Dreams will come true (Episode 32 )


Viren is petting Akshara’s hair while  waiting for any sign of movement from the queen of his heart .Hours passed by, nurses come and go in  plain -white dull dress to check on Akshara . However, Akshara is  unconscious and just asleep. Venisha enters the room and amazed to look at the way a dignified fair-handsome hunk sitting beside Akshara with the eyes clearly witnesses that he is pleading for her wellness.She can clearly understand the concern he has for her in  his eyes. Venisha informs her dad about Akshara and make a move from there to buy lunch for them. As she walks,  she  says to herself the way he cares for Akshara can never  be just a friendship and I hope Akshara deserves  him as  he might be the best  partner in her life that will truly loves her. Venisha thrn says fingers crossed but the most essential now is  my sister should really get well as soon as possible. Akshara finally twitch her fingers and the gesticulate proves she does it with high pressure in her finger limbs  due to the intravenous therapy. 

Viren notices it and asks are you alright dear? Akshara have blurred vision of Viren but she can hear Viren’s  voice. She rubs her eyes with  her  uninjectable hands and sharpen her eye lens. Viren looks at her waiting for her response.She looks at him in disbelief and says YOU? She looks around and says why am I here? ? Viren cups her face and says don’t be scared!! You are not feeling well so I brought you to hospital. Akshara turns her face to the left wall and  says I am fine so just go. You don’t have to meddle in my life  and you will definitely been busy with some other people so faster leave..  Viren then says please look at me once dear. Why you want me to go when I want to be in your side? Akshara replies coldly because I am not needed in your life and you are not needed in mine too. Viren says  Ohh really?? I am not needed to have a role in your life???Please turn around and says this directly to my face not to the wall there. I am here not there.. Akshara closes her eyes and says PLEASE LEAVE…Already you did a biggest mistake by bringing me to hospital!! Just go before my mood swings since I felt so stressed up. Viren says it’s never a mistake. I only do it for your wellness.I can confront any kind of your wrath because after all it is You..

Akshara keeps herself silent listening to it then Viren puts his hand on hers and says dear I know you totally misunderstood  me again. Akshara looks at him with wet red eyes  and stutters I  misunderstood you?? Since when? Neither I fight with you nor disturb you from that day!!Did I ? Then why are disturbing me ?? I don’t want to talk to you and I really meant it.  He grasps her hand gently. I am so sorry dear if you’re  terribly hurt because of me..Will you not forgive me dear?? I am sure you are unhappy after seeing a girl with me and you’re hurt by her action but as I told you once that sometimes eyes can deceit us till it wipes out the truth . Viren says I also know you are hiding the pain in your heart but what your heart tries to hide can never be hidden by your smoldering chestnut eyes. Akshara unrealisingly shows up her emotional strains by interrupts his conversation and says you can be with anyone and I don’t have problem in it at all because you’re affluent so surely many girls are just passing clouds in your life!!! I knew it about it very well now so don’t try to justify yourself… Let me clear it out that you can  be in live- in -a relationship with any girls or what so ever by throwing up your money to them or with your looks  but don’t think I will trust  you and your craps  that i am the first girl you  are friend with again-TOTALLY NEVER…You have to know the fact  that presence of any girls in your life  doesn’t  make any difference in me. I also can understand that you have another girl but you forget to mention about her to me at all in anytime.Why is it because  I am a stanger for you as she said so you can’t share it or you have many other girls till you don’t remember any of their names properly???

Viren is shocked to hear it and his face turns pale then he asks you really have this kind of perception on me?!?! If I have other girls in my life then why should I be waiting to meet you  like a mad guy and yearning to be with you?? Why I felt bloodless when you are not around me? Akshara is dazed as Viren saying it. He then says OK fine!!How can you jump into your own conclusion by framing me as a slicker with your own false assumption. What did you said that I throw money or use my looks to attract girls? There are many girls in our college but did you see me roaming  or trying to mingle with any of them ? I choose to be a friend with you only after you approach to me and then somehow you made me to fall for your likings and I wanted to be beside you each and every time of my life .Let me keep it short!! First of all,did you saw at anytime that I responded to any girls hugs except you?? Even that day Simran hugged me but did I react to it? Even Sakshi hugged me but did I hugged her in return?? All the while I was happy after I met you in my life and but today i know you don’t have any faith  in me and that shattered my heart into million of pieces.I don’t need to explain anything anymore when you don’t believe despite being with me for a long time.Just remember that I will never hate you even if you talk ill about me more!!!  Take care of yourself… Viren leaves the room.

Akshara calls him up as she feels guilty for her all the mindless talks of hers and for fail to understand him but of no avail. After all, Viren’s heart isn’t a stone for him to leave her in the hospital all alone so he stands outside her ward room as Venisha  is not there.Akshara is frustrated with her silly anserine behaviour and talks that injures his heart like a sharp knife that cuts a finger where the blood resembles painful is same as the words she spoken to him unintentionally. She calls herself as a biggest dork as her words towards him is unimaginable  till she can’t believe her own tongue. She says to herself  I let my temper to rule my tongue and hurts him badly . What’s happening to me?? Earlier I was tensed up  like living in a hell when I see someone in his life and totally feel hurt but  now when he is here to clear out misunderstandings between us but I abused him brutally with my talks. When he explains I really get to know how hollow my mind can be!!! I must apologise to him anyhow even if he doesn’t accept it as I will be more  restless to live even a moment in this state of guilt.I must get punishment for hurting him ..  Akshara pushes herself for a first try to sit on the bed but restricted by the hanging IV pole as it afflicts her  skin as though a colony of ants  bites her.Somehow she withstand the misery and stand beside her bed and holds the IV pole tightly..She pulls herself with  it and tries to walk at least a little fast before he goes to his car.She does it with all the willpower  and strength left in her inner soul. 

She opens the door of her ward and Viren heards  the door’s chime. He is shocked to see Akshara walking in that  weak condition . He calls up Akshara’s name anfd she gets delighted to see him standing at the side. Akshara approaches him while shedding tears and almost to slip but Viren holds her by his arms. Viren says are you mad to walk till here when you are energyless?? Please go to the room now. Viren softly moves away the  straighten hair that covered the right eyes of her.He can’t see her in tears. Viren says please I can’t take it if you cry. Do you feel so much pain due to this IV pole?? Akshara couldn’t speak as she is amazed by the gentleness in him even after she hurt him. She goes nearer  to Viren and uses her uninjectable hands and  wraps it around him so she eventually hugs him tightly. Viren hesitates to respond the hug but Akshara shouts I am very very sorry Viren.  I don’t know what is going on my mind that I could stoop so low and talk ill about you. When you justify yourself, I realised from the bottom of my heart  how idiotic I am as I can doubt a gem like you. You can give me any kind of punishment for what I spoken  even you can spit on my face..Viren gets sad as she cries and caress her hair and whispers just forget it. Don’t cry please. . Akshara says I easily believe what I have seen and listen then gets emotional or become hot- tempered till I become senseless. I am so sorry for whatever I spoken you and you can hate me to the core for my attitude but  please don’t be hurt at all. I know I always do mistakes and ask sorry to you so this time you don’t have to forgive me at all this  but please understand that just now i use my mind to talk nonsense never from my heart.Please trust me on that . 

She cries all her heart and almost try to fall in his legs and Viren stops her.He says you have every rights to question or talk about me  so don’t feel sorry at all. I can’t see the precious tears shed from  this beautiful eyes.He cups her face and wipes it off. Please smile..Akshara sighs in relief and says now I will see your truthful eyes and tells everything. I must say that it is unbearable pain in my heart to see you with another girl so I promised to myself to avoid you as I don’t want to be a intruder in her life but  I swear i never ever dream to hurt you. I truly feel possessiveness only with you  that I want you to be by my side always but from now on I will be sensible enough to understand that it is wrong for expected to much in a friendship so I am very sorry about it. Viren smiles and says nothing wrong in it because even I hate it when others is close to you .It’s a mutual feeling anyways.Viren thinks in his heart I am now infinitely sure you are in love with me like how I am but you might hide it or takes time for you to understand. He then holds her tightly by her waist where she gets shy and lowered her eyes but he says please let’s go inside the ward and I must say you can fight and talk more even in a weak condition, ,imagine when you are active then 😉 Akshara blushes and she supported physically by placing one  hand on his shoulder and emotionally they are bonded to each others support. Vira shares her eyelock till to bed and Viren adjusted everything and slowly places her on the bed.She holds his collar tightly and whispers I am sorry again.. Viren smiles and says  please forget about it and have a good rest OK! Akshara looks at him and asks u will be with me here naa? Viren smiles and says Ya,sure i will but you must eat then sleep first..Akshara shakes her head refusing it and whispers to him I trust you but please I want to know about the girl that came to our college if you don’t mind sharing about  her..
To be continued 🙂
 Hello guys .I missed all of you so much and here it goes the episode 32 as I promised Hopefully it gets published earlier and please do tell me how is it because it literally took me many hours to come up with this episode ..Love you all always ♥

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  1. Ohho Dashni missed you too baby… And superb comeback yr… How was your holidays????

    1. Thank you so much dear. Babe my holiday was fun yet tiring because of non-stop travelling . Nevertheless this vacation gives a beautiful experience in my life ya 🙂

      1. Yo a memory you made ? !

  2. thanks for keeping up yr promise
    and the episode was very emotional
    and very nice
    thank u for ur update
    did u enjoyed ur vacances

    1. Awwww thank you so much mini ..I am happy you liked it dear 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed the vacation 🙂 but it was kinda hectic schedule as needed to travel many places!!

  3. Amazing epi. Loved it

    1. Awww thank you cherry 🙂 I am happy to know that you loved it ya♥

  4. wonderful episode.. very emotional
    heart touching…. update next episode soon

    1. Thank you dear for this comment ..I am always thankful for taking your time to read this ff 🙂 Will do it soon dear 🙂

  5. hey dashni…how was ur vacation..u cameback with a dhamakka…..loved it..now waiting for the confession.please update asap.

    1. Ammu thank you so much dear 🙂 My vacation is good ..hope you’re doing well dear. .will try to update soon: )

  6. Very interesting

    1. Thank you Mehrin 🙂

  7. Thanks 4 coming back with a blust.It was really a good,beautiful emotional episode.I miss u.Plz try 2 update fast..

    1. Hey dear thank you so much and I miss you too 🙂 Will update soon 😉

  8. Hi Dashni i am glad tht u r back.. And u came back with a feast..! 🙂 loved ViRa and their bonding.. Next episode plss

    1. Aww Kavya thank you so much dear 🙂 🙂 Hope you will like the coming episodes as well ♥

  9. awesome epi as always..missing u and Vira alot..plzzz update nxt epi asap

    1. Miss you too dear ♥Glad you loved it and even I am waiting for it to published as I already submitted the next part 🙂

  10. typo error >>>> not anfd but and* 🙂

  11. Awesome, marvellous episode dashni. …loved it very very muchhhh. ..ViRa fight n then patchup…muaaaaahhhhhh…. soooo beautiful. ….I’m in love with this story. …it’s really superbbbb n unique lovely story. …I missed you sooooo muchhhh dear…keep it up honeyyy. .. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

    1. Awwwww thank you so much dear 🙂 I missed you a lot dear and this sweet comment that always urge me to continue the story 🙂 Love you too dear 🙂

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