Dreams will come true (Episode 22)


Akshara eyes is searching for Viren.She thinks in her heart I feel lifeless without him.She wonders where Viren could be until he didn’t come.He did not even tell me anything. She tells to herself that I hope nothing is wrong with you Viren.I wish I can say I am totally missing your presence. The mathematics lecture is started but Akshara keeps thinking of Viren. Meanwhile,  Viren is with Simran on the way to the Pearl Academy.He asks her  what is the need for you to be in India and get separated from your family ?At London,  the colleges there are much more advanced and have better facilities. Simran smiles and says but you are not there? So what is the need to be there? She puts her hand on Viren’s shoulder. Viren says please take your hand.I am seriously not feeling comfortable. She says you are behaving as though I am a stranger but to strangers you become very close.

Viren stops the car and says firmly what the hell you mean right now? Simran says I am telling about  that Akshara.  Don’t think I don’t  know about her at all.Viren laughs and says even if you know that, I got no problem in it. Now I understand the reason you are here and it must be Maa’s work.Let me clear out something to you , I hate anyone interfering in my personal life.So Better Not!!! Simran smiles and says if we start talking about others, it will only lead to arguments. It will be good if we don’t discuss about this and please drive.Viren nods.After that,  they both reaches at the college and Viren is forced to follow her for registration. He thinks in his heart I didn’t even get a text message from Akshara. She just forget me in a day or she is doing this because of this challenge? He tells Simran I will send you home  now okay as we are done with this registration.She refuses it saying No! No! I wanna go shopping and then you must bring me to a  Western restaurant  because you know right I am like you.  I am not used at all  to those oily Indian dishes. Viren says but I wanna go to class. Simran says  is this how you treat your cousin ? ? You totally don’t give any importance about me .Viren says OK JUST STOP.I will bring you.

Akshara says to herself at the college I have to know where is him. The best thing I can do is just to text him as my credit limit is also absolutely low. What if he is sick or something ? I just can’t be sitting here without care about him. I remember about the challenge but it ain’t  being important than him .She starts typing the message asking where are you?? I hope you are  doing well there.Please reply as I am  totally worried about your whereabouts.  Viren’s phone vibrates with a beep sound but Simran takes his mobile. He asks her why suddenly you are taking my phone? I think there is a message for me! Simran  gets pissed off looking at Akshara’s message. She says you are driving right that’s why Vir! It’s just  a mesage about caller tunes.I deleted it and you please concentrate in driving. She thinks in heart I must stop her from getting closer to my Vir. She will face unimaginable circumstances then. Viren nods and feels so disappointed as the message wasn’t from Akshara. Viren brings Simran to shopping .She is too excited and grabs a lot of short dresses and handbags. She tells Viren since I am here today, are you going to spend money for me as a treat to India ? Viren says buy whatever you want and I will just pay it. She has a broad smile on her face after hearing it . Simran thinks in her heart, this is what I actually wanted. She goes to shop more as if she never seen clothes before.

Viren thinks in his heart Simran is too avaricious . He recollects all the moments he had with Akshara and  says to himself that Akshara isn’t rich but  I have never seen any sign of greediness in her . However,  Maa is unstoppable in taunting about her. Simran asks him why you always lost in your own thoughts ? Come let’s  pay and leave. I am so hungry.. Viren nods and swap his credit card for all the things she bought . They both goes to a restaurant and eats together. Viren and Simran reaches home and Viren goes to shower.He gets ready to meet Akshara but Viren’s dad called him  up regarding office work . Viren  then gets busy in double checking all their office’s accounts. He feels exhausted but manages to finish it up in few hours.  Viren informs his dad that he is going out and will be late. He calls up Kiran and asks how was the class? Kiran says lectures were pretty fine and asks him why you didn’t come ? Viren says because of Simran. She is here from London. Kiran asks  was enjoying with her is it ? Viren says cut the crap and asks him  whether Akshara got attend class? Kiran replies Ya but she was too dull and just alone  in class today. Viren says OK, I will talk to you later.

Viren then says to himself my so called friend was alone at college but did not even call me up or send a message. She doesn’t even bother  about my presence. This shows that challenge is more essential than me for her as she is waiting for me to come and talk to her. Nevertheless, I really wants to meet her . Viren then speeds up his car.Akshara is working in the cafe but thinks that I texted him long time ago but till now I don’t even get a  reply. Where are you man??? She saw from back a guy sitting in the cafeteria.She  thinks it is Viren so she goes and taps his shoulder. He turns around and she is pretty shocked as it is not him.He orders a cup of tea. Akshara takes the order and continue doing her work.  Viren reaches there but stays in his car. He thinks I just wait here because  she must be busy with her work . Clock struck at 8 p.m., Akshara leaves the cafeteria and starts praying in heart  that Viren should be safe wherever he be. She starts walking while keeping her heads down and Viren sees her. He comes out of his car and calls her name loudly. She turns around  and sees Viren. She runs towards him and hugs him tightly. Tears running down Akshara’s cheeks and she says my heart is relieved now . Where you went? I couldn’t concentrate in anything. You  stupid guy didn’t even text me  anything? I was worried that something wrong happened to you!

Viren puts his hand on her hair and says I am fine but I am sure the challenge was more important than me because you did not even message or call me up . Akshara says idiot I missed you so much and nothing can ever be important than you. Viren smiles hearing it. Akshara realises  they were hugging. She gets awkward and breaks their hug. Viren wipes her tears and says don’t get emotional for small matters. She hits him and says if only you don’t say that  I never care about my friend. I even messaged you in the afternoon but you only did not respond anything and it makes me more worried. First, tell me why you didn’t come to class ? You didn’t even inform me that because I am not important for you right?!  He gets puzzled and says what I didn’t receive any text from you ?! She says wait let me show you!!! She shows him the sent items in  her mobile and says your phone was sleeping is it? ? Viren looks at the message and thinks for a moment. He remembers Simran taking his phone and thinks in his heart, it must be the idiot’s work. Akshara holds his hand and asks why do you have any problem? ? Why you are not responding anything? Viren smiles and says Chill, Nothing . Akshara says Really? Why your face then looks so moody? Viren says I say nothing means obviously nothing. Come I will send you home. Akshara says not everyday u need to send me.I am independent and I can go myself. Save your petrol. He says you sound too rude!  She says I am being rude because I know you are hiding something.You look spiritless  and you didn’t tell me the reason for not coming today? He smiles and says I come now right ? ? Stop over thinking  for each and everything. She says OK, if nothing means then I am going home . She leaves Viren’s hand  but he  pulls her more close to him.Vira shares a moment of eyelock.  Viren then says you actually lose your challenge!!! Before the day ends, you come up and talk to me . Akshara smiles and says what challenge? I don’t remember any! ! Viren says Oh really ? I thought someone hate lies. Akshara eventually smiles and says okay I will not lie and I agree that I lose in this challenge. But  remember you only  come here for me and  this proves that you actually missed me. Viren  says stop blabbering and I want to send you home as a win for this challenge . Akshara says  you only asking this? You know something that whatever u ask is benefitted for me! ! Viren says ya so ? It also  give benefits for me in a way. Akshara gets confused and asks  what benefit you gain? He realises what he spoken and says I know you like standing so close to me but give me some space to breathe. Akshara  pushes him and shouts Hey hello!!!!You pulled me and now you talking nonsense.  I am getting late right now so…Viren says so lets go .

To be continued.

Thank you so much for reading it  guys. I am getting better now so I write a very long episode and will try to update frequently:)  Hopefully you guys are fine there ♥ Just drop your comments if you liked this FF because urge me to write better and definitely I enjoy reading all your lovely comments ♥

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  1. Hi Dashni.. This is Kavya. I just now completed reading all the episodes nd they were amazing..!!! I am loving this FF so much.. 🙂 i am eagerly waiting for the next update

    1. Thank you so much Kavya for spending your valuable time in reading this FF dear ♥Glad that you like it dear 😉

  2. Superb epi yaar…i evryday waits for ur fanfic luv dis story alot..plzzz update nxt epi asap

    1. Thank you so much ryths 🙂 Hopefully you all your love towards this FF remains ya ♥

  3. Dashniiiii, wowwww lovely episode….I just loved the way viren putting down simran….he is aware of her act n also knows her intentions…akshara so sweeeeeet n innocent won’t understand simran’s evil plans but viren is there to take care of her….loved the last scene…ViRa hug n convo was superbbbb. ….their cute fight n sweeeeeet argument very very lovelyyyyyy. …..I’m in love with this story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Romàaaaaaa, , Viren is smart isn’t he 🙂 Glad you loved the episode dear and love you even more sweetie ♥

  4. Amazing epi

    1. Thank you sweetie cherry 🙂

  5. Love this episode
    Love their romantic scene ♥♥♥
    Vira hugs♥♥♥

    1. Vira never fails to amaze you dear: 😉 thank you for reading it dear♥

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