Dreams will come true (Episode 30)


Akshara is at Goddess Durga Maa temple with tears in her eyes. She looks at Durga Maa and says I know I was born unlucky and not beautiful as many other girls. I  didn’t feel my parents love truly since childhood.All the days I grow up studying like a bookworm and  be ardent devotee of  you by praising your songs wholeheartedly. I entered the college only with the aim to pass my degree  and achieve in  my career but you show me Viren .You made me to be a friend of him . Each and every time when I am beside Viren, I really had a felicitous life with him Maa.I forget all bitterness happened my life when I am with him. He is the first person genuinely cares about me. I couldn’t ask for more  in life when I felt so  special to be with a true friend like him. However,  today when the girl hugs him and called him love. I don’t know who is she for him but I felt totally lost!! I know I am just his friend and he treats me well but I can’t deceive my heart by saying I am happy to see him with another girl.I never misunderstood him due to the hug Maa because I know it can be usual friendly hug but the way she called him Vir and love is  still echoing in my ears maa.This proves to me that  he is not only essential in my life but there is another girl in his life whom think him as love. I wonder why he have to hide it from me as though she never existed in his life??!!! Why Maa?????  He told me that I shouldn’t let anyone rule in our friendship but I can’t be close with him like before. It is not due to possessiveness or jealousy Maa but I really feel hurt as my heart is not able to accept the fact there is someone in his life.

Maa but the ruthful truth  is if she gets him in her life then she is the luckiest person in Earth as she has get a perfect guy like Viren  Maa. I don’t know whether I had admiration towards him or love him  because i unable to understand my heart  but what I  know after I saw a girl hugging him is I don’t deserve him in his life .I know he doesn’t think of status but when the girl can think that I must be a stranger and not his friend shows that I can never match up to his standard to even be beside him so the best way is I must avoid him. I  must say that the precious moments in my life is the time he holds my hand and listening all his sarcastic jokes Maa . Akshara’s eyes are wet and plain red . She finally says Maa, please give me  strength to go through the heart wrenching phase of my life.She leaves the temple and walks to her house.Her mind is recollecting all the fun she had with him.  She reaches her house and to forget the incident happened, she starts doing Mathematics questions. Few hours passed by but Akshara is busy doing Maths and doesn’t notices any of the missed calls the mobile in her bag. Venisha sees her in room and asks her why are you so quiet today ?? Akshara smiles and says nothing dii.I am fine and just stressful with Maths. She controlled the tears in her eyes because she doesn’t want to  trouble her sister with her story.Venisha nods and goes to take her shower.

Viren calls Kiran and asks if he have any idea about Akshara’s whereabouts. Kiran is able to sense the tensed in Viren’s voice. He eventually lies to Viren and says she goes to her house because she want to take some rest .Nothing to worry since I just spoken to her .You can talk to her after you meet her at college.Viren replies say thank you and hangs up the call.Kiran has a monologue to himself I am sorry Vir. I had to lie because I don’t want you to feel so stressed up with this matter. I have an  intuition that Akshara must be home. Kiran then calls Akshara again but she did not realise any of the calls as the mobile is in silent mode in her bag. Akshara goes to shower and wear her blue night dress.She doesn’t  have any appetite to eat so she skip her dinner. After that she searches the mobile in her bag and shocked to see many missed calls from Viren and Kiran.She thought of calling Viren but again the incident popped in her mind so she stops herself from calling him as she feels from now I need to refrain myself from him.She calls Kiran.
Akshara:Hello! Sorry, bro I was busy and didn’t notice your call.So sorry
Kiran: Where are you dear? I totally worried for you.
Akshara: I am at home bro!
Kiran:Are you okay there?
Akshara:Bro, I am perfectly fine. No worries!
Kiran:Take care dear! See you tomorrow.
Akshara leans on her table and sees the missed calls of Viren again and again. She tells herself today he said he want to have dinner with me but now we are far apart…I think he must be having dinner with that girl .Must be!! She gets sad and goes to her bed .She couldn’t sleep as she keep recollecting the incident and feel so stressed up ..Tears flood her vision but Akshara hides herself underneath of blanket to hide it from Venisha. Akshara is totally sleepless 🙁

Viren goes home and he doesn’t to speak any of them and locks himself in his room. He sits on the easy chair near the swimming pool in his room.He quietly look at the beauty of moon surrounded with sparkling stars.He reminisces Akshara’s smile and how she pin him to the wall and lies on his chest the other day. He eventually feel asleep on the easy chair. In the morning, he   gets ready to college in yellow shirt with black jeans . He just leave the house in rush without having his breakfast.  He is the earliest as usual to the classroom.His eyes are yearning for Akshara’s presence. Many students turn up there except Akshara. Viren looks at Kiran and asks where is Akshara??? ? Kiran says I don’t have any idea, may be she will come late. Viren asks you sure you spoken to her yesterday  or you freaking lied?? Kiran replies I am  really sorry, actually I lied to you but after that I swear that she call me up and tells she is fine. She also  said that she was just busy. Viren with vacuous stare  asks what she called you but why she never call me ? She did not even entertain any of my calls! Why is she doing this?? I know she is upset but why she isn’t talking with me??? Kiran says you know what happened yesterday so until you justify yourself to her, you must be unhurried . Just be calm .Everything will be alright soon! Viren says be calm? Are you like kidding me? I feel lifeless and  my heart is so much of guilt that I can’t solace her despite knowing she is hurt as she walks away yesterday. You don’t know how badly I am affected without her.You can’t understand what I am going through each and every second but you can easily tell be calm!
Kiran says don’t be mad at me!! I don’t want you to be so tensed up that’s why I told that . I am sorry.. Viren sighs and finally says No, I am not mad at you and please don’t say sorry all. I am just little tensed. Kiran nods and notices Viren keep looking at the door but no sign of Akshara showing up herself.

To be continued !
Guys I am busy in preparing things for my holiday tour so unable to write very long 🙁 Thank you for reading and all the comments ♥

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  1. As usual it’s superb yaar…waiting for ur nxt update

    1. Thank you so much dear ryths 🙂

  2. Hey dashni…..nc n emotion confession epi yar…lovd it

    1. Awww thank you so much Dev 😉 Glad you liked it ♥

  3. Dashni dear..!! Really an excellent update.. Sorry i am out of station thts y i couldn’t comment but i missed u and ur ff so much.. Update asap and let thm confess their feelings to each other i am waiting for tht

    1. No problem babe 🙂 I am happy to see the love u had on this FF ya.Love you so much and thank you ya ..Let’s wait together dear because confession isn’t easy and it takes time 😉

  4. Hi dashni I read all episodes today really superb work dear

    1. Awww angel thank you ya ♥ Lots of love dear ♥ Keep reading okay 😉

  5. nice episode…u r in which class dashni sis…

    1. No class all dear 😉 A wanna be chemical engineering student and first attempt in writing ff sis 🙂

  6. Hi dashmi wen will u update next episode… I am eagerly waiting ….

    1. I hope you already read the episode 31 and 32 will be posted on 13th of May dear 🙂

  7. Wowwww dashni it’s really superbbbb episode. …akshara’s confession was pretty nice n well narrated. ..viren is also hurt seeing her hurt…Kiran’s support to ViRa is very nice…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

    1. Wowwwww I glad you loved it dear. love you even more dear 😉

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