Dreams will come true (Episode 25)


Akshara and Viren enters together to class with  cheerful grin  and sees Kiran sitting there . Kiran is surprised to see them together. Kiran sarcastically asks  both you of finally talking? Akshara smiles and says yes bro and it was all your help .Viren smiles and nods. Akshara asks him why no one is in the class ?Kiran smiles and says because the  maths lecture got cancel.I get know when I entered the class just now and I am waiting here to tell you both .Akshara gets happy and says ok my brain can take rest for a while 😉 Kiran says what say if we go for a movie may be ? Akshara gets excited and says only Shah Rukh Khan movie! Viren says What the …. !!! Kiran readily says you read my mind .I also want to watch the movie FAN! Viren says no we can go to English movie because I never watched Hindi movie before .Akshara says so what?! Give a try then.I  can guarantee that you will be fan of SRK soon 😉 😉 Viren says but I am not really good at this language as I can’t understand when people speak too fast using Hindi then how am I suppose to understand the full movie? Kiran says no worries at all! English subtitles are added along the movie so you can catch up from there . Both Akshara and Kiran gives hi-5 to each other.Viren says I can say that two of you will drive me insane soon. Kiran and Akshara laughs . Akshara says what if the movie is housefull ? ? Viren says then  we don’t watch as simple as that.Akshara makes crying face and says so bad! ! Today you bring out the  sincere fan in me so have to watch it 🙁 Viren says OK stop your drama! I will definitely arrange for you. He messages someone in his mobile and says ok let’s go 🙂

Trio goes to Viren’s car .Akshara sits behind and Kiran sits in the front seat . Kiran  then says what a miracle befalls this car ? Akshara and Viren together enquires why are you saying that ?Kiran says since when you started listening Hindi song?Viren says it is all because of one idiot sitting like a princess behind. Akshara hits him on his shoulder and says bro he is a Indian in born but behaving as though he is a British guy! !This is too much  right bro ? Staying in India but act like living in USA ! ! Kiran smiles and says what you said absolutely true! May be because he stay in London for many years ago so he carried away by their living of style .Akshara says what ? Viren stares at Kiran! Akshara is vacuous and says lived in London then why you are studying at government college?Why you are in India then ? Kiran says strange isn’t it? Viren says Ya,  because I followed my dad and lived there till 11 years old then we come back to India to take over grandparents business. Kiran says he even studied in government school so this university is not a big deal! ! Akshara then says but you prefer London or India? Viren smiles and says India of course but London was the place with much sweet memories.
Akshara smiles. Kiran asks Akshara have you ever travelled to other countries ?Akshara laughs and says I never even see a flight other than in TV bro but one day I will travel around the world with my hard-earned money. Viren smiles hearing it and thinks in heart that is why she is unique. Kiran says Wow  that’s really noble thought! But I will give the most easy way  for you to enjoy is  just get marry to a rich man then you don’t have to spend your money or work hard. Viren waits for Akshara’s respond. She says wonderful idea bro but I don’t need a rich man to live my life bro actually.I will be the luckiest if I get a man that truly loves me even if he is poor still I will be happy! I can survive independently bro 😉 Viren and Kiran winks at each other and says a beggar is good choice then. They both laughs and Akshara pouts her face  and says don’t make of fun of what I say! ! Kiran says jokes apart,the man getting my sister will be the luckiest.Akshara smiles . Kiran thinks in heart hope Viren gets lucky because after today’s incident I can  truly feel that both of them  unknowingly love each other. They must realise it soon and she is the most suitable pair for Viren as she is capable of lighting up Viren’s  life with happiness.

They reaches the cinema and sees it is crowded with people. Akshara says to Viren sure we won’t get any ticket!Viren says what if we get ? Kiran says don’t lose hope and we will see SRK on screen today! Then,  Viren  makes a call and goes further  from them . Akshara says to Kiran bro look at him, busy talking in the phone. I am tensed up whether we will get ticket or not?! Kiran nods and says exactly! After that, a man approaches to Viren and shakes hand with him.Viren and the man walk towards Akshara.The man introduced himself as the manager of the cinema . Akshara greets him followed by Kiran.He says here are the tickets for Fan movie and Akshara jump in joy after getting the tickets . She says thank you so much Sir. The manager says it’s my pleasure and says you must thank Viren instead because he texted me earlier to arrange the ticket if not will be difficult to get . Enjoy the movie :)The man make a move from there. Akshara and Kiran both hugs Viren together and says  loudly thank you . Akshara with sarcasm  says to Viren never know you are too potent!!! Viren hits her on her head and says come let’s watch together.Kiran says before we go we must click some pictures 🙂

Akshara  then sits in between them in the theatre and whispers to Viren what if the people forget to put subtitles? You will totally kill me naa for bringing you here. Viren says No, I will just make you as my translator.Akshara says  surely I will be dead then! Viren laughs. After that, the movie started and  during Shah Rukh Khan presence on screen.Akshara starts whistling and claps happily. Viren looks at the behavior and asks her what the hell are you doing ? Akshara doesn’t respond to him and even Kiran claps together with her . Viren eventually enjoys her childishness and  thinks she is totally impossible! At the end of the movie, Akshara gets emotional and Viren whispers in her ears please calm down as it is just a movie. Akshara nods and when they leave the theatre, she asks Viren how was the movie? Viren replies my opinion isn’t important ..tell me about yours and Kiran Akshara  and Kiran says what else it can be?! Totally phenomenal! ! Viren smiles and says to Akshara do you know that you was too loud at the start of movie ! ! Akshara gets surprised and says what to do! Every time I see him on screen  I become mad. Akshara looks at the watch and says I am getting late so better send me to cafeteria .Viren says aren’t you hungry? Akshara says No, not all and Viren nods . Viren gets his dad’s call. Akshara and Kiran looks at him.
Papa:Hello! Where are you?
Viren:I am with my friends.
Papa:Come home now.
Viren : I will come late.
Papa:You better be home as your grandma wants you to have dinner with us.
Viren:It’s ok! I can’t make it .
Papa:I want you to see during our dinner. He hangs up the call. Akshara says why you become tensed  now? Any problem? Viren says nothing my dad called. Akshara says what your dad called and you talk to him without any respect? It’s very bad. Viren gets annoyed and says  I don’t care and come we will go as Kiran need to take his bike in college too.
Akshara thinks in heart what problem does he have with his family till he doesn’t respect his dad. Why he looks angry too?! Kiran in the car ask why both of you silent? No excitement somemore . Akshara smiles and started cracking jokes  with Kiran. Viren just grins listening to her.

After sending  Kiran to college, Viren drives to cafeteria. He tells to  Akshara  that I will wait for you here then after your work I will send you home. Akshara refuses and goes to the front seat to sit beside him. She says to him that I can sense something is wrong and I want you to go to your family now.You look tensed too. Viren smiles and says nothing I am OK and surely I will go home later. Akshara holds Viren’s hand and says it will be late and what’s the need to waste your time here? Viren says I said right I can go later. Akshara says please listen to me at least once . Viren says but I thought of having dinner with you later. Akshara says we can have it together tomorrow naa.I  will go home safely too so you don’t have to worry much.Viren says but..Akshara  interrupts and says today you spend so much time with me so go home and spend some quality time with your family please! Viren nods and says fingers crossed that you will be safe . Akshara says of course I will after all I am very strong and fearless 😉

To be continued !

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  1. Lovely epi..waiting for ur nxt epi update asap

    1. Thank you babe 🙂 Will try to update soon ♥

  2. ☺☺☺☺ awesome update..!! Loved their masti

    1. Hehehe thank you Kavya 🙂 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the FF dear ♥

  3. Ha dashni…..u made d epi a pleasantable n fun 1……lovd it……
    So how r u…..

    1. Thank you so much dev 🙂 I am fine. .. hope you are doing well ya ♥

  4. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ….I just loved it very very muchhhh. ….ViRa so cuteeeee together n kiran, he is very nice…loved akshara n kiran’s bro-sis bonding…..I’m not a big fan of srk but now I also want to watch fan movie….it was too much fun, friends hangout and last part was so cute….akshara is very adorable n sweeeeeet innocent girl…..I hope vira realize their love soon….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Love you so much 🙂 I am die hard fan of SRK so thoroughly enjoyed FAN ♥ .THank you so much for enjoying the episode ya … Indeed VIra the cutest pair ever dear♥ muahhhhhhh

  5. Love this episode
    Love viren and akshara together so cuteeee♥♥♥

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