Dreams will come true (Episode 34 )


At Viren’s home :
Grandmother tells to Viren’s dad in the living room, Viren gives a message to me that he is staying at his friend’s home tonight and will come tomorrow. Last time, he don’t even stay in any of our relatives house and now there are drastic changes in him where I can’t even believe whether it is Viren or someone else!!! Dad laughs and says I think he is still the same as the arrogance and rudeness towards the family never changed  till now.. Grandma nods and Simran interrupts and asks  but naani who is the friend? What’s the need to stay there even after he knows to drive? Grandma replies if I  asked him now then he will be fury as he hates to be questioned. Dad says ya true, he isn’t a child for us to set rules like  he must be prohibited  from going out or staying  with friends late night. Grandma nods but Simran keeps thinking where he went and with whom is he??! She thinks in her heart I have to find out very soon.

At hospital :
Akshara is shocked to hear that from Viren and  she couldn’t believe her ears.Tears flood her vision  but she hold back the tears. She didn’t want to show him that her heart will never accept another girl in his life so Akshara  shoves it off with her splendiferous smile as she knows that she can never be a part of his life due to her family status and he treats her  as a  good friend so she must not expect anything else.  However, Akshara remains uncommunicative. Viren then snap his fingers at her eyes and asks living in your own world is it ? Akshara gets conscious and  bumbles that I am happy for you if your wedding bell rings with her. Somemore, she has exquisite face and class  to match up to you and your family status. Viren asks so you think she is a perfect match to Viren Thakur? Akshara voice wobbled in restrain emotion and says of course she is. Viren smiles and asks you sure ?

Akshara nods. Viren says then  should I do a love proposal to her ? I will follow whatever you said..  Akshara is hurt to answer his question but then she replies you  have to propose to someone whom you love. How can you ask others in your decision ?Even if I am your friend you shouldn’t ask my opinion at all. Love has to feel from your own heart.Viren sarcastically asks really? Akshara firmly says Yes!!! Viren smiles and asks if you love someone then you will propose to them? Akshara is dazed and run out of words to give a reply. She is silent ..Viren says please tell. Why are you quiet? Akshara says I don’t know if I have guts  to do it.I mean I am a girl so how can I go any tell a boy I love him? Viren laughs and asks  earlier you said love has to feel from heart so I think if you feel it then you have to express it.
Akshara is quiet and with lowered eyes sometimes it’s not effortless to  express the love towards one. Akshara then switch the topic and asks why your wedding arranged hastily?

Viren says Lol! I just played with you.Not in even in my dreams I will get marry to her .Akshara gets pissed off and hits him on his hand.She asks  marriage is a joke for you is it ? Viren says I spoken the truth, my grandma wants her to be my wife but forever  it will never happen. Akshara says but why ? You need to respect your grandma and her decision. It’s not good to go against elders as they will do everything for your own good. Viren smiles and says   Ya, I do respect her with all heart but I told you earlier my life journey will only travel according to my choices.Akshara smiles and asks do you think it’s easy to live our life with our own choice?I am sure it never will! ! Viren says it can be dear but you have to be firm in your decision not living for the sake of others. Akshara nods . Viren asks but I wonder how you can easily believe that I will marry her ?Akshara says ya because she is suitable match for you.As she says, her face turns sour!! Viren hits her on head and says Dumbo first of all,  she will not even match up to my personality as I always felt she camouflage all her flaws and acts pious but her eyes speak better about her real attitude .  Remember, I  never even liked her then love is NO WAY. Akshara says but I think she has a craze in you because the way she hugged you and yearns for your attention proves it.   Viren says so ? I mean I don’t care also. Akshara says that’s so mean.What if she is in love ? ? You will not accept her??? Viren says I swear till now I can’t even see any sign of love from her so even if she is, I am not at fault. I am in love with someone else.

Akshara says what ?? Are you serious? Unbelievable! Who is the lucky girl that captivate your heart. Viren thinks in his heart is you dear!Viren smiles and says it’s your task to find out yourself.Akshara asks please tell naa.Viren says everything needs time and patience so you have to wait and figure it out.Now be a good girl and sleep , Akshara pouts her face and Viren laughs.He says stop  doing the cute duck face.I won’t buy  it. He place her on the bed gently and says  good night dear. The warm lips of Viren softly snog on Akshara’s forehead -it was all a sudden but very much compassionate. He whispers get well soon dear. Akshara is amazed with the kiss. She feel the loved and  odd warmth spreads in her blood to melts her heart. Before he walks to the sofa, Akshara pulled his collar near to her then raise her head and let her lips touch the light-  bearded cheeks and  whispers thank you so much for everything till date.Good night too.Viren grins and he is extremely elated to get a kiss from his lady love and he thinks in his heart till you realise your love for me and guess out yourself-I will never utter any word but will give you hints dear. Viren sleeps on the cozy sofa even its uncomfortable to sleep.His mind and soul  is in serene as she is around him.

To be continued 🙂

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  1. Oh wow!! Lovely episode.. 🙂
    Finally misunderstandings between our pair found a stop signal.. 😀
    Viren’s gonna give hints for his lady love.. Impressive.. 😀
    There are still several road blocks to be cleared by our pair to start their smooth love journey..

    Stay blessed and keep smiling dear 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear 😉 haha true that many road blocks in their love story .. stay blessed and I am only smiling when I see a wonderful comment from sweetie pie like you ♥

      1. Aww!! I’m glad to know my comment made you smile.. 🙂
        Take care 🙂

    1. Thank you dear 🙂

  2. Dashni…hey buddy….at last viren got to know dat he loves hr…..bt she wont come up easily coz of hr fears 4 he is rich….grandma….etc. i think ……
    Bt 2des epi was truely awesome……
    Love u lots buddy….hugs……tc

    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂

  3. Great episode..!! Hope akshara will soon realise and confess her feelings 🙂 i must mention tht u r just amazing 🙂

    1. Awwwww thank you very much love 🙂 Keep reading and stay blessed ♥

  4. Super episode yaar

    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂

  5. awesome epi yr…update nxt epi asap…m really very excited for ur nxt epi

  6. Wowwww dashni it’s really superbbbb n lovely episode …ViRa rocking. ..just loved the he way viren answered akshara’s queries. …he will give her hints…wowwww. …very interesting n cuteeeee. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Thank you dear 🙂 Love you more dear 😉

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