Dreams will come true (Episode 20)

Akshara is working in the cafeteria and asks herself why Viren cares about me so much nowadays? She then sees Viren entering the cafeteria.She looks at him in confusion and thinks why he comes so early to fetch me ? He doesn’t know is it my work finish at 8? Viren pretends as if he don’t know her and calls up if any waiter is available to take an order. Akshara walks to him and rudely asks what do you want Sir? Viren smiles and says such a stupidest question ever. Food! What else your number is it? ? Akshara gives him a stare and thinks in his heart since when he become so free to annoy me? She smiles and says look at this menu and select your own dishes Sir! Viren looks at the menu card and winks at her .  He then says none of these dishes  are tempting so just give me a white coffee. Akshara nods and leaves saying thank you Sir and please be waited.

Akshara after some time brings the coffee to him. The milk and sugar was separated in a packet so Viren irritates her by telling please add the sugar and cream for me as I need to check on the notifications in my Instagram account. Akshara says I am sorry Sir but I don’t know how much cream and sugar needed for you so if you could please serve yourself. Viren says if it is like that then OK.I am not going to pay for the coffee at all . Akshara gives him and angrily look and starts mixing the cream and sugar.She purposely adds all the packets of sugar and all the cream while he is busy in his mobile.She smirks and leaves from there to entertain other customers. She thinks now I will see how you will drink a coffee with excessive sugar.You always tell you are health conscious naa, today itself your pancreas is not going to produce  insulin and you will be  a diabetic patient 😉

Viren then starts drinking the coffee very calmly and smiles at Akshara. Akshara thinks how come he drink it? ? She then says OH NO.I think is my plan failed. I should have put salt or chili powder in it .I wonder whether he have taste buds in his tongue or not? Viren does not leave the cafeteria and busy observing Akshara. He thinks in his heart you always annoy me so its my turn now. Akshara can sense that he is watching her but she just avoids him.The cafeteria almost going to be closed so everyone leaves and Viren goes to his car and waits for Akshara. She comes after some time and goes to his car.She starts scolding him saying how can you disturb in my work? You become insane or trying to make me mad . Viren smiles and says what did I do ? I just come to drink a  coffee and why you are over thinking that I come to disturb you ? Am I so free to come behind and disturb an annoying creature? ? Akshara says Oh am I annoying creature for you? I hate you infinitely.Viren smiles and says Chill out.I never hates you at all. She then responds him harshly that faster send me home. Viren nods and drives fast. When he reaches home, she just say thank you for your lift .Viren says now you are angry on me is it? She says Yes and I am not going to talk to you. Viren says what a good news! She gives him a stare and says ok I am leaving .Viren says  I know you will talk to me.What if you talk to me by the end of tomorrow? She says I won’t and will never.He says I am sure you will . Akshara stares and says its a challenge that I will never talk to you until you come and start your conversation. Viren says Let’s See!! ! Akshara gives him a stare and goes in to her house.

Viren drives to his home. Viren’s dad asks why nowadays you are late to home ? Come and have dinner with us. Viren says I am not hungry and its my wish to come home late. Viren’s dad says there is a limit for your rudeness.Viren’s stepmother says learn to speak politely with your dad Viren.Viren gets pissed off and says you don’t have to teach me on how to speak? Am I talking to you or my dad ? Viren goes to his room. His grandma says your behaviour towards your parents is too bad . Viren says first of all they are not my parents because she is not my mum.She is  Veer’s Mom . Viren’s grandma says No,  you can’t say this . Your mum left you but that doesn’t mean you should punish her with your rudeness. Viren says Maa can you stop talking about this ?Neither I am interested about them nor cares about anyone in this family except you and  Veer brother. Grandma says oh how smart you are! You thinks him as your brother but not accepting his mom is it?! He says Maa if can please leave because I am in a good mood so I don’t want to spoil it .

Grandma says nowadays your mood is too good after college. Why is it because of your friend? Viren says why do you need to bring her in our conversation always ? I know you don’t like her right. Viren’s grandma says I never said to you that I don’t like her but I don’t deny it too . Viren I also can’t deny that she is the best thing ever happened in my life Maa.I am being happy only when I am with her. Viren’s grandma says NO! You are too inexperience in this matter .You think she is good but she is behaving like that because she wants to get a rich guy and settle in her life so she trapped you easily. Viren says first of all she don’t even know I am rich until I show my car to her and I can say that you are  totally wrong maa. Whatever you said can’t be right all the time . Please don’t judge someone without knowing them well. I know about her well and I don’t  like the fact that you are taunting her simply Maa. Grandma says Okay fine I am wrong.  I will know her  very well first then I will judge her. Viren nods.Grandma says I am giving a surprise for you tomorrow. Viren asks what surprise now Maa? She says surprise can never be said. Viren nods and goes to shower.He remembers his challenge and says to himself that you will definitely come and talk to me tomorrow and sleeps. 

To be continued.

Thank you for reading it wonderful people and for all your comments 🙂

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  1. Vilian maa ???

  2. awesome dashni i was waiting fr urs for long todays episode was really nice just loved it waiting fr ur next episode

    1. Thank you my dear Vaishu for reading it 🙂

  3. Amazing. He was not influenced by evil dadi. Hope he doesnt in the coming parts as well… Keep on your amazing work dashni di

    1. Thank you dear Roshni 🙂 Let’s hope he don’t be like that ♥

  4. Amazing epi. I like this ff a lot.

    1. Thank you for liking it Cherry 🙂 Hope you continue your support 🙂

  5. Awesome wowwww lovely episode dashni. ….viren annoying akshara now…hehehe she is so adorable n cute….let’s see who wins the challenge. …missed you. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you sweetheart. Love you too babe 🙂 I will try to update tomorrow ya ♥

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