Dreams will come true (Episode 26)

When Viren drives he thinks in his heart, she understands me well and cares about me so much  until I have happiness in my life only when she is beside me.I wonder what is the issue going on until they need me to be during dinner?! He then reaches home, his dad and grandma says finally you are here so we can have dinner together. Viren nods and says I will go and have my shower Maa. After his shower, he gets ready and looks at himself on the mirror. He heards someone knocking the room door.He opens it and sees Simran standing there with broad smile .He asks do you want anything ? ? She says I want you of course Vir! ! Viren says What the hell?? ? Every time you irritates me to the core by saying this! She says fine I am here just to say that everyone waiting for you for dinner. Viren nods and follows her. Then, he sits beside his grandma and smiles. He looks at Simran busy in her mobile where she sits opposite of him at the dining table.

Viren’s father asks why nowadays you are late to house ? ?Where you were roaming? ? Viren says is it necessary to ask now! Viren’s father I know you have so much attitude until you don’t respect anyone but I am asking you politely so answer me properly. Viren says college where else?! Simran  is shocked to see a picture and says  Wait, sorry to interrupt the conversation while looking at her mobile. Vir where you went today ? Viren says where else college then went out with friends!! Simran says went out where?You didn’t inform us also! Viren says what is your problem now ? Why am I supposed to answer you ?! ! Simran  says naani look at this picture here. Viren goes to cinema with his friends and this picture is posted by his friend Kiran in Instagram . Every time he says college but now we know that he is enjoying with friends till he don’t have time for his family. Viren gets pissed off and says my wish and they are my friends so I go out with them! For which damn reason I should explain to you .If you all think  I lie that I go college,  know what I don’t care about it all ..I really hate anyone meddle in my social life. Viren’s father says we all have every rights to question you because we are a family.

Viren says it is joke of millennium saying this as a family. Maa stops Viren and says boy why are you talking very rudely?? Viren yelled  am i talking rudely or telling the truth Maa? ? Viren’s grandma says Simran just ask you about the picture so why are you getting so much  angry?You said college but now we get know that you went cinema that’s why she asked?! Viren gets more annoyed and says I didn’t deny that I went to cinema because my afternoon class got cancel so we went there!!! What is the big deal now? Am I looking as 10 year old kid to ask where I went? Simran loudly says if your class cancel then you should have come home and spend time with us not roaming aimlessly with your so called friends. Viren says you better shut up and don’t dare to raise your peppy voice to me!!! Simran gets shocked and keeps quiet. Viren then says  it is like living in hell when I am with you all .I am sorry Maa but I will say that except you I don’t feel any genuine love from him or anyone here. Viren’s father says how can you doubt a dad’s love for his son? I brought up you in a dignified environment unlike your mum.Viren says I am not in the mood to listen about a lady whom I forget many years ago and how many times I told you that you have your own family, why are you trying to fit me in your family circle ?! Neither I am interested to be the part of my
step-family nor cares about it much.

I am living here only for the sake of Maa as I always said . Viren’s father says  you have so much attitude and ego . Remember that I am your father and this is your family.Till the end it can never be changed! Your ego will kills you and for your harsh words towards Simran, you better apologise to her for it. Viren pushes the plate on his table and walks away to his room. Viren’s grandma runs behind him  where as Simran burst into crocodile tears.She tells Viren’s father uncle it is too saddening that he fails to understand the love and care  i have towards him . I am yelling only because of the love I have on him. Viren’s father replies in melancholic way I am very sorry for his behaviour dear. You have every rights in this house as you are the future daughter in law.The father hugs Simran and caress her hair.Simran smirks and thinks in her heart that  is my only aim.I want to be the daughter in law here and rule this property! Viren goes and sit near the swimming pool in his room.He looks at their stars on the sky with much rage 🙁 His grandma taps his shoulder and says don’t let your anger control your life.Viren says  I am not in the right mood to discuss anything maa . Please leave from here and go have your dinner Maa. Grandma says how will I have if you are so tensed up. Viren then called the name Jai too loudly.Grandma says why are you calling him? The servant comes in .Viren says bring the food right now. He says Maa please sit beside me now. The servant walks in with the meal .Viren then takes the plate but she refuses. Viren then insist her to eat and starts feeding her . Grandma nods and says you also eat .Viren refuses it saying I am not hungry at all Maa so you eat please. After that, grandma says for which movie you actually went  ? ? Viren says Hindi movie Maa because Akshara wants it.Grandmaa says you prefer English film right then why you went ? ? Sure you wouldn’t felt comfortable. Viren has a little smile and says No, not at all.I actually watched the movie with much enthusiasm as Akshara is way funny where she emote all kind of emotions. It was worth a try. Viren’s grandma gets pretty annoyed as he enjoys Akshara’s company but shoves it off with a smile.Viren then receives a call.He looks at it and  it was Akshara calling him .Viren excuses himself from there and answers her call .

Viren:Hello!Where are you ?
Akshara:I am on the way  to train ya .
Viren:It is just 7.30 p.m. so fast you are leaving ?
Akshara:Uncle  just told that I can go early as no more customers so I call to inform you.
Viren says hang up first .Akshara talks to herself he is too busy I guess. Then her phone starts ringing and it is Viren.
Akshara:Oiii! Why you hang up just now ?
Viren : To save your credit. Use it for emergency purposes then.
Akshara: What a wise thought anyway!
Viren: Hmmmm!
Akshara:Tell me something ! Did you spend time  your time well with your family ? Why your voice sound so depressed??
Viren:No nothing!
Akshara:I hope you don’t lie but I have a strong feeling that you are facing a problem from just now. You know what, you don’t have to share with me because it might be too personal but remember I will be there for you always.

Viren smiles hearing it. Viren’s  grandma notices him smiling and says may be he must be talking with Akshara! I shouldn’t stop him anyways as he was too tensed just now .I must leave from here and console Simran she is must be sad too. Grandma  leaves from there.  Viren then locks the room door and goes to bed. 

Akshara:Hey hello! Are you still in the line? Why are you  so silent then?
Viren:Ya, I am! Don’t worry about me as I am emotionally independent like you. You  know that I heard Kiran post our pictures in Instagram.
Akshara:Indeed that you are following my footsteps. Nice to hear that he posted our pictures but you heard from where ? You didn’t see is it?
Viren remembers the fight happened in the dining table and changes the topic.
Viren:You don’t have account in Instagram ?
Akshara:No,I am not socially active so its a huge waste but sometimes I use my sister’s account to stalk people may be I will stalk you soon 😉
Viren:Great stalker! Still on train?
Akshara : No ya,  i am walking from station to home.

Viren:You don’t have to walk if you have  let me send you just now .Stupid girl!
Akshara starts teasing him by saying since when you become a sincere driver for me? 😉 Viren laughs and says since the day you become important in my life. Akshara smiles and asks really ? ? Viren simply says may be yes may be not! Akshara says must be yes! Okay I am at my house so see you tomorrow.Hope you are fine there and  please sleep without any worries. Viren says same to you and don’t worry about me .He hangs up the call and thinks my mind I don’t want you to be sad for me that’s why I don’t share any of my problem .However, after talking with you I feel more serene
🙂 He dozes off in the bed ..Akshara takes her shower and  then prays to Durga Maa that  Please bless Viren Maa. I can feel he have problems but isn’t sharing with me so please remove it all Maa…

To be continued 🙂

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  1. A very lovely epi 2 d last……n dis simran is a crocodile

    1. Hahaha thank you Dev for reading 😉

  2. Awesome episode dashni….simran is really very cheap….n viren’s father too not understanding his son but trusting simran blindly……loved ViRa convo on phone…both r adorable n sweeeeeet innocent couple. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

    1. Thank you so much Roma 😉 😉 both of them indeed sweet ♥

  3. I hate this Simran yaar.. 🙁 anyway nice update.. ViRa moments are enjoyable..!! Update next epi ASAP 🙂

    1. Sure will update soon ya 🙂 Thank you for liking Vira dear♥

  4. Hate u simran
    Nice episode
    Love the conservation between viren and akshara ♥♥♥

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