Dreams will come true (Episode 24)


Akshara goes to college in fear how to face him after being too rude with him! Maa please give strength to my heart for work out my plan and bless that any atomic bomb doesn’t explode between us again! Akshara notices that Viren haven’t arrived in class. She enters and sit the place where they both will sit together always. After that, Kiran enters the class and approaches to Akshara. Akshara says  bro today can you sit between us ? Kiran smiles and says  bro!!!  Am I like a brother to you ?Akshara readily nods yes. Kiran asks what happened dear?Why I should sit between you both? Akshara says you must ask what didn’t happen bro? Kiran laughs and says okay what didn’t happen for you now? Akshara says don’t be mad bro! Ask what happen? ? Kiran replies if I ask you anything now then slap me .Akshara asks why bro you angry with me now? Already your friend must be very angry with me! Kiran says Viren angry with you?Cannot be! !

Akshara says  Really bro! We fought yesterday and it was all my mistake. Kiran smiles and says no worries. You can rectify your mistakes. Akshara says I got  a way now to solve it but you  have to help me bro! Kiran says anything for you sis 😉 Akshara thanks him and says help me to paste all these sticky notes on the table before he comes. The sticky notes is customised in a pink coloured love shape and have words written in it .Akshara gives the first paper and Kiran looks at it and says why only got the word “I” in this paper.She said bro stick whatever  I have give you on the table in a straight line .She gives another four sticky notes and Kiran smiles after pasting it as the paper spells out
“I am So Sorry Dear”. Kiran says a very cute way sis.I am sure he will accept your apology. Akshara smiles and says if he don’t! I still have many ideas  bro 😉 Kiran laughs and nods.

Viren at his home, gets ready  in a black colour long sleeve shirt with casual blue jeans. He rushingly leaves the house before his grandma finish off her prayers as he never wants to be the scapegoat again in giving hospitality to Simran.  Viren reaches  the college and walks in the class. Akshara is  freaking puzzled  to know where he is going to sit. He refrain from sharing any eye contact with Akshara. Kiran then calls up Viren.Viren approaches the table and notices the sticky notes  on the  table.Kiran smiles at him but Akshara keep looking at Viren without any expression as dread that he will turn down her apology . Viren reads the apology and thinks it must be her work .He sits quietly. Kiran says Hey  do any reaction after looking it? Why are you giving us silent treatment? Viren says what I shoud react after someone over reacted yesterday. Akshara gets hurt and puts her head down. Kiran says isn’t it cute ? ? Viren says So? Kiran accept the apology then 😉 Viren says no need any apologise because  she should have taste her words before spit it out. Kiran says past can’t be change but can be forgetten.Viren says class started and stop taking  her  side. Kiran says I will because she called me bro so I care for my sister. He winks at Akshara. Viren just ignores them and concentrate in their physics lecture. Akshara whispers to Kiran, bro he is very angry today? ? If I am keeping quiet like this then by today I can never talk.Kiran says you don’t want to be chased out of class right so be quiet!.Akshara thinks in her heart, Viren at least give a glance naa for once.I will feel calm.

She starts peeking at Viren . Mr.James notices  that Akshara  isn’t concentrating in the class so he calls out her name loudly. Akshara is horrified to hear her name and  everyone turns around to look at Akshara including Viren .Rahul and Sakshi smirks. Viren  says in heart hope she doesn’t screw up anything . Akshara gets up from her chair in disbelief .
Mr.James asks her question regarding the lecture .Akshara mumbles at first and then she sees Viren looking at her . She shares an eye contact with him and starts explaining all the answers correctly. Viren is also keep looking at the way she is answering. Mr.James says Good that you manage to explain everything  right but please look at your notes during lecture and not anywhere else!! Akshara nods and sit.She thinks in her heart the way he looks now give me a faith that he will talk to me . Kiran says to  Viren look how smart  is she and I don’t understand this lecture at all .Viren nods and  thinks in his heart good that she doesn’t face any kind of embarrassment. The class comes to the end.

Kiran says let’s have lunch together. Akshara refuses saying that if I come, his mood will totally be off so better I go to library  bro .Kiran says but you must have lunch right?  Viren interrupt and says her presence don’t make any difference in my life now so I will be unaffected. Akshara feels sad and  Kiran says we trio are going together and no changes in it.  They go to the college’s cafeteria, Akshara sits beside Kiran and Viren is sitting opposite of her. Akshara says I am  not hungry so a cup of tea will do . Viren then orders a cup of black coffee and tea. Kiran says both of you not eating and seriously my brain is halfdead due to physics .I need to eat rice to live up now. Both of them smiles .Akshara takes the tupperware in her bag then gives to Kiran and signs him to give Viren .He puts on the table and Viren asks rudely what is this?  Kiran says how do I know ? ? Just open and see .Akshara  just lowered her eyes. . Viren opens it and sees a square- sized dark chocolate written “I am Sorry & I Mean it” beneath it is cereals . Viren just closes the tupperware without saying anything. Kiran asks Akshara why cereals? You should have put cake surely he will get happy .Akshara says but he like to eat cereals thats why .Viren stares at Kiran and says I don’t need anything .Kiran says okay then give me the tupperware I will eat. Kiran gives a bite to the dark chocolate and Viren says today you are behaving too strange.Kiran laughs and says you rejected the apology so I take it. What is strange in it ? Viren replies Unbelievable and walks away. Akshara is thinking in her heart what to do ? ? Kiran hits her and says this is the time to convince him . Use this golden chance fast . Akshara runs behind Viren and taps him on his shoulder. He turns around and stares at her .

Akshara holds his hand and pulls him.He asks what are you up to?  Akshara doesn’t reply and tauten his hand . He just  obeys her. She brings him to a lonely place with dim light. She then pushes him to the wall.He asks are you mad? What nonsense are you doing? Akshara smiles and says remember you did this to me in library? Viren says so ? Akshara says after that day, we slowly become friends. Let’s recreate the moments. Viren says what is the need now ? ? Akshara says  so we can become friends again. Viren says  why we need to be my friend when neither you trust me nor listen to my explanation?!! Akshara  with a melancholic smile then whispers I apologise for not being  a perfect friend and did many mistakes.I yelled, annoyed you and worst of all interrupt in your personal life. It is your wish actually let it be to go out with a girl or boy . It is not I didn’t  trust you but never understands you. You totally deserve someone better than me:( I am really sorry!!!

Viren gets sad hearing it and cups her face. He then says no one is perfect in this world . You shouldn’t feel that you are not deserving  because other girls are passing clouds in my life but you are my sun that  will shines throughout my life. Remember that you’re uncomparable to any girls so  don’t  let anyone to rule in our friendship.Please don’t care  about anyone’s existence even I never give a damn on it. To be truthful I was hurt with  what you have spoken yesterday but now I think it is all for good as this fight creates a path between us for better understanding.Akshara gets watery – eyed and lies on his chest and says I will try not hurt you anymore but thank you for being a wonderful friend and good listener.Viren raise up his eyebrows and says indeed I am good listener unlike you.Akshara nods and Viren says at least smile now while petting her hair .Akshara  winks at him and says send me some vibes to think as mature and always be calm as you .Viren laughs and says it is like throwing a ring in the sea and searches for it . Akshara  gives a vacuous stare at him and he says which means it is something hardest to do. He winks at Akshara and she hits him . Both leaves from there 🙂

To be continued .

Thank you for reading it my lovess 🙂
Sweetheart Roshni, I mean Simran and Viren are cousins in a way of relatives ya. Never a sister or brother that’s why grandma wants them to together dear 🙂 Hope you will be loving this FF and thank you for all your comments too dear♥
Thank you for each everyone for all the support and love towards this FF 🙂 Lots of love ♥

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome dashni it was really really nice loved it yaar keep gng update regularly na pls pls

    1. Thank you Vaishu dear 🙂 Glad you loved it as always ♥

  2. Oh thank you 🙂 for clearing the confusion. And i loved d ending part today. Ended with happiness. 🙂

    1. Oh I am more happy that you understand well dear ♥ Glad to read that you loved the ending even me to 🙂 Hopefully your life too coloured with happiness ya ♥

      1. Thank you so much for such sweet sweet thoughts for me. You too keep shining.

  3. last part was mind blowing. overall nice episode

    1. Thank you tani :)Keep sharing love with your comments 🙂 🙂 Hope I captivate you with better writing ♥

  4. Hey dashni a lovely epi…..lovd 2 read it

    1. Dev thank you ya 😉 I actually love the fact that you loved it ya ♥ Hope you continue reading 🙂

  5. As always it’s superb yaar…update nxt epi soon…m addicted to ur story yaar

    1. Ryths I am so happy that you are addicted to this story 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much ya ♥ Keep reading ya 😉

  6. Awesome

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart cherry 🙂

  7. Wowwww dashni…it’s really superbbbb n awesome episode. …loved the way akshara tried to convince viren….the last scene was very beautiful. ….ViRa back together with more understanding n trust….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

    1. Thank you so much dear 😉 Vira is have better understanding. 🙂 🙂 Love you too ya ♥ Next episode is published ya 🙂

  8. Awesome episode dashni
    Love the way akshara convince viren
    So sweet of u ♥♥♥

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