Dreams will come true (Episode 29)


Viren pushes her and says what is your damn problem? Why always  coming in my way? Did I ever ask you to intrude in my personal life ? Simran says I told naa come with me !! Viren says where the hell you want me to come ? She replies home!! Where else? I know if not you will be home after 8 ?? Viren says so?? You think if you called me I will come behind you as a dog. Don’t ever dream of it! I just hate to see your face. He walks away fast and sees his driver standing beside his car. He says what are you doing here? He says sorry Sir.Madam Simran  ask me to wait here and tells me to drive your Audi. She told me you will come with her in the AudiR8 Sir. Viren gets more pissed off and replies him you better stay away from my car and bring that idiot to home !!! Simran comes behind him and says I am coming with you Vir. Viren just ignores and sit in his car.She goes and sits beside him. Viren hits his steering wheel and yells you really torturing me with your presence!! Just leave this car!!

Simran says  don’t try to be rude and have high hopes that I will be angry if you scream!! How can I be angry with someone whom is  close to my heart??! Viren says  I know how hollow your mind can be so you better shut your craps!!  Simran says then don’t listen! Just drive!! Viren stares at her in anger and starts driving harshly in high speed. Simran thinks in her heart this is the first step for me to create barrier between  you both .Just wait and watch what else I will do! I will get you at any cost! Every love story starts with hatred so ours will be like that too!!She smirks and send Sakshi a thank you message. Viren drives and reminisces how he holds Akshara’s hand and thinks of Simran hugging him.He tells to himself sure Akshara will be upset. It hurts me when I know what response she was waiting for me to say but everything changed in a split second due to this idiot! How am I suppose to persuade her ???

They reach home and Viren says now get the hell out of my car!! Simran replies then you are not coming in is it ?Viren says don’t act as though you are  too concern about me. Don’t make my tongue lose its patience so better go from here! Simran says but naani….Viren says what naani? I can talk to naani later..She replies but come in first and get naani’s permission before you leave. Don’t you have any respect for her? ? Viren says I know how to respect my maa.You better learn how to behave as guest first! Simran says I am not a guest here! I am a part of this family and have every rights in you. Viren outraged and says since when you have rights on me?!! Probably you are day dreaming I guess! Simran says  just tell you are coming in or not? Viren just shut off his car and walk in to his house. Simran smiles and says to herself if I leave you now then surely you will go to  Akshara .I am not stupid to let you go so easily Vir.I am sure naani will stop you from going outside and that’s my plan.

Viren sees his grandma doing meditation.He neither want to disturb her meditation nor leave without  her permission as he knows that Simran will blow trumpet out of it. He goes to his room and takes shower. After his shower, he gets ready in a dark blue shirt with black jeans. He thought of calling Akshara but after recollecting the event  where she releases his clasping.He says to himself  NO, I must meet her by today and tells her everything about Simran.I must clear it out to Akshara that I am not in a relationship with Simran! Viren goes in search of his grandma and finally goes to Simran’s room. He knocks then enters the room. He sees Simran and grandma laughing . He wonders why both of them are looking happy ! He says Maa,  I want to go out! Simran interrupts and says naani look he is not spending time with us .Viren asks her don’t you have any ignominy even after I told you don’t  meddle in my life! Damn I never see a such shameless girl like you! Grandma shouts Viren don’t speak to her like that! I will not be quiet if I hear anything against Simran and you have to apologise right now! Simran is totally offended by Viren’s insult and becomes remorseful. Viren becomes bold  and replies what if I refuse to? Grandma says if you truly love and respected me all these years then you have too! ! Viren says Maa, why are you talking like this now ?I just spoken the truth.From the day she is here, she just snatching the happiness left in my life!!! Grandma says stop it!Can’t you understand the love she have towards you?

Viren says till now I can’t even see it then how am I suppose to understand it Maa? Tell me now! Simran in a very dramatic voice interrupts you can’t see my love because you are not with me  all the time!! Viren replies because I don’t feel to be with you at all! Grandma says both of you don’t have to  start a world war 3 here! Viren just leave from here if you can’t say a sorry.I am at fault to not brought you up with good manners  that’s why you proved that you are headstrong guy .Viren feels guilty  and says Maa I never meant to hurt you at all Maa.I am so sorry Maa.Viren approaches his grandma and  hugs her tightly.Grandma asks you will not say it to Simran is it? Viren just keep quiet and asks Maa may I go out? Viren’s grandma you just return home so you better stay home! Viren says please Maa! I wanna go!! Grandma hesitates at first and Viren again repeats just for a while! Viren’s grandma OK boy you can go but come home as fast as possible. Viren leaves her and goes out rushingly. Simran dismayed and asks Naani what have you done?? You know he is going to Akshara and you let him just like that .I trusted you but now I know that you also want Akshara to be part of Viren’s life! You are betrayer. Grandma replies firmly stop it Simran! You can’t understand the reason behind this! Viren is like a strongest tree that will grow with the wind against it. He will fight more if you go against him but will never give up at any cost.So its better we let him go now and will slowly pull him to us without his knowledge. Simran says then naani Akshara and him will be more closer if he justify himself.Grandma smiles and says there is possibility that Akshara will not trust him or you must come up with more plans to set them apart. You have to really fight to win not just talk! Simran nods and asks will you be the pillar of support to win Viren’s heart naani! Grandma of course I will do! My grandson always deserve The Best in his life! I wonder what Akshara has done on him until he is crazy to be with her?? Simran says I don’t know about that too naani .You know low class girl are good in showing their innocence and captivate rich boys naani. Grandma says I think so but do you know something? At first he told me that she is annoying but I felt she was a intelligent girl as she made him apologise .Then,  I see changes in him where he starts smiling and I thought she will be a good friend for him and will turn him to a ideal man. After I saw Viren nestled on her the other day, I decided that before they fall in love you must be here beside him. Once I did a biggest mistake by permitted my son married a low class girl but in the end  he lost all his dignity but I will never let this to be repeated in my grandson’s life! Simran says don’t worry naani. I will go to any extend to stop Viren and Akshara from being together.

Viren drives to the cafeteria and sees Akshara is not there.He then decided to ask the boss!
Viren:May I know where is the waitress Akshara ?
Boss:Why? Who are you??
Viren: No, I am her friend and I come to fetch her!
Boss:Ohh! She just now ask for a work leave as she tells me she is not able to work today! I must say this is the first time I see her spiritless so I give her permission to go!
Viren:Ok!Thank you!
Viren thinks she always prefers in going to work and now she is not here! I am sure she is  totally hurt and I can never accept the fact it is because of me! He then calls her mobile many times but she did not answer any of his calls! He then calls up to Kiran then tells each and everything happened .He says to Kiran at least you try to find out where is Akshara please? He hangs up his call and ask to himself why the more closer we get to each other sure a problem arise between us?!!  I will become insane without knowing where is she and see her. I truly needs her to be my side always with her glorious cheeky smile 🙁
To be continued.

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  1. A good epi dashni….bt d epi was too much of drama…..

    1. Thank you Dev 🙂 will try to improve the storyline if possible Dev!

  2. nice epi dashni.pls clear akshara’s misundrstandng soon.waitng 4 nxt part.

    1. Thank you so muxh for comment dear!!!! Okay ya will update tomorrow 🙂

  3. Oh oo lovely dear.. But too short!!! I am eagerly waiting to see their confession!! 🙂 in future. So this is the reason of evil nani ..hmm… Keep on writing and update asap 🙂 by the way which college you are in And your course?

    1. Hopefully soon ya .I am busy in preparing things for my holiday tour to Sri Lanka so couldn’t write too long 🙁 I am currently waiting to pursue degree under chemical engineering programme 😉 You dear?

      1. I am a medical aspirant… Youare from India right?? Whichstate?
        Its fine koi nahi… Take your time 🙂

      2. No dear I am living in Malaysia and studying there ;)You dear ?

  4. Awesome episode, grandma so evil with bad intentions. …I hate simran n sakshi too…all r enemies of ViRa….where did she go??? Can see viren like this. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

    1. Awww thank you and as always love you too Roma 😉

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