Dreams will come true (Episode 36)


Akshara sits beside him in the car and starts annoying him by asking why are you driving very slow like a tortoise?? Viren goes to the side of road then press the brake pad and says Ok you drive now?! Akshara open her eyes widely and says What The?? Viren says Wow what did u said, complete it ?? Akshara says Shut Up Viren! Viren says Ok I will shut my mouth but agree that you can’t drive. Akshara laughs and says get out of the car.Viren gives a vacuous stare  and says excuse me??Akshara says faster do it. Viren comes out of the car and Akshara just jumps to the driver seat. She lowers the car window then says come and sit. Viren sits in the car in shock and asks are you serious you can drive ? Seriously don’t play!! Akshara says kindly wear your seat belt boss and get ready for the ride. Akshara accelerated the car in high speed to her house.Viren is terrified with the way Akshara is driving and  Viren says please don’t go and bang my car for heavensake.Akshara laughs loudly and says Chill.I am nearby to my home.Viren says hopefully!!Akshara says haha see we are at home safely.Never underestimate the power of a Indian girl  😉 Viren says you are just impossible! Since when you know driving? Akshara says sometimes I used my brother’s car so I learnt from him. You loved my driving style? Viren says I will love it even more if you have licence as not every time we are  lucky to be saved from cops.

Akshara says Ok Baba! I will have my shower now and we go  to college . Please come in and have a drink. Viren says no dear, it’s ok I will be in car. Akshara asks but why? Viren says may be because I wanna listen to English songs so you go and get ready before I change mind in bringing you to college.Akshara replies don’t you dare! OK I will come soon.Akshara go and rings the  housebell for many times but no avail.Akshara remembers that it’s time for Venisha  to go college and others to work. She thinks worst of all I doesn’t have a key to open the gate’s lock . She goes to Viren with much disappointment and says  all spoilt. Viren asks what happened now? Akshara says no one at home and I don’t have key.She starts mumbling how now? How to go college? I have to wait here till she come home. Viren asks really you wanna go college today? Akshara nods and says yes but now surely I can’t make it to class.

Viren is silent for a while and starts thinking.Akshara tells say something naa.Viren cups her face and says don’t worry!  You will go to college as I know what to do. He starts his car and says let’s go.Akshara asks how can I come to college in this cloth and without shower somemore!! Please stop the car I can wait at my house till my sister come. Please!! Viren says  can you  just stay calm for a while?  Akshara makes a pout and is all mum. On the way in his drive, he stop at a cloth shop and says you just  wait here OK!!Akshara nods and thinks what is he doing and where is he bringing me ?He is totally unbelievable. Viren enters the cloth shop and asks do you sell any Indian wear for ladies. The man show him sarees and Viren says No, not this. I mean they wear the top with a pants and they also put scarf as well.

Viren totally forgets the name . The promoter smiles and says it must be salwar kameez. Promoter shows many colours such as purple, blue and so on.Viren sees many suits but isn’t satisfied.Finally, he sees a suit which is a white bottom with turquoise top hanging in the glass wardrobe. Viren looks at it and  thinks sure this will be perfect size for her. He tells the promoter that please pack it. The man says it’s expensive and if you want you can bargain the price to the boss.Viren says No thanks, just put the bill fast. 

Akshara looks at Viren with a bag in hand. She thinks sure he bought something for me. Viren sits at the driver seat and says see whether it’s nice or not? Akshara looks at the salwar kameez and is surprised with his choice as it looks so  beautiful. Viren says it’s  only for you. You like it ? Akshara nods and says PERFECT! Thank you so much. Viren smiles and says hope  it fits you.Akshara stares at him and says I ain’t being fat at all so it will fits me well. .Akshara then asks but what is the point of buying it? Viren says  what  now dear? Akshara asks I mean where to wear it? I did not even have my shower. Viren says simple!! In my room!! Akshara couldn’t believe her ears and looks at him blankly.  Viren laughs after sees her  expression and asks why? Akshara asks are you like seriously mad? What your family will think about me?!! I rather stay in this car when you go to college. I will  just wait in car till lecture ends. Viren says you don’t have to give any kind of suggestions. You are coming and that’s final.

Akshara says please don’t do this Viren.I am  already scared of your grandma and now doing like this will only ruin my reputation.I didn’t even take shower and look me.Is this a way to go someone’s house??? Worst of all, a girl sharing a room with a boy even for a moment will be taken in as a mistake in this society.   Viren says but we are not doing any wrong and  we had no bad  intentions! It’s just a help from my side and you’re thinking too much even if there is no fault in it.Akshara says but…Viren says Stop! I have said so nothing else to discuss!

Akshara looks away and she is very angry with him. They reach Viren’s home and he says get down.Akshara  says No, you can’t do this .I am not coming. Viren opens the car door and says you want me to carry you or wanna walk? Akshara says Viren don’t make me tension. I don’t want both options. Viren says OK then I will carry you. Akshara hits his hand and says you gonna make me face embarrassment only. Viren laughs and says trust me, nothing will happen.Akshara walks in with him with fears in her eyes. She  sees the interior design of his house and totally amazed.She whispers to him it isn’t a house but a palace. Viren turns around and smiles as she is looking around as though she is lost. Viren pulls her hand and brings her fast to his room. He locks the door.Akshara says what are you doing?Why you rush me to the room? 

Viren goes near her and says Shhhh!!! You don’t wanna meet my family in this way right so that’s why I pulled you to room as fast as I can so that no one notice you.I will never let you face any awkward situation in your life.  Akshara smiles and says now no one notice now but what about after this?? Viren says just go and have your shower now.  Wait, I will give you a towel. He opens his wardrobe and takes a new towel. Akshara tells him your room also looks very pleasant but why the interior design is  all black and white?Isn’t it too plain??  Viren gives her the towel and says because I am plain a guy.He then walks to a door, he switch on the light.He says Ohh Wait, he then opens his dressing table drawer and takes out a body shampoo. Use this and anything else you want? Akshara says No, but where you will be ?

Viren points at the glass door and pulls the curtain to the side.Akshara is shocked to see a swimming pool outside the glass door.Viren says I will be there waiting for you.Akshara looks at him in disbelief you bring me to a hotel or really your house? Viren says Crazy Girl! You can see my pictures on the wall right so must be my room right ? Akshara smiles and nods.Viren says take your time because I can wait and we have still have time for afternoon class.Akshara nods and goes to shower? She reminisce all the moments with him and thinks he really takes good care of me very lovingly but is it the same thing he does with the girl he is in love?But,how can he manages his time with her as almost 24/7  he is together with me. May be she is in overseas?! Must be!!

Viren sits at the easy chair and says to himself today I  brought my love to my home and the most unbelievable part, she is in my room.I feel so happy but this is not the right way to bring her.If our love  success then I will bring her with  pride and respect into this family. After an hour, Akshara approaches Viren in the salwar kameez where she is holding her towel to wipe her long and wet hair. Viren is mesmerised by her utmost beauty which is truly can be seen through his eyes. She smiles at Viren  and says my hair is still wet..How now? You can wait or I  just come like this? Viren smiles and says Wait, I will ask a dryer from servant.Akshara nods and then she holds his hand. Don’t go.I mean what if they know we are here?  As I said, we are Indians and  they will misunderstood our intention and start throwing trantums because I am a girl and it’s wrong for me to use your room even if we are friends . Viren says can you stop living for others like what they think about you and stuff. If they are typical minded, let them be!! Even if it’s my family, I never give a damn about their perceptions. You are not born to please everyone. Can you please understand that? Akshara holds her ears and says Ok, I am so sorry but I don’t need dryer if you can wait for some time.Viren nods and Akshara takes the towel and starts hitting her hair to dry it out.Viren laughs and says this your tactic?

Akshara says don’t laugh. It’s the best way to quickly dry the hair. Viren smiles and sits there. After that, Akshara goes to the mirror . Viren then stands behind  her and she looks at him through the mirror and smiles. Viren asks you want comb ? Akshara says No, I can use hand for it too. She just brush off smooth and straighten hair with her finger without tying it. She tries hardly to tie the knot for the tops but she couldn’t do it as her hands can’t reach.Viren goes very close to her from behind and slowly ties the knot.  Akshara close her eyes as she could feel his touch  and Viren smiles looking at Akshara on the mirror. He then whispers in her ears slowly are you ready to leave or still got more to get  ready?

Akshara smiles hearing it and  turns around and looks at him.She softly says let’s go.We will be late. Viren smiles and says I have to say that you look good in this dress. Akshara  blushes but shoves it off by saying Wow, a compliment from you indeed a priceless gift. Viren grins then holds her hand and says come let’s go. They come down on the glass stairs  and reaches the living room. However, Grandma comes out from the kitchen that time and is shocked to see both of them . She calls Viren’s name loudly and both of them shocked to see her.

To be continued 🙂

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  1. superb as always… wat gonna happen nxt very eagerly wating to knw..plz update nxt epi asap

    1. Thank you so much ryths and will try to update soon 🙂

  2. Woooow wat an epi….gr8…..now d battle starts….grangma vs viren….hihihiii????
    Love u lots tc ……????

    1. Hahaha thank you Dev 🙂 :)Lots of love from me too ♥

  3. mind blowing…

    1. Thank you so much tani♡♥

  4. Awesome epi

    1. Thank you cherry 🙂

  5. Amazing update 🙂
    I liked the dialogue “Never underestimate the power of a Indian girl.” Chennai express style..
    Now what will happen?? Viren vs dadimaa??
    Waiting for the next update dear..
    Stay blessed and be happy 🙂

    1. The Fan in me for SRK always reflect when I write the story dear haha 😉
      Thank you so much dear for at least for taking out our time and comment.May god bless you too love 🙂

  6. Wow!Viren is so sweet&caring.I like it,like always.Bt now grandma will mess with them.Plz make her understand them.Plz,apu update aeap,will wait for this..

  7. Oooo dashni…it’s beautiful n lovely episode. …loved it very very muchhhh. …muaaaaahhhhhh…ViRa rocking….I just love this pair soooooooo muchhhhhh. .. 🙂 😉 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Roma 🙂 I miss you ya ♥

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