Dreams will come true (Episode 31 )


Viren whispers to Kiran half lecture is done and you think that she will come??! I don’t think so she will.. What’s wrong with her? She doesn’t respond  to any of my messages or calls but talked to you! I mean what is she up to ? ? Kiran purposely replies don’t care about her and just  ignore her since she doesn’t talk to you! Viren asks what the  f**k you are crapping now??How will I not care about her? You better shut your ass up and study!! Kiran grins and says stay cool ya! Viren nods but countless questions running in Viren’s mind regarding Akshara and her whereabouts. Deep inside his heart, he is missing her to the core and  wants to  see her .He just look at the notes quietly without any focus in it. The computer programming lecture ends but both Kiran and Viren are still sitting inside the class. Kiran asks you angry with me is it? ? Viren says No, I am not a small kid to sulk at you easily but you can’t just ask me to ignore her despite knowing how much I cared for her? Kiran with much sarcasm says Wow so much care for a friend! I wonder whether you both are just friend or something else? ?

Viren says what do you mean? Kiran says I  mean you both are meant forever ♥. I don’t want to say this to you at first because I wanted you to realise your love by yourself but I think if now I don’t tell you, I afraid that you will never  understand your heart at all or may be you masked your love for her in the name of friendship..Viren says No, we are best friends and you know that I don’t have faith in love or institution of marriage. Kiran says why is it because your parents are drawn apart and your dad also remarry to another woman so you are thinking your life will be same as them???Tell me now!! Viren is all silent… Kiran says OK fine!! If you think the same story happens to you then you made a false assumption in your own life. .I can say  neither your so called mother can be Akshara nor your dad can be you! I am with you for many years but let me tell you that I have never seen you very joyful except when you are with her.Viren  then looks at Kiran and says but that doesn’t mean we are subjected to be in love!!  It can be friendship too.Kiran ask Ok do you remember you told me that Akshara asked you whether you will wait for her today or something but before  you replies Simran interrupts between you both. Now tell me what you actually wanted to reply to her ? Tell it from the bottom of your heart without any prevarications !!

Viren without realising says Of course, I wanted to say I will wait for her forever.. Kiran laughs and asks Oh, you think her as friend then why you want to wait for her forever? What is the logic in it?Viren doesn’t speak and seems quite lost in words. Kiran says remove the walls you created in your heart to run away from sacred  thought called “love”.It only hurts you end of the day because I am sure you will not able to stay without Akshara. I am 200%  sure you need her by your side throughout your life! Viren says Yes,I know I LOVE AKSHARA truly from the bottom of my heart but till date I don’t want to express it  to anyone and don’t even want to feel it because of the fear kills my love and me each and every day in my heart! The biggest fear is what if  our relationship  does not sustain in a long run like my unwanted parents and  worst of all will she accept me to be a part of  her life??!! Kiran says idiot you think she will not accept a perfect gentleman like you??? I can see the all love and care she have towards you in her eyes, please don’t take even a single chance to lose her in life because the bond you share each other will transcends all the barriers in life and two of you are match-made in heaven so your relationship will lasts forever . Trust me!!  Viren smiles and says a friend in need is a friend indeed.Thank you so much as you made me express whatever hidden in the corner of my heart. You truly gives a light of hope that I will get Akshara in my life but i need to win her heart soon as how she resides in my heart and soul. Kiran grins and  says you never know you might have win her heart unintentionally 😉  You  are always capable in anything so fear not. Viren nods and smiles.

Viren says next lecture got to start but I don’t think she will be coming. I want to meet her at any cost. Kiran asks but how will you meet her since she is not here?? Viren says you told me not to have any fear right? Kiran says ya, so what you want to do ?Viren replies Simple!! I will go to her house and meet her there! Kiran says are you serious but you hate bunking the class right ? Some more, what if her family questions you? Viren winks and says I can do anything for my Akshara and  dare to answer them too if they ask me any questions. Kiran laughs and says Ohhhhh God! The lover boy in you is awake now so you will be unstoppable 😉 Viren  smiles and nods OK! I am going now and will update you soon! Hopefully she is at home. Kiran nods and says fingers crossed.

Viren rushes to her car with a priceless smile on his face. He tells to himself in the car while he drives now I believe that we both are inseparable.I will not let any harm befalls you and I am sorry if you are hurt because of me!! Viren  finally reaches at Akshara’s house doorstep after the hectic traffic jam.. He hesitates to ring the bell but eventually does. Venisha opens the door and says I think I have seen you somewhere but i can’t really recognise you.. May i know who are you? Viren says I am Viren Thakur and I am here to meet Akshara. Venisha smiles and Oh, so sorry I couldn’t recognise you well as I have seen you only in picture. .Please come in. Viren smiles and nods. Venisha says please take a seat! I will bring a drink for you. Viren says No thanks, but can I know where is Akshara? Why she didn’t attend to college today? Venisha says she is taking rest in the room because today morning she slightly had a fever .Thank God she informs me about suffering in  terrible headache and fever so I force her to take a leave.If she would have gone to college then it would turn up worst. Viren is shocked to hear it and asks did she go to hospital? Venisha says No, she ate the medicines left when I had my last fever . Akshara hates going to hospital so she refuses to go and see a doctor. Viren asks if you don’t mind can I go and see her ?Venisha smiles and says no problem.Come I will bring you to our room! Viren walks to the room and sees Akshara eyes are closed and her body is covered with a pink coloured blanket.  Venisha smiles and asks do you want me to wake her up? ? Viren says It’s OK!  Venisha then  gets a call and says I will come in a while.She leaves from there. Viren goes to Akshara’s bed and  caress her forehead. He is dismayed as  feels her body heat is too high. Viren gets panicked and wakes her up by hitting her hand but still no response from Akshara. Viren yells Please wake up dammit !!!! What happened to you? He removes her blanket and see Akshara’s blue shirt is totally wet due to sweat.Viren makes a fast move by  lifting  Akshara in his arms. Venisha is shocked to see  Akshara in his arms and asks what are you doing Viren??  Viren with anxiousness in his voice and  says I think she fainted and must  bring her to hospital now. Venisha says OMG! Wait I am coming with you…

Viren makes Akshara lie down  in the  behind seat of car  while Venisha locking the house door.Venisha then sits behind and put Akshara’s head on her lap . Viren accelerate his car in high speed to a private hospital. He carries Akshara and goes to the emergency department in rush. Some men brings the stretcher and Viren puts her on the strecher where asVenisha writes the admission form.Viren rushes there  and does the payment and says  I want your doctor to check her immediately! Please be fast. Venisha  says thank you so much for helping us.  Viren says don’t say thank you. .She is very important in my life too.
Venisha is dazed to hear it. Both of them stand outside the ward waiting for the doctor’s response. Viren is so tensed up while waiting for doctor’s response. The doctor walks out of the hospital ward.

Viren:How is she now ??
Doctor:Nothing to worry Sir. I think she was so stressed up and lacks of sleep  that’s why she had a fever.  Please give her appropriate meal on time as she doesn’t have any energy in her body. We have injected her medicine and gave her glucose in drips.She will wake up soon and she will be alright too. Just makes sure she is takes care of herself well after this. 
Viren nods and Venisha says thank you doctor. Both of them enters the ward.Viren sees Akshara on the bed . Venisha says to Viren there is not even a single problem at home but why was she so stressed up? What is the problem going in her life now? Venisha gets teary-eyed and says Akshara is very afraid of hospital and injections. I can’t see my sister like this. She leaves the ward with wet eyes. Viren  gets depressed hearing it and goes near Akshara then sits in the chair beside her bed. Viren whispers I am  really sorry dear!!  I know you must be too stressed up because of that idiotic incident as you don’t have any problem in  your family. I know I am the reason of all the torment you go through now . I really feel too guilty but whatever happened is really unexpected.  I am  very sorry for all this dear! Trust me, I feel more hurt after seeing you in this condition but this proves that you can never see me with another girl.You have to understand soon that I  will never even dream of leaving you for anyone. Please get well soon dear as every heartbeat of mine is only waiting to hear your talks that sounds as an express train. I want the Akshara who is full of life, never this!!  Viren caress her hair and hold her hands gently. He is observing lovingly at the way  Akshara is sleeping peacefully..

To be continued 🙂

Guys I am going on vacation so I can’t make any of the updates 🙁 I will definitely post the episode 32 on 13th of May if there is no any technical error in this website..  Please wait with much love and enthusiasm and  don’t forget to read story from 13th of May.Lots of love 🙂 🙂 Hopefully you all like the episode and keep loving Vira♥ May God bless you guys 😉

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  1. Ohhhoooo so much to wait 🙁 .
    So viren finally realised 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. Akshu get well soon ur hero is waiting for you 😉

    1. I know I making you wait but thank you so much for wait till I post on 13May.i hope I get the same love on Vira from you sweetheart ♥ Lots of love ya ♥

  2. happy vacation enjoy ur holiday and take care
    and dont forget to post on 13th may
    thank u

    1. Awwwww mini thank you so much and ya 13 May will do ..Hopefully you will read dear ;).

  3. Hav a happy time dashni……n a nc epi…..now waiting for akshara to know her love

    1. Thank you so much Dev 🙂 Let’s wait and I will miss you and your comments. Take care ok!

  4. Ahhh!I’ll miss u&vira badly..Bt it’s ok.Enjoy ur vacation & take care..

  5. Dear I will miss you too and even I will miss Vira badly. Thank you for you concern and may god bless you dear ♥

  6. Dashni..!! Atlast our hero confessed.. Lovely update and thanks a lot for the update 🙂 enjoy ur vacation. Happy journey. 🙂 will miss u

    1. Awww thank you so much and definitely miss you too ya 🙂

  7. Awesome, wowwww lovely episode. ..viren confessed his feelings for akshara in front of kiran…I’m jumping here….just want to get akshara well soooooooon….ViRa forever….will miss you honeyyyyyy. ..be safe n enjoy your trip….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

    1. Thank you Roma! Even I was jumping when writing about Vira dear 😉 Will definitely miss you more dear 😉

  8. Wen will u upload next part … I am eagerly waiting for your ff….

    1. Babe I already posted two episodes 🙂 You may check there 🙂

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