Dreams will come true (Episode 23)


When Akshara sits in the car, the first thing she ever did  is tuned in Radio Mirchi FM that plays Bollywood songs . Akshara stares at Viren and says still you don’t get over the English song is it? Viren smiles and says you  have change it right! She says why cannot is it? OK fine.I know its not my car and I  don’t have any rights .Viren smiles and says stop blabbering like a child! You have every rights in all the things related to me . Akshara is surprised to hear it and softly asks why? Viren says I don’t have to answer all your questions. Akshara stares at him and says you are always rude. Hate you so much !! Viren asks really ? Then what about the hug and  why you were missing me? Akshara blushes and run out of words . She just lowered her eyes and keep quiet. Viren sarcastically says is this how you treat  someone you hate? Akshara says Ok shut up ! You know that I never hates you. Viren says Ya I already knew it a long time ago!  Akshara  smiles. 

She then feels like stepping on something. She removes her feet and sees a pink with orange colour purse designed with white stones. She picks it up  and asks Viren what is this ? Viren looks at the purse and asks how the hell I know? Should be yours.. Akshara says  hits him on  his hand and says its not mine . Viren then remembers Simran sitting there. Akshara  gets angry and asks  Hey I am asking you! Its a  girl’s purse so tell me who is she for you ? So today you didn’t come because you was with her naa but you never utter any word. Every time you tells I am the closest one to you but finally I know its all prevarication. Viren’s rage explodes and hits the steering wheel. He then shouts don’t you dare to talk to me like this! I have never spoken any lies till date and this f***ing  purse belongs to my cousin Simran. I brought her to registration at a  college so may be she misplaced it .Akshara  replies firmly  I believe what you told! I wonder that just for a registration it takes almost a day. Good!  Viren  angrily says I was forced to spend time with her as she is from London and she needed me .Akshara have tears in her eyes and says she needed you right so why can’t you just spend time with your cousin? What is the need to be with me now? You was too busy  just now until you don’t even realise  about my text message and simply blaming that I doesn’t care about you but the truth is I am not being important you.

Viren stops the car and Akshara then looks around. She realises that they reach at her house. Before Viren speaks, Akshara opens the door and runs off. Viren calls her but she pretended like she doesn’t heard. Viren leaves from there and drives rapidly. He talks to himself what happened to her? Why she is fighting for this petty issues?I know Simran’s matter will create a rift between us and that is why I don’t wanna tell about it but  why the hell she is giving importance to the presence of Simran even if I don’t ??? She doesn’t even listen to my explanations. I can say that she is solely responsible for this misunderstanding. Akshara goes to washroom and wash her face.She looks at herself in mirror and says I don’t know why but I really feel hurt and angry at this time . When I asked him earlier why he didn’t answer to me that he went with his cousin? What is the need to hide ?! She then cries  reminiscing their hug under the moonlight and look at the customized bangles he bought. She enters her room and Venisha asks her why your eyes are red? Akshara sits beside her and says nothing dii..Venisha says you can’t never hide anything  to your sister! Tell me the truth! ! Akshara tells all the incident happened until where she fights to Viren regarding the purse.

Venisha asks what is the need to fight? He tells you right that it is cousin’s one .Akshara says I was so worried for him  just now and I got  more hurt after  he tells me he was with a girl. Why can’t he tell that earlier when he was with her itself? If I didn’t see the purse, I am sure he wouldn’t have tell about it. He always tell that I am the first girl he ever been close but now he goes out with a girl which means he close to her too. So,whatever he tells can be a lie!! Venisha says NO, I don’t think so.. Akshara says  why dii? Venisha says because if he thinks you a good friend and been close with you but that doesn’t mean he can’t spend time with his cousin ? First of all, do you have any prove that he was close with the girl? You just saw the purse in the car and making mountain out of molehill.Even we both goes out with our  male cousins, it doesn’t mean we are having any affair with them!You can’t simply assume things and concluded it as a lie .I must say that you totally over reacted.

Akshara is in silence and says whatever you said is correct dii .I shouldn’t have  fight with him.I must have listen to what he tries to explain.I had hurt him and gets hurt in return.  He also have his own rights to live the way with whom he wants and shouldn’t be tied up with me only just because we are friends.I should have think once but  the possessiveness in me leads to this fight dii.Venisha smiles and says possessiveness means?? You  love him is it ? ? Akshara says of course I love my friend dii.I feel secured and happy only when he is around me . Venisha only as a friend? ? Nothing more ? ? Akshara gives a confused look and says what nothing more dii ? ? Venisha says I mean you don’t want to be in a relationship with him ? Akshara says I  don’t know about that all dii .He thinks me as a good friend so I should stay in limit to sustain our friendship. Venisha asks what if he falls in love with you? Akshara says that’s impossible dii.Already we fought just now  so I am 200% sure he will stop talking with  me. May be he will wait till I apologise. Venisha says you must apologise if you want his friendship because you started the fight.

Akshara nods.Venisha says hopefully my sister and her important friend get together again . Akshara says thank you dii for sorting out this matter and giving a light to my brain .Venisha laughs and says I have to since my Akshu is a tube light 😉 Akshara smiles a little and hugs  her sister. Viren  is totally upset with this fight and  shuts his room door angrily .He recollects their hug and also how he shouted at her. He thinks I shouldn’t have yelled at her but she hurts me badly when she said everything I spoken is lies 🙁 Worst of all,  how can she say that she is not important for me after being so close to me? He opens his  mobile’s gallery and looks at their selfies.He  says a problem has arise between us and I don’t know how we gonna solve this! He then sleeps thinking of Akshara.
To be continued!

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  1. awesome dashni i was waiting fr ur ff for two days i was searching for it thinking i must have missed it i missed urs badly u know butt thank god u posted it was awesome awesome awesome…

    1. Vaishu I was missing your comment on my epi 22 badly .hope you have read it too babe 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much sweetheart for reading and your comments dear ♥

  2. Dashni a lovely n undrstanding epi buddy

    1. Thank you Dev 🙂 your comments means a lot dear ♥

  3. Amazing dashni. Biren is bery understanding while Akshara acts immature. And moreover thst girl simran was cousin. How can someone get jealous of bro sis?

    1. I mean cousin in the way of relatives dear 🙂 🙂 Never in a way of brother and sister that’s why grandma wants Viren and Simran to get marry ya ♥

  4. As usual it’s superb yaar…update nxt epi soon

    1. Thank you rhyts 🙂

  5. Awesome epi

    1. Thank you cherry 🙂

  6. Dashni sisters bonding is so cute..! And pls don’t bring tht stupid Simran in between Viren and Akshara. ! Anyway awesome update.. Waiting for the next one.. Take care

    1. Hahaha thank you .Let’s see how it goes dear 🙂 Thank you for reading it dear kavya 🙂

      1. My pleasure dear..!! 🙂

  7. Awesome episode, wowwww dashni, Vira fight was really hurting,but I loved venisa’s convo with akshara. …thank God she realized her mistake….viren so much hurt….plz unite them soooooooon ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Love you too as always Roma 🙂 I will unite Vira surely ♥

  8. Pity akshara 🙁
    Viren pls dont fight
    Awesome episode♥♥

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