Dreams will come true (Episode 33 )


Akshara shakes her head refusing it and whispers to Viren  I trust you but please I want to know about the girl that came to our college if you don’t mind sharing about  her . Viren says now it’s time for you to rest dear not thinking about others . Akshara pouts her face and says Fine! I know you will not share anything to me after all I don’t have rights to ask you about your personal life . Viren keeps finger on her lips and says shhhh!! Never say such things again dear!!Akshara looks into his eyes .Then , a rough voice mentions Akshara”s name loudly so Viren stand away and Vira is dazed to see them.It was none other than Akshara’s parents-Mr&Mrs Gupta.  Akshara’s mom smiled at Viren and Viren introduces himself to them as Akshara’s friend.They greeted Viren  just then Venisha enters the room and informs her parents that Viren helped them to admit  Akshara in the hospital.Akshara’s mum starts scolding Akshara that how you can be so stressful till you admit in hospital ? You are behaving as a little girl and disturbing others. Please grow up for godsake.  Akshara’s dad also in a strict tone says you better eat properly and take good care health. You can’t behave like a child that needs featherbed at this age .

Akshara keeps quiet and doesn’t even have any eye contact with her parents. Akshara’s mum asks when will they discharge you? Now we have to lose our money  just because of you. We can’t just spend so much money for you !! Viren interrupts the conversation and just lied not much payment aunty . Akshara’s dad replies if she stays tonight in hospital then surely the payment will be higher since its a private hospital so better be discharged today. Venisha says but papa Akshara isn’t too well to return home fast!!!  Akshara is hurt with her parents reaction but speaks up that No, I am totally fine and I request you all  to discharge me by today.She looked at Viren and says please I wanna go home so go and do the formalities.  Viren gets riled and thinks what kind of parents they are?!! He says to Akshara’s dad, Uncle all payment are settled so not at all a problem and tomorrow only she will be discharged. Viren’s dad says Oh, really?? Thank you so much so how much I need to pay to you now? Viren smiles and says please No, you don’t have to do it at all. After all it’s only for Akshara. Both her parents  thanked him and  Akshara’s dad coldly asks her can you stay alone tonight ? ? Akshara  nods but Viren observes the seeable fear in her eyes . Venisha tells the parents it’s ok papa. I  can stay here and takes good care of Akshara. Mom says but tomorrow you have college so better follow us . Venisha sadly agrees and gives a kiss on Akshara’s forehead and says Dii will be waiting for you to return home safely . Akshara smiles and says sure Dii, I will. Akshara’s parents leaves the ward and Venisha personally goes to Viren and whispers thank you for everything and I am sure you will dotes on her well. Viren nods and grins.

Akshara pulls the blanket and close her face to let out the tears she hold back because she couldn’t deny that the parents do not show any sign of affectionate towards her. Viren walks near to Akshara and pulls away the blanket. He asks why are you shedding tears right now? He wipes off the tears. Akshara did not wanna say ill about her parents so she lies to him. I am crying because I will miss my home and room tonight-that’s all . Viren could sense it’s a prevarication because Akshara did not even glance at his eyes.He asks Ohhhhh really? If you go home then I will miss you very badly so please stay here.Akshara  is surprised with his response. She asks seriously you will miss me? Viren says of course I will and I do since you didn’t spend any time with me some more if you return home tonight then you take time to recover and most probably you will come college the day after tomorrow so more than 24 hours I have to stay without looking at this cherubic face. I don’t want!! Akshara  blushes and says indeed you’re a saccharine 🙂 Viren asks why are you saying that? Akshara says because you’re too sweet.Viren smiles . Akshara asks so you will not go home tonight ?? Viren says never till you’re well . Akshara says but you will not be comfortable here so it’s good if you go home . Viren says there is a sofa and I can sleep over there so what do you mean by I am not comfortable?!!

Akshara says but your family will find you so..Viren says So? I will be here tonight with you dear and no changes in it. I am not a small kid so they will not find me. Akshara  says I just don’t know how to thank you for all the care and help you  have been giving me. Today, I realise that it’s  actually my Durga Maa’s  blessings to meet you but that day I questioned my Maa so much and in the end even thought of avoiding you.I must be such a dork.  Viren  cups her face then says please forget about it all and don’t be too emotional for any small matters again. I want  to see the lively  smile as now you are going to eat. Akshara with wider eyes asks eat and that also hospital food?? Viren asks why its good and  a way of healthy lifestyle. Akshara says Noo, never as I rather starve than eating it. Viren says Ok tell me what you want to eat ?? Akshara says I don’t want anything , just stay beside me here. Akshara holds Viren’s hand very lovingly and dozes off .Viren smiles and thinks in his heart, today I get to know how your parents treat you and  it’s very heart wrenching to live with a parents that don’t really loves you. I promise that I will give you all the happiness in your life and will love you wholeheartedly.

Viren  recollects that she is  empty-bellied so he texts his driver to get a vegetarian pizza and  vegetable soup then brings it to the hospital.He also sends a text message to grandma that I am staying with my friend so will come home tomorrow so please don’t be worry. Love you as always Maa.  He then looks at Akshara and whispers after Maa, I love you the most♥ Akshara brings his hand nearer to her heart and sleep soundly. Viren after an hour  gets a call from his driver so he gives the details about the ward number. After few minutes, the driver comes in with the meal he ordered and Viren gives the cash. Driver thanked him and Viren says make sure you don’t tell Maa or any of them that I take care of my friend in hospital, if they knows then you will face the consequences. Driver nods and makes a move from there .Viren then try to wakes up but she is asleep so he is just sits beside her patiently even if  he is esurient as he neither had his lunch nor dinner. It is almost late night  and the nurse enters the room to change the intravenous glucose bottle. The nurse accidentally pushed a cup on the floor so Akshara wakes up in the state of shock. The nurse apologises and leaves the ward. Viren says nothing dear . Don’t be scared . Akshara asks what is the time now ?? Viren says It’s 11 p.m dear. Why dear? Akshara says my stomach starts to make weird sound . Viren laughs hearing it and  makes her sit carefully on the bed.

He  says this meal is for you but sorry it is kind a cold..  Akshara gets delighted and says Wow,  thank you so much dear. She says nothing is open so you didn’t eat till now!!  Why dear? Viren replies because i like to eat together with you. Akshara is joyful to hear it so she gives a warm hug and says thank you again but I am very very sorry for make you wait..Viren grins and says I like waiting for you so no problem. He then feeds her the soup and Akshara tells him you also eat.I am again sorry as I can’t feed you in return. Viren winks at her and says I am capable  of doing things by myself unlike you.Akshara rolled her eyes and says that’s so mean  🙁 Chill, I was just kidding. Viren after that feeds pizza for her and she insisted Viren to eat. Viren eventually eats and Akshara asks him do you know something?? Viren asks what now dear?? Akshara says  you haven’t tell about the girl yet !! Please tell now naa. Viren sighs then says she is Simran and she is my relative. Akshara with more curiosity in her eyes and says  perhaps you have to say more about her!! Viren  smiles and says what you expect more?? Akshara says I mean she hugged you and kind of close with you but you just tell she is your relative. Nothing else?? Viren while caressing Akshara’s  smooth and silky hair  says not even a inch but  as far as I know, my grandma has planned my wedding with Simran.

To be continued 🙂

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  1. Hey dashni….welcome bac my dear buddy….mised u n ur ff….n as usual a lovely n revealing epi……n eagrly waiting 4 d nxt epi…to know d xprsn of akshara ….
    Love u lots ….hugs….tc???

    1. Hello Dev 🙂 Ya I missed you and your comment too ya ♥ Let’s see how is Akshara’s expression then. Love you too hugs 🙂

  2. Nice story line.. 🙂
    Akshara’s parents are so mean yaar 🙁
    Loved viren’s care for Akshara.. 😀

    Keep writing such awesome stories.. 🙂

    Stay blessed and be happy dear 🙂


    1. Thank you sweetie pie 🙂 Hahaha she is living with most of the mean people 🙁 Glad you loved about Vira and keep reading and commenting ya.Stay blessed and may you get more happiness too ya ♥

  3. best episode till now… loved it

    1. Awwww thank you so much tani 🙂

  4. Wanna see Akshara’s reaction now…wat she gonna say..plzzz update nxt epi asap..really very excited

    1. Hahaha even I am excited and still writing it ya 😉 Will do it soon ♥

  5. which types of parents they r?they have no capabilty 4 being parents.plz viren like this alwys keep good care of her.thanks..

    1. Awwww they are weird parents who gives importance in favouritism and money minded. Keep reading ya ♥

  6. Wonderful episode..! 🙂 Vien’s care is just awesome

    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂

  7. Awesome episode, ViRa rocking. …akshara’s parents very rude…viren’s care n love for akshara is remarkable. …just loved it to the core….what will her rxn after knowing grandma want viren n simran marriage???…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡

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