Dreams will come true (Episode 19)


After 2 days, Akshara wakes up early and get ready in a  short sleeve plain black dress which is knee length and do a french braid  for her hair by herself .She prays to Durga Maa to give strength during her presentation and bless them . She then texts Viren please do not forget the replica and laptop. Viren  where as is in class and arrange the things in his place in the classroom early. Rahul and Sakshi enters the class and talks to themselves they are ready with their product and it looks something unique. I am sure that idiot going to present well Rahul says Chill only three of us in the class and we can ruin it if you sketch a plan in a proper way .They both  smirks.  Viren receives a call from his dad and goes to answer the call .Rahul says hurry up give me any  water colours we pour on it before he come. Sakshi says  are  out if your brain .Am i coming to kindergarten or college to bring these stuffs? He says wait let me come up with an idea. He then says okay quick give me bubble gums. She says which means we will paste it on the product and make it a mess. So they both quickly, take few bubble gums and chew it and goes towards Viren’s place . Before they paste it , Viren enters the class .

They both got terrified and Viren asks rudely what you both  are doing here ?Sakshi does not respond as she is in shock seeing him.Rahul tricks Viren saying that no we are just here to look the product.It looks nice so what is about it and where is Akshara? He says later you will know about and she is not here yet .Rahul says curiosity kills right that’s why we come here . They both leaves from there. Sakshi fights with Rahul  by telling you’re idiot .You should have use your brain and do it fastly not like a tortoise and now our wish become failure .Rahul says Sorry babe but I can ruin her presentation by making her nervous.Se says lets hope that works. Then many students enters the class including Akshara. Sakshi looks at Akshara and tells that I thought she will come in typical indian suit but this idiot today wearing a dress with heels . Nevertheless, her typical mind can be soon through her  vermillion on her forehead. Akshara smiles at them both and Viren is busy in his mobile. She goes and touch his shoulder and he smiles at her .She sits beside  Viren and before they start conversation. Rahul approaches her and says today you are looking hot and wish me luck .I am so nervous aren’t you nervous ? Akshara says not so nervous. He says I have written and memorise what I should so that nothing goes wrong in it but still I am scared .Akshara thinks in her heart Oh Maa, I thought of speaking my ideas spontaneously.  She says you are making me nervous right now but I am sure you can do well for your hard work and good luck fo you both.Viren gets pretty much annoyed with the way Rahul speaks but ignores them and start re-checking his presentation slides . Rahul thinks in his heart I succeeded my plan and goes happily towards Sakshi and winks at her .Akshara then says to Viren I will do the introduction and the functions. You talk the rest behind. He nods she  says tell something naa actually I though of  doing impromptu so didn’t prepare anything now I am scared whether I will screw up at last minute. Viren says chill its just a presentation .Don’t react as though you are in war Just have good body gestures and maintain your eye contact. Akshara says I hope I doesn’t stammer and run out of words. He says have self-confident  and sarcastically says today someone is wearing dress.I thought she will come in saree as she bleed Indian . Akshara hits him  and says I don’t even  know how to wear  saree and its  true that I bleed  Indian. I can wear modern dress but i never leaves my culture. He laughs and says I thought you know everything in the world because you  always say you are talented. She says enough I know you don’t leave a chance to insult me and stares at him. He smiles and says okay I must say you are looking good in this dress.She says really?thank you for your compliment. He says it is just a joke and you believe it.She hits him and says better don’t annoy me if not you will face the circumstances by answering all my questions. He smiles and nods. Akshara then keeps a cake in the printer and tells him I will do the demo too . He says Okay!

Their class eventually begins  and first few students does their presentation. As the time goes, Akshara’s hand start sweating and she looks too nervous. Viren then holds her hand and says chill we can do well.She says I just wanna finish it fast. Akshara fails to concentrate others presentation due to nervousness and starts chanting Durga Maa’s mantra slowly. Then,Viren tells her its their turn and both goes in front. Viren is busy in setting up his laptop and Akshara keeps their replica . Viren whispers to her you can do it. She closes her eyes and thought of Durga Maa and then start presenting telling the TV is called TipTopTV because its a TV with food printing system. Akshara also maintains her eye contact and tells each and every function  in details.  She manages her smile throughout the presentation.   Viren also present in a very cool style . Akshara looks at the way he presents  and thinks in her heart he is too dashing. She then  does the demo of her food printing system and the cake  she kept just now popped out of the printer when she pulls the spring in it. Everyone starts clapping except Rahul and Sakshi. Their lecturer commented  the replica  is beyond and perfection and their idea is too worthy. Akshara gets happy and both goes to their place.
Rahul and Sakshi does their product of a  money changer machine  but their replica wasn’t too presentable. All the presentation comes to end.
Akshara starts annoying Viren telling him that my idea works out . You must agree that I am too intelligent now .Viren laughs and says its not intelligence but you  proves that you are big foodie so your brain 24 hours is about food. She says your brain 24 hours waiting to insult me naa.Now I say SHUT UP.Viren says okay smile naaa.She says I don’t want to smile to you .He says enough don’t be childish.lets  take a selfie ..She gets excited.She says faster take naaaa.They both take together many selfies.
Kiran then congratulated both  Viren and Akshara for their  well done presentation and says at last my friend Viren knows that girls are intelligent too . Akshara smiles and nods . Kiran leaves from  there.

Sakshi looks at this from far and tells Rahul I think they both are hooked up.She acts innocent and kind to get his attention. Damn Attention-Seeker! Rahul says may be you are wrong I don’t think Akshara is like that anyways.Sakshi says why suddenly you are taking her side ? Got attracted to her is it until you can defend for her ?He says Chill, I just say my opinion. Ok I am sorry.She says shut up and leave me hand now .She walks away and Rahul goes behind her. Akshara says to Viren I must say you are handsome and I compliment someone genuinely unlike my mad friend.  He smiles and says I know it even before you say. She says Okay see you tomorrow as I need to go work.He asks can I send you home later?Akshara refuses by saying that I can take train.He says I am sending you home today and you just listen to what I said. Akshara nods and smiles. She thinks in her heart day by day he is getting more sweeter 🙂

To be continued. .

I hope all the earlier readers are continue reading this fiction and still supporting me.If you feel bad or boring Please let me know ya.i will try to improve the storyline 🙂

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  1. ur story is vry good dashni…keep going.i always wait 4 ur nxt update..

  2. Dashni sory cudnt comment strde….so both d epi was present pleasant to read n enjoyd d ride with viren n akshara

  3. Thanks for your comments ammu & Dev ; very sweet of you all 😉

  4. awesome dashni u always write awesome so no need of saying yaar u r always gives perfect and sweet episodes only

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart 😉

  5. Wowwww dashni….yayyyy…their product liked by everyone…wowwww. …sakshi n Rahul failed in their evil plans…but I loved ViRa’s cute cute fights n innocent convo….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Love you too Roma 🙂 Thank you ya ♥

    2. Beyond perfection *
      Not se but > She says*
      Good luck to you both*
      I have written and memorise what I should say so*
      Sorry for overlooking all these mistakes .

  6. She says I actually thought of doing impromptu presentation*
    Sorry for overlooking this grammatical errors.

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