Dreams will come true (Episode 35)


Viren awaken as his mobile’s alarm vibrates and he notices the time was 6.30 a.m.He  sees Akshara sleeping  peacefully so he decided to go to Thakur’s mansion and have his shower . Before that, he meets the on-call doctor and requests a diet plan from their dietician. After that, he drives home and reaches there  approximately after half an hour. He sees his grandmaa is doing her  morning prayers. He approaches her and hugs her from behind then says Good morning Maa! She smiles and says Good that you have come.I missed you my boy.  Viren smiles and says OK Maa  l will go and take a bath.He took his shower and gets ready in a simple white shirt underneath a grey quarter-sweater with straight clean dark blue jeans. . He sees his dad, step-mother and grandmother in the dining hall.He is happy that Simran isn’t there to irritate him so he readily approaches there. The dad asked him how was your night stay with your friend? Viren replies perfect! The servants serves Viren orange juice with toast bread. Grandma says you haven’t  mention who is the friend to us?! Viren ‘s step-mother says who else it can be? Surely Kiran!!Am I right?  Grandma smiles and nods. Viren just keep quiet and eats the toast bread. He thinks in heart my intention is not to hide from you all but I know you all are typical- minded that will create a issue if knows I stayed together with a girl even if it’s a hospital. Viren  just says so I need to leave now..Grandma smiles and says have a nice day at college. Viren grins and make a quick move from there.He drives to hospital and  on the way, he sees a  bakery is open so he goes there and buy breakfast for Akshara.

Akshara arouse due to the biological clock in her brain has been active. She looks at the sofa and sees Viren isn’t there. She wonders where he went? Her eyes rushes to look at the little wall clock which reads the time as 8.00a.m. Akshara smiles and thinks he must have been to college as it is still weekdays.Just then, a  lady nurse with angelic smile  enters the ward and greets Akshara. The nurse  removes the intravenous pole gently  and Akshara’s nerve felt numb yet her skin were sticky due to the plaster on the hand.The nurse says that you can be  discharged but you have to wait as the dietician is preparing your diet plan has it is been requested today. Akshara asks what??? diet plan for me?? May be you’re mistaken, it must be another patient.I don’t need it and don’t want any diet plans.The nurse  replies sorry, Mam but your caretaker requested  for it so. Akshara nods and says Ohh OK thank you!! Akshara thinks he is impossible to believe that he can control me when it comes to food. She then wakes up from the bed slowly and goes to washroom.

Viren enters the room and sees Akshara isn’t there on the bed but the water flow from the tap gushingly can be heard.Viren guessed out that she is in washroom. He then waits for her  while sitting at the sofa.Akshara comes out of the bathroom and dazed to see him. He greeted her Good Morning Dear! Akshara smiles at him and says Good morning too Viren! You know something that I don’t have to stay here at these lifeless and dull place anymore .Viren laughs and says but isn’t it  you had a good sleep yesterday? Akshara sits beside him with not even a inch distance and replies ya I had a good sleep because you was there with me not because of this hospital OK? Viren says OK dear! Akshara in a low tone voice says you know I had injection and it’s one of my biggest fear.Since childhood, I only have been clinic not  even a hospital  but this is the first time in my life I got admitted. I seriously hate it! I never want to be surrounded with those white uniforms people and a IV pole-Never again!! Viren gets heavy hearted and cups her face.I am very sorry dear! I know I was the reason for your stress.Please forgive me dear!! Akshara says No, don’t feel bad ya.I am the stupid emotional girl who misunderstood you.Now I know everything and also the fact that you never even loved Simran so my only job is to find out the fortunate girl whom you love very soon!! Akshara laughs a little  but she thinks in the heart it’s very saddening that he loved another girl and I am very unlucky to not get him as my life partner but I will always thankful to get his friendship which i should and will treasured till death.

Viren asks why are you silent all sudden dear? Akshara realises her silence and  asks Viren do you know something ? Viren asks what? ?Akshara smiles and says you are too protective over me and really concern about my wellness . I am happy with it but what amazed  me the most is since when you literally become too polite?? I mean you called me dear now!! I don’t see any arrogance in your eyes which I have seen in the first encounter.Viren smiles and says if you want the old Viren, I can change for you at any cost 😉 Akshara laughs and says No,this version of Viren is better.No, no It’s just THE BEST!Viren laughs and says you are crazy 😉 Viren says Wait, I will bring  the simple breakfast for you.He walks to the table near  the bed and brings a cup of Hot Chocolate and also brownie. Akshara is in euphoria to look at what she is always craving for. She  says you know my taste very well naa!It isn’t simple but mouthwatering.  She enjoys the favourite chocolate-breakfast and notices Viren.She asks you are not having anything ? Viren says I had with my family.Akshara smiles and says I thought you went  to class just now. Not going today? Viren replies if I go then you will be alone here some more I need to bring you home safely so  it is not a big deal to take our own holiday. Akshara happily says Aww Viren Jii,   such a sweet guy you are?! Proves me that you are more sweeter than a white chocolate! Viren asks Why are you buttering me now? Akshara with a cheeky smile  says let’s go to college today.I mean at least afternoon we attend the lecture. Please???? I feel spiritless and you know that I love studying  .Please say yes?? Viren says Yes, we will go together but I will not let you go to work today.Akshara nods and says look at me! How filthy I am! I wanna have my shower and get well-dressed up to go college. Come let’s go.She insisted him and Viren  says OK I will go and get your diet plan.Akshara says I hate you so much. I am sure the list of food there will be like a grandmother’s food plan not a young blood ones..I don’t even need it at any time so let’s go! Viren says Shut Up!! I know what I am doing!! Don’t talk nonsense, its very essential for you to be more healthy since you’re self-effacing.Akshara gets riled and says Ok fine!! Don’t scold me!!! I will do whatever you say. She looks away. Viren realised his harshness, he puts his hand around Akshara’s shoulder and  asks her angry is it ?Akshara keeps quiet and rolled her eyes. Viren apologises  that I am sorry to yell dear.Akshara doesn’t respond and he asks you wanna sulk at me and stay here or wanna go home fast and get ready for college?? Choice is yours dear! Akshara hits him on his chest and says you know naa what is my choice?! Viren says then hurry up dear. Akshara eventually smiles and wakes up. Viren says I will do the formalities till that wait here.

Viren does all the formalities and says to Akshara finally bids goodbye to the hospital. I will make a promise that I will protect you from any harm befalls you whether it’s related to your health or your safety till I am with you.Akshara is touched by his words and tells him you are such a genuine soul that I am indebted for you throughout my life.I can’t explain how elated I am as this is the first time I felt so much of care someone has towards me. Thank you again but you know I study very hard just to earn money and takes good care of my family.However, the responsibility increase because I want to return the money you paid for my hospital  bills not now but surely in the future. Viren interrupts don’t say like this . It’s not about money. Akshara says I know but I have my own self-esteem and I can’t depends on you all the time.In the name of friendship, if I let you to pay all my expenses and make you spend so much for me! What it makes me then? It’s a shameful act to even dream of using someone’s richness for my own living.Viren smiles and says this attitude of yours always makes you respectable and  that’s why no girl can ever be your substitution. Remember in future you can spend money for me but now let me do whatever I wants to do for you please?? Akshara smiles and nods. Both of them leaves the ward and Akshara walks very slow so Viren holds her hand and smiles at her. He then says you know your diet plan is awesome that from now on you will be a good girl and eat balanced and more nutritional food. Akshara sarcastically says I will follow whatever you say but you should not even dream of stopping me from eating Indian sweets or fried foods.

To be continued 🙂
It always takes many hours for me to come up with  an episode!Even this is half a day so please continue giving me your support 🙂 Lots of love and thank you for reading♥

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