren notices that Akshara’s is panicking .Viren gently grasps her finger and give a sign of eyes to reassure that he is with her.Grandma is more annoyed to see Viren’s care towards Akshara. Grandma says I ask you what you was doing here?Viren says I brought Akshara to have shower in my room since none was at her home Maa. Grandma is in shock and asks what? You both share a room?This is not our culture for a boy and girl to share a room before marriage .

Viren says Maa what are you crapping?I was just waiting for her at the pool and she had her shower!! What is against the culture? If helping a friend is against the culture. You know what I ain’t giving a damn about the culture since it is utter waste in my life. Akshara stutters Sorry Maa . Please forgive me but it wasn’t our intention to hurt you Maa. Viren says why the hell are you asking  sorry? We don’t have negative thoughts in our mind and  we didn’t  do anything wrong to asks sorry?!Maa you don’t trust me is it till you sound so suspicious??  Grandma replies I have to be suspicious since you did not even ask my permission earlier and what you are saying can be prevarication! Viren says Maa please? You brought me up well and now you are throwing tantrums! Just now we didn’t come and ask your permission because Akshara isn’t too well and she isn’t dressed up properly to come and meet you so I brought her to my room. What fault u find in it Maa ? I didn’t know that you are way much typical minded Maa. Grandma replies Viren you don’t speak to me like that. Viren replies just forget it.

He pulls Akshara hand and brought her away.Akshara repeats to him Viren you can’t behave like this .May be we are at fault .Please listen to me.Viren looks at her then says just shut up and come. Viren yells  just enter the car . Don’t make me tension. Viren drives and Akshara looks away without even wearing a seat belt. Viren says wear your seat belt Akshara. Akshara pretend as though as she did not hear him and ignores him.Viren goes near Akshara and pulls the seat belt for her. He looks at her and gives her anger stare.He then says I don’t know what is in your mind. I was talking with you.Say something.

Akshara replies I don’t wanna talk with a rude guy like you. Even if we both knows we are not wrong but  we are responsible to make your grandma understand not to fight with her. Viren replies I didn’t not fight with you, I just justify myself. Akshara replies I know this things will happen but you was not ready to listen, now because of me a misunderstanding has been created between Maa and you. Viren says Chill, my grandma isn’t ready to listen so whatever you try to speak she will only against more so it’s better to walk away. Akshara says but you can’t just walk away because  we have to respect elders no matters what. Viren replies I respected my Maa but there is a limit in everything. She can’t behave rudely to my guest and being judgemental with what she has seen without even bothering to listen.Akshara says but you have to say sorry to her. Viren says but why ? ?They reach college and Viren asks tell me why should I apologise ?If I apologise means I am wrong .I am NOT guilty so I won’t! Akshara says sometimes very hard to talk to you.You will not understand anything. Akshara walks away to class leaving Viren in car. Viren sighs and  says to himself this two essential ones in my life are the hardest to live with!

Kiran is elated to see Akshara and hugs her then.He says missed you dear sis.Akshara softly replies miss you too Bro. Kiran asks where is Viren? Akshara rolls her eyes and says your grumpy friend will come up now. Viren walks in and Kiran says don’t tell me you both fought? Vireb says No,only she have problem with me always . Neither I fight nor scold her. Kiran says not at all I am seriously involving in between both of you. Ok come and sit before the lecture starts.Viren nods and sit beside Akshara. He says are you sulking at me? Akshara ignores and says till you apologise  with Maa, I swear I won’t talk to you. Viren says what the? Akshara says I am very serious about it and more firm than you.If you don’t apologise then you will face wrath.Viren says she is impossible man! Kiran laughs and  says both of you worst like a Tom and Jerry or wait worst than that but from the bottom of my heart I know you guys are inseparable. Viren smiles and looks at Akshara but she ignores him as she do not want to share any eyelock with him

To be continued 🙂

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    1. At least you’re not being as silent readers Dev 🙂 Thank you so much 😉

  1. Thnk god u finally update it I was waiting for it only…abot d epi it’s as superb as always.. waiting for nxt epi update asap

    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂

  2. Nice epi..Plz,plz,plz update nxt part soon.Don’t delay this much..

    1. Thank you ya but weekends I always busy that’s why couldn’t update fast 🙂

  3. That was a pretty awesome episode.. Viren is corect in his point of view.. Why should he apologize when he didn’t do anything wrong?? I love the trio(Viren,Akshara and KIran) bonding.. I loved it to the core.. 😀
    Stay blessed and be happy 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear sweetie 🙂

  4. Sorry,apu.It’s 3rd time i’m commenting in episode 37.I don’t know why?bt i always have to bear some problems & my comment didn’t get posted on ur & sindhu’s ff. Nice.I’m awating.Plz update aeap..

    1. Chill dear .no problem and worries dear 😉

  5. Awesome, marvellous episode

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