Dreams will come true (Episode 3)


Akshara wakes up early in the morning and get ready in rush to college .The questions in her mind was how Rahul and Sakshi can be related ? Whether they siblings or cousins or maybe they are long lost friends .She eliminated the possibility that they are dating because she never seen them talking or even smiling to each other in the classroom. On the way to college she also feels why am I so curious about Rahul whom I treat as a classmate ? Even if they share any bonds, it is not gonna affect me if only if Rahul maintains our friendship.
She reach the college one hour earlier before her class starts.

She standstill in shocked when she open the door after seeing the rooms were decorated with personalised banner written “Happy Birthday Sakshi and let’s start our love story again ” and also heart- shaped red balloons all around.In a shocked expression, Akshara looks at Rahul and saw him kneeling down with red roses saying I am sorry for the fight and misunderstandings.I love you to the moon and back and accept my love again. Shakshi responded him happily with a hug .

Out of nowhere there were tears in Akshara’s eyes and in her heart she answered her question that they’re are lovers and it took a day for her to understand this.She goes and sit at her place. Rahul came to Akshara and told now you know our relationship or need any explanations?
Akshara smiles without answering him .He then walks away to get the personalised banner and folds it . Akshara looks at Shakshi who is wearing a pink dress and thinks in her heart she is hot and s*xy and that’s why Rahul loves her .Akshara approach towards Shakshi and wishes her Happy Birthday .She just responded in a rude manner thank you.Then,Akshara just smiles and walks towards her place. She is sad and tells in her heart now Rahul will stop talking to me because his so called lover not liking me.She pacify herself that Rahul is just a friend and she must be happy for him anyways .She saw Rahul sitting beside Sakshi and the physics lecturer enters their class.

The lecturer, Mr.James inform them that a quiz need to be done for the topics he covered yesterday to check their understanding and they must answer individually .Akshara face glows because she loves solving questions related to physics and mathematics .She gets ready with pen and keep all her notes in the desk as the quiz questions being distributed .The lecturer give them 45 minutes to solve it . Akshara done it quickly and hand in her paper. She then saw both Rahul and Sakshi very nervous.So, she asked the lecturer if she can help her friends to solve it because she knows they are not able to answer it. The lecturer told Akshara just brief them on how to solve the problems .When Akshara teach them, ,both of them have a wide smile on their face and started answering the questions. The lecturer told them that marks will be revealed when the lecture class ends.

End of the class.
Mr . James informs the students that the marks is a tie where two students got 9.8 out of 10 .The students were none other than Viren and Akshara and lecturer congratulated them.Akshara looks at Viren and smiles but he did not respond her. Then, lecturer told that those have low marks should ask their friends and learn as they need to be independent in university life.When everyone leaves , Rahul and Sakshi thank Akshara for her willingness to help them and Sakshi told her that now she is ready to begin friendship with Akshara .Akshara accepted them readily unknowing their intentions.Akshara then leaves to home.
Sakshi: I just hate to accept that she is smarter than me .It shouldn’t happen .I hate that low class girl.

Rahul: Then why you thanked her and asked for her friendship baby?
Sakshi:We need to be friends with her to just use her brains for our studies. We also must destroy her life as much as we can and make her regret to be smarter-ass than us. She smirks.
Rahul:Not a bad idea anyways! We need to complete our degree well and I ain’t giving a damn on anyone except us 🙂
In the evening,
Akshara keep a quiz paper in prayers hall at her home and thanks Durga ma for blessing her in doing the questions well. She also thanks Durga amma for not making her lose Rahul’s friendship and gave both Sakshi and Rahul as her friends. Akshara is in euphoria for being accepted among her classmates.

To be continued.

People sorry for the late updates yesterday and I hope you all are enjoying this story 🙂 Thank you!

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  1. Gud episode.. Update soon…

  2. 2dy episd reali intrstn. 😉

  3. Oh…how cruel are Rahul n sakshi. …poor akshara….she is so innocent don’t know their intentions. …n I think viren already knows or something that’s why he didn’t smile at her N mad on her for helping these jerks. ….nice plot…I love it….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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