Dreams will come true (Episode 28)


As it is lunch hour, cars and motorbikes are accelerating non-stop until the pedestrians finds it hard to cross the roads. Viren parks his car few miles away from the restaurant so trio decided to walk and head towards the restaurant. Few people are dressed up formally and seen at the entrance of the restaurant where they are pushing the glass door to enter the restaurant. Akshara who is walking in between Viren and Kiran stops as she saw a lady with little girl sitting on her lap outside of restaurant with  arms outstretched, eyes yearning for alms. Akshara heads  towards them leaving Viren and Kiran at the entrance.

This is the first time, Akshara sees a mendicant in this city. She opens her purse and put some money on the grey plate. The lady folds her hands and gives gratitude to Akshara. Akshara smiles then opens her bag and takes out her “KitKat”chocolate.She gives it to the little girl and the girl gets delighted and grabs it with a broad toothy smile. Viren turns around and sees Akshara with the mendicant .This situation  causes Viren gets beamish as he looks at Akshara’s cares towards other. After that, both Kiran and Viren head towards the mendicant.Viren looks at the lady and asks you don’t send your daughter to  school? The lady gets teary-eyed and says I don’t have much money to send her school as my husband ditched us and left us here . Viren nods and gives her a  card of address then says to the woman  please go to this orphanage. I will make sure that  your daughter is given all the basic needs and her education also will be thoroughly sponsored. You can also stay with her. Please, trust me and  go there.The lady smiles and says may God bless you always .Viren nods. 

Akshara is  amazed with Viren’s action and totally run out of words.  Kiran says to Viren I am proud to be your friend as always! Viren smiles and  trio walks in to the restaurant.  Akshara can’t take her eyes off from Viren and totally admiring him as she walks with him.She reminisces all the moments with him and thinks in her heart why is he damn perfect ??? Day by day he is captivating me with his personality. Kiran gets a call and leaves from the table to attend the call. As Viren sits beside her, he realizes that Akshara is silent. He asks why are you quiet now?Any problem ? Akshara shakes her head  showing up nothing. He says with much sarcasm then start your express train!She  didn’t realise what he meant and whispers to him thank you for all your kindness and …Viren interrupts and says its not at all a big thing until u have to say thank you! Akshara replies No, it is!! I must praise your generosity and  I can never match up to your level of  benignity.   Viren smiles and says don’t say like that.You actually inspired me to do it as I see  your mercy on them. Akshara is dazed to hear it and the apple of her cheeks  becomes pinkish but before she responds, a waiter comes to their table to take the order.  

Akshara grins and says look at the menu and place your order. Viren refuses it saying I will eat whatever you order 😉 Akshara  asks really? Why? Viren says simply! Akshara then orders  two plate of palak paneer with rice. She orders two cup of watermelon juice. Then,  Kiran also comes back and orders the dish he preferred. Akshara and Kiran starts chit-chatting and Viren is patiently listening to their craps . Akshara says to Viren why are you just looking at us !! Tell something! ! Viren sarcastically says to her your train doesn’t stop at any station for me to talk. Akshara blankly says train? What train? Kiran understands Viren’s sarcasm and laughs. He then says Viren meant that you talk as fast as a train.Viren laughs and Akshara starts pouting and asks you both start  annoying me is it? Kiran says No, I don’t annoy my sister. Akshara says but  bro your friend naa…Viren put his arm around her shoulder and says Chill! I  just thought of disturbing you 😉 😉 Don’t be angry OK!! Akshara hits him on hand and says better stop it!! Your head will burst if I irritates you. She smirks. The waiter then place the meals on the table. Viren eyes becomes wider and says what the hell is this? I mean why is it damn green?? Akshara and Kiran laughs.  Viren gets pissed off and says seriously I am not going to eat this . Akshara says No, , its  green due to spinach ya .It is healthy,,  trust me dear!!  Viren says No, I am seriously not trying it. Kiran says okay I will eat my food first.You both keep talking like this but Viren trust me, it really tastes good! Akshara  then takes a spoon of paneer with  rice and  says to Viren open your mouth!!! Viren says what are you doing ? ? Akshara says I said naa.Open now . Viren says Noo!! Akshara says please for me !! If you don’t like then don’t eat at all but first give a try. Viren nods and Akshara starts feeding him.He gulps it and Akshara waits for his response. Viren smiles and says Not bad!It is  actually nice!! Akshara says I told naa  and without realising, she starts feeding him.Kiran looks at them and thinks  they are getting closer to each other. I hope it remains and I am sure that Viren enjoys her company. Viren  stops Akshara  and turns the spoon the other  way around and says you also eat. She eats it and Vira ended up sharing the food by feeding each other ♡ Kiran then purposely to make them realises their closeness , tells if only my sister and my buddy feeds me.Viren smiles and Akshara blushes but shoves it off saying anything for you bro! You want? Kiran says Noo, I just pulled your legs 😉 My stomach pretty full actually!!

After their wonderful lunch , they stuck in a heavy traffic jam and reaches the college late. So they enter their class half an hour late, , Akshara goes and apologises behalf on two of them to Mr.James. Mr.James gives them a chance and Sakshi notices this.She messages to Simran saying that Viren and Akshara went for roaming till they were late to class. Don’t regret if they bring up their relationship to next level. Simran receives the message and curses Akshara with all kind of bad words after reading it.She says to herself I must do something .She then asks Sakshi what time your class ends? ? Sakshi replies by 4.00p.m. Simran smirks and says today I will show to that Akshara  who am ??She then send her plan to Sakshi in message. Sakshi reads the message and gets happy!
End of the class ,  everyone leaves and Sakshi sees Viren and Akshara walking together  in the corridor alone. Sakshi smirks and says to herself  a shock is awaiting for you Akshara.  I  totally miss Rahul at this moment . He should have come  to college today!  Sakshi then follows both of them and informs where is two of them to Simran in text message. 

Viren says to Akshara you will have dinner with me tonight right? Akshara smiles and says but you already give me a lunch treat so it’s  ok . Viren says what the hell? I wanna have dinner with you alone… Akshara says pardon? Viren  raised his eyebrows and says I mean let’s have dinner together  because so long we didn’t have and no problem I can wait for you as always. Akshara  gets elated and out of curiosity she asks is it just today you will wait for me or……..? She looks at his eyes for his response without completing her question. Viren  reciprocate it by walking towards her and holds her hand gently! He comes too close and  Akshara’s heart  starts pumping vigorously. Before he replies her, suddenly someone hugs him from behind and says I am here only for you my love . Akshara gets shocked  and for a moment she feels everything around her stopped  as though the Earth  stops it rotation. Viren turns around and Simran breaks her hug then. He is outraged to see her. What the?!! What are you doing here Simran ? ? Sakshi is in euphoria as she watches it  from a distance. Simran says I have come all the way to bring you from here Vir . What were you doing with a stranger? Akshara couldn’t stand their conversation and she tries to walk away but she realises her fingers is closely underneath his  fingers.  Simran then puts her arm around Viren’s biceps and says dear come let’s go! I am getting late!! Akshara releases her clasping from his fingers and just walks away fast  from there. Viren gets pissed off and  replies to Simran where now ? Why the hell are  you calling me dear? He then realises Akshara walking away fast and tries to move away from there but Simran stand in his way and blocks him.She says No,you are coming with me now if not naani will be here!!
To be continued!!

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  1. Oh oh lovely episode dii… Just amazing. Your vocabulary is great!
    I found this story so different from others. A total different story, different plot and different idea obviously!

    1. Thank you so much Roshni ;)I always have fear that I might make mistakes every time I write!Your comment at least give me a hope that my story is so far okay ♥ Don’t call me dii dear .I am just 19 and never know I might be younger than you lovely 😉

      1. Oh oh sorry.. I also feel the same when someone calls me dii hehe.. Well, 17 here 😉 and dnt wry your writig is superb. And i am just loving it 🙂

    2. Awww thank you dear 🙂 Yours is awesome too babe !

  2. A nc epi dashni….im telling u plzz remove d sashi n simran duo….bad guys

    1. Awww Dev thank you dear ♥ You know that without villains a story can never be spice up 😉

  3. Awesome marvellous episode, loved the way akshara n viren cared for the lady n kid…akshara also falling for viren….so lovelyyy…ViRa getting closer, lunch feeding scene was quite interesting. …sakshi n simran team of Devils played their game but I’m sure viren will give them very good reply. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you for your awesomest comment Roma 🙂 As always your detailed comment makes me very happy dear ♥I love you even more dear 🙂

  4. Awesome episode as always…plzzzz update nxt epi asap…wanna bang these sakshi and simran’s heads yaar for troubling our Vira

    1. Exactly on point comment! How I wish dear to bang them both hahah 😉 Thank you so much lovely ryths for reading the story with much enthusiasm and love♥

  5. Awesome dashni cant stop myself frm cmnting the last scene of waiting ws mindblowing my heart ws also racing fast but that stupid simran ruined it cn u tell me the indirect meaning akshara asked viren abt the waiting just to make sure if i am ryt

    1. Thank you dear 🙂 What you indirectly think must be the right intended meaning ya ♥

  6. Lovely episode
    Love the way akshara feed food to viren♥♥♥
    Love viren’s jokes towards akshara ♥

    1. Thank you so much dear 😉 Glad you loved Vira scenes ♥

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