Dreams will come true (Episode 2)


It was Tuesday so Akshara wakes up early in the morning and wears a red with black punjabi suit for temple before she leaves to university .She walks to train station since she don’t have a car and goes to the temple.After she done her prayers in temple, she goes to her university.  She enter the first physics lecture class and sit in the front row of class where none was seating .The class started and Akshara was writing her notes.Rahul comes in late for class and apologise to the lecturer .He was in street style look wearing a yellow hoodie and black jeans. He sit beside Akshara and when the lecturer leaves the class for a while.
Rahul :R u like seriously wearing a punjabi suit to class ?Your dressing sense need to change and match up to the standard of 20’s .This is not temple ya and don’t be like 80’s woman .
Akshara: Why r u being so judgmental ? My life I have my own choices.If wearing punjabi suit is old fashion then why people are still wearing it in this modern age?Let me clears out for you that punjabi suit is formal wear and nothing wrong in wearing it .
Rahul:Okay girl be chilled out! You’re not naive as I think .Not bad.

Rahul: Do you wanna lunch in the Chinese restaurant with me ?
Akshara:Sorry but I am a vegetarian on Tuesday and Friday so I can’t follow you .
Rahul:You’re omnivore then hahaha ! Okay I need to have my lunch ..See you later!
Akshara then continues to read the physics notes. She goes to the toilet .As she walks towards the toilet .She bumped into the diva.The diva stared at Akshara but this time
Akshara gave a tough look to her .In  her heart,Akshara just says Durga ma is with me, I shouldn’t be scared of anyone ..
Few hours later (In the classroom)

Akshara talks to Rahul and asks do you know the name of the diva because when she gave introduction yesterday I went to washroom.
Rahul: The beauty’s name is Shakshi.Why are you calling her diva ?  
Akshara: Because she is a Diva and I ain’t being judgmental.
Rahul :Actually I feel you thinks alot and that’s why you have so much explanation for a question .I am sure you don’t know who she is for me ?
Akshara :(Puzzled look) Okay class started and  let’s concentrate in lecture now.
In the end of class.
Akshara asks who is Sakshi for you, Rahul? He smiles and tell you will know it tomorrow.Then ,Akshara  just walks to the train station thinking who Sakshi can be for Rahul.

Precap: Akshara standstill in a shocked expression.

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  1. Plz update nxt part soooon… Its interesting…

  2. Thank you Ananya! Will update soon 🙂 Hope you like it .if you wanna add or need any changes please do tell me without any hesitation ya 🙂

  3. nice story,liked akshara’s character……plz update soonnnn

  4. Super story
    Very interesting
    Waiting for the next episode
    Upadate as soon as possible ♥♥♥

  5. Awesome episode, love you loads.

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