Dreams will come true (Episode 27)


Akshara doesn’t sleep and thinks of Viren .She  decides to do  a gift to make him smile. She reminisces her school days and  goes to find a chalk.She  finds it out  starts carving the chalk art and writes “Smile”.  The clock strucks almost 2 a.m. to complete the art and then she attaches with a holder to do it as a key chain. She feels too sleepy  and unknowingly dozes off on her table. Then morning she wakes up and get ready early as she needs to go temple. She gets ready in purple with blue salwar kameez and goes to Lord Hanuman temple. After her prayers in the temple, she takes train and goes to her college. She  sees Viren was sitting alone and playing his mobile.She walks in slowly and taps his shoulder.He nods and says good morning ! ! Akshara sits beside him and says good morning boss! Why are you so early to college? Viren winks at her says because I know you will be early  too . Akshara hits him and says ohh  come on!Stop your lies ya..Viren laughs and Akshara says I have something for you.Viren gives her puzzled expression and says what? Akshara says close your eyes first . Viren says cannot!!Akshara says please ya!

Viren nods and close his eyes. Akshara takes out the key chain and says open your eyes now .She gives it to him and after sees the chalk he eventually smiles.He says its totally awesome  so where you bought it?? Akshara says hey I never buy it.I do it only for you.Viren says what really?  Akshara says ya, , yesterday night I do this for you .This is a small gesture to remind you that smile even if you encounter with any kind of  problems .Viren holds her hand and  that’s too thoughtful of you.Thank you so much. Akshara smiles and says you’re most welcome ;)Viren asks what you want in return ? Akshara gets angry and says when you buy things for me, you drive me home and even bring me to watch movie! Did you ever ask any things to me in return? Then how can I ask you?!! Viren says  Ok, my sweet grandma don’t be angry 😉 Akshara says I know I am the sweetest person you ever met grandpa 😉 Vira laughs at each other and there are many other students enters the class . Kiran greets them and trio starts chatting with each other. Their computer programming lecture started.

During lunch hour, Sakshi looks at Vira leaving the class together with Kiran. She looks at  Rahul and asks do you know  something? Rahul asks what babe? Viren’s relative Simran is in India now.Rahul says who cares about it dear! Sakshi says we don’t care about it  but she cares about Akshara presence in Viren’s life. Rahul says how you know?? Sakshi says Wait let me tell.. Few years ago I met her in the business party and becomes her friend in Facebook. Rahul says ohh she is your friend is it ? Sakshi says before this we weren’t friends but now we are. Rahul says  OK good  but why you think she will be disturbed by Akshara’s existence??? Sakshi smiles and says because  a day before yesterday she write up a post in Facebook saying she belongs to someone with the name begins with alphabet V.She also updated a status that the only reason I am living in India is for you .Undoubtedly, the letter  V must be Viren but to confirm it I purposely chat with her in Facebook. I asks her if she remembers me and  asks how’s India? She replies no, I don’t remember with much attitude in the chat. So, I just  tells her that Viren and I goes to same college to see her reaction.  She becomes  too curious to know about what Viren will do in class and whom is boon companion? I disclosed everything about Akshara and her bond with him well-detailed.

I think she really gets pissed off knowing it  so she ended up sending a long message that she is now thinking me as a friend bla bla and somehow she needs my help to separate both of them.  Rahul asks so what you replies to her? Sakshi replies what else I just agreed because even I can’t stand the fact that Viren is close with that idiot since he is a handsome hunk and damn rich so all girls will totally try to hook up with him. Rahul gets shocked and asks even you will try for him ?Without realising Sakshi says of course I will if get a chance. Rahul gets pissed off and looks away..  Sakshi realises what she said and changes the story.She covers up by saying babe I just simply lie to make you feel jealous nothing else babe. Don’t feel bad because you will be the only one in my life.Rahul says fingers crossed.He then says but why you want to get involved in their matter ? I mean Akshara is not too evil until you need to plan against her.If you plan against her in studies I can accept it and support you because I know you don’t like anyone being smarter than you but in Viren’s matter what is the need? ? Sakshi says I know what I am doing so you better stay cool . I just do what my heart says and you know I hate advice!  Rahul  literally gives up and says do whatever you want! Sakshi thinks in heart it is impossible for me to get Viren but I never want Akshara and him  be together as I  really hate her so much and really envy about her. So if I never plan against her with Simran, I am sure she will get a high class life and more happiness than mine which is shameful for me as I must and always deserve better than the low class girl!

Trio walking to the college’s cafeteria and Viren says  the cafe food isn’t too tasty.Kiran says but I am totally hungry so better we eat here. Viren says what say if I drive you both to a restaurant and we whack the dishes there . Kiran says good idea but Akshara interrupts and says today I am a vegetarian as I went to temple just now so I can’t come. Kiran says no wonder, my sister is wearing a salwar kameez! It totally looks good on you!Akshara says thank you bro for your compliment.You are totally opposite of your  grumpy friend  as he doesn’t give any kind of compliments.She winks at Kiran 😉 Viren gets pretty annoyed and says I don’t need to express my admiration every time as you look good in anything you wear! Akshara is totally surprised hearing it and Kiran also smiles.Viren  then says to Akshara you  will also come as we will go and eat vege food OK! Kiran says not a bad idea, but Viren will you eat? Viren says why not ?? Kiran purposely tries to hint about Viren’s changes and sarcastically  says but you only eat non-vege food even on festivals before this .Akshara what magic you have done on him until he can change all his likings??? Akshara is even more dazed with what Kiran says and looks at Viren for his response. Viren understands Kiran’s sarcasm and shoves it off by saying  if you both want to get a good  lunch treat , just shut up and follow me.If not, I might change my mind and leave you guys here. Akshara and Kiran says  Please Noooo!!!Viren smiles and says Good ! Let’s go then…..
To be continued 🙂
Thank you for reading it but please don’t be a silent reader guys ♥Lots of love for you all;)

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  1. Hey dashni….missed u ….how r u…
    Now d epi was good n lovely 2 read n now simran n sakshi hooked up against akshara….love u n keep uploading regularly

    1. Heyya Dev 🙂 I am perfectly fine ♥Love you too ya and will try but I don’t know why it takes long time to get published 🙂

  2. dashni..the epi was too gud.but dont make 7simran n sakshi’s plans workout.pls update soon.

    1. Ammu dear missed you ya ♥ Glad you liked it 🙂 will try dear !

  3. Hey..! Nice episode.. 🙂

    1. Heyya dear 😉 Thank you so much dear Kavya for your regular comments ♥.

  4. Awesome, marvellous episode, so sorry for late comment. …I’m just loved the episode very much. …sakshi n simran planning against vira …very baddd….Rahul looked somewhat OK but he is too helping his gf…very shameful. …I’m sure sakshi is not trustable person….ViRa n kiran trio friendship is very lovelyyyyyy. …loved the way viren complimented akshara n it was so cute how Kiran pulling viren’s leg…..very interesting story n beautiful narration. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Indeed your comments make my day dear ♥

      1. Romaa love you tooo ♥ muahhhhh 😉

  5. I can’t post any of the episodes because the server is down until 29 April .Hopefully you goes know about it 🙁

    1. Hopefully you guys know about it*

  6. Awesome episode
    Love the conservation between viren and akshara ♥♥♥
    Good job dashni ♥

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