Dreams will come true (Episode 21 )


In the morning, Viren  is shirtless and sleeping peacefully on his bed. He heard knocks on his door. He ignores it as he feel too lazy to open the door.The knock gets louder and heard his grandma his calling his name.He then wears a black undershirt and goes to open the door. He looks at his grandma and asks why are you shouting out my name? Let me sleep. The grandma smiles and says look who is here ? Viren gives a stare and says who? I am so sleepy. Viren walks to his bed and someone hugs Viren from behind and says I am here to be with YOU! !!Viren just pushes away the person by hitting with his arm. He turns around and shocked to see Simran.She says why you hit me now ? ? Viren is pretty shocked and tells rudely You are here? ?!!Why you come and hug me out of nowhere ? Simran says don’t be so typical. You are not living in 19th century for not even knowing about friendly hugs!

 Grandma stares at Viren and says she is your wife- to-be so she have rights to do. Viren really gets pissed off hearing it and says rudely Don’t Crap and Stop all your nonsense thoughts about this marriage.  He looks at Simran and says remember one thing  that till the end  of my life I will never get marry to you so please don’t listen to our family. They are day dreaming too much. Simran says how can you say that? I am waiting for the day of our marriage and I have faith  that one day, you will understand my love towards you. Viren is shocked and says if you have this thought in your mind, I am sure you going to regret in the end. Neither I am interested in you nor marriage. Viren’s grandma interrupts in their conversation and tells to Simran .Don’t feel bad in what he says.You know right he is plain rude since childhood days and he will come to you in the future. You  must be tired so go and take some rest. Simran smiles and says don’t worry so much nanijii. Everyone needs a time to change. Grandma says please  keep your things in the guest room and  have your shower .Viren says Why she staying in the guest room? He  then  firmly asks Simran how many days you are going to stay here? She says I am gonna do my degree in fashion designing here so permanently will be in India .Even nanijii prefers me that I do here.Viren thinks in his heart I am so dead as I can’t stand her. He nods and says you may leave from my room now .Simran smiles and goes away.

He then gives a tough look and asks Maa do you know what is the meaning of surprise ? ? This is not surprise but an atomic bomb attacks my head.  Grandma says it depends on how you see things. If you give importance to Simran then surely it is a surprise for you. Viren replies unfortunately its not and she can NEVER be a part of my life . Grandma gets angry and asks him what is the reason for you to not accept her when you learnt to accept unknown strangers??? Viren understands that Maa is pin pointing on Akshara and replies sometimes stranger can be the best part of our life than relatives. You must understand the fact that I never had any feelings on Simran so I can’t be in a relationship with her because love is the foundation for any relationship. Grandma says you never know that you may fall in love with her in the future. Last time you even said Akshara is annoying but then now you changed your mind and thinks her as your friend. Viren says  you can’t compare Akshara with Simran as they are poles apart.Grandma says ya, true because Simran is better than Akshara in all the qualities including her family class . Viren gets angry hearing it and says its a waste of my time to make you understand and Maa. I have to say this even if you don’t like it that Akshara is a PERFECT girl that I have ever meet and none can be like her .He walks away and goes to  shower. When he showers, he thinks I don’t want hurt you Maa but I can’t accept that you are behaving in this manner. You must understand that I can’t simply cheat Simran that I am in love as she is a part of our family.

Simran in the room reminisces a hug with Viren and says to herself if I can cross the ocean to be with you. I can go to any extend to be your lover because only I have the rights to be daughter in law of Thakur’s family. I will never let anyone to even touch this property.Akshara wears a simple white and blue salwar kameez and gets ready for college.  Her brother Kaushal informs her that he will send her to college before he goes to work in his car. Akshara nods and follows him. On the way, Kaushal asks her how is  college’s life going on? Akshara remembers all her talks with Viren and says everything seems to be perfect bhai.Kaushal smiles and says hopefully you takes good care of yourself. Akshara nods and goes to college. She remembers their challenge and says Viren I hope I never lose to you today .She reaches the class and sees Viren isn’t there.She then sits alone and thinks may be he will be late to class.

When Viren gets ready to leaves for college, Viren’s father stops him and says today you don’t go to college but bring Simran somewhere and spend time with her. Viren gets annoyed and says we got many drivers here and they can bring her anywhere she likes. I need to go to my class. Viren’s grandma interrupt and says she need to registration in a private institution for her degree and you must help her.  Viren says you people are unbelievable!! Simran then comes there in a  red mini dress.She says Viren come lets go together.He says don’t you know I have  class today ? It is necessary for me to go college. Simran smiles and says I thought you are too smart and can study even without going to class. She says at least for a day you can’t spend time with me is it ? Grandma and papa insist Viren to bring her and eventually he does. She starts talking about her social lifestyle on how she party at pub with her friends and stuffs. He just rudely replies to her which institute you plan to enrol now?She replies Pearl Academy. Viren nods and  drives there. He thinks in his heart I feel very awkward to be with her.He then says to himself I really miss looking at Akshara in the morning .

To be continued.

Sorry for the late update. I am having flu and cough so it takes a long time to write this episode 🙁 I will try to update the next part soon if possible . Thank you for reading it ♥

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  1. AHH DASHNI TAKE CARE OF URSELF YAAR FIRST then u can update ur health is first but as usual u rocked the episode just loved it yaar

  2. Even nanijii prefers that I do here*

  3. Dashni a vry nc epi n shocking dat simran turnd out n nc dat viren said dos things to his vilian maa

    1. Thank you sweetheart for your concern 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love you ya for all the support you giving me ♥

      1. Dev don’t worry let’s see what is going to happen 🙂

  4. Awww, my dearrryyyy dashni. ..plz take very good care of yourself. …n take lots of rest…I can wait until you feel totally ok…..the episode was awesoooooome. ….simran is very money minded n doesn’t seem like good nature person…she wants to marry viren for only his property….viren doesn’t like her at all but grandma is playing like villain……ViRa missing each other n me too missed their cuteeeee fights n innocent convo. ….keep it up. take care sweetie, love u loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Thank you sweetie Roma for liking this ff ♥ i am getting better and thank you for your concern dear♥ Simran is a headache for Viren . Let’s see what happens and keep supporting :)Love you even more. 🙂

  5. Simran 🙁
    Viren start to miss akshara ♥♥♥

    1. Simran 🙁 🙁 🙁
      Glad you are liking the fact that Vira is missing each other ♥

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