Dreams will come true (Episode 18)


Viren is driving and tells her that lets have dinner before I send you home .Akshara just nods. Viren asks her why you look dull? ? Any problem now ? Akshara says I feel that your grandma  doesn’t like me and I don’t think she even like the fact  that we are friends. Viren smiles and says you are worrying so much. You know right old people sometimes can be rude . Akshara says what if she tells you that don’t be my friend  .I am sure you will not care about me and avoid me  naa. This situation is too predictable and I know it doesn’t make a difference in your life like how much it matters to me.Viren smiles and says you want me to concentrate in driving or listen to your blabbers ?Akshara says am I blabbering for you? Seriously its waste of my time talking with you .

Viren  reaches at a restaurant and asks her to follow him . Akshara says I am not coming because you don’t care about what I am saying.Viren says you’re being too childish.We can’t discuss important matter when I am driving. . I am not multitask person like you . Viren winks at her and Akshara eventually smiles. You are good at convincing me naa . Viren nods and  holds her hand. He says you know when I thought to be your friend ,I didn’t ask my family so please have faith that I will never leave you for them .  My grandma is very important  in my life and I love her so much but it doesn’t mean she is conquering my life.I will only live my life according to my choices.

Akshara looks at him silently.  He says today I will promise that I will stay with you through your thick and thin.I will never allow anyone to interfere in our friendship even if they are  related to my blood. Now I am hungry so don’t talk anything and lets go eat. Akshara nods and tells in her heart you are the best person I ever met.I really want to be in your side forever. They have their dinner together.

In their dinner, Viren asks her are you still single? Akshara smiles and says what a stupidest question you asked.By looking at me, you  should have know it.I am not so pretty for godsake. He says may be that is your perception .Sometimes your own eyes can lie. If you are asking me then I would definitely say you are beautiful in a way you are . Akshara smiles. Viren says  you think being in relationship will affect your studies is it? Akshara nods yes it will definitely affect my studies because I don’t think I can manage both at a time  .I also dream to have a prince charming in my life like other girls but I am not sure whether I will get a guy in my life. Viren says I can assure that you will get a someone who loves you truly for your honourable heart. Akshara blushes and nods. Viren gets a call from his grandmother.She asks him why you haven’t return ? Still busy with your friend is it? ? Viren says No Maa  actually  I stuck in traffic jam here.She hangs up the call .Akshara looks at him with a wide eyes and says  why you are lying? He winks at her and says lying is a good for health and you don’t even know that. Akshara hits him and says ya right ..Let’s go home because its getting  late naa . Thank you for bringing me for a dinner but today  I will pay .Viren says what is the need ? She says don’t worry  much I bring all my savings so today is my treat for you.Viren smiles and nods.

In the car , Akshara says I have question to you .He says What the hell! I must repeat that you are seriously a question box . She winks and says why in your  car English songs are only played?That also too loud and fast. I can’t even understand the lyrics.  Why your car can’t accept a Hindi songs is it ? Viren says  it is a RAP song that’s why its fast.She says I know what is RAP but what is the need to listen  it when we can’t sing it  or understand well? You must listen a song where the lyrics is always remembered and touches your heart so that you can sing it well .He says different people have different taste. Somemore I am not going any singing competition.I think you are going and he laughs :P. She  gives him a stare and says I will be a wonderful singer too .You must know that I am too talented unlike you ! Viren says this is called self- pride. She says No, its not self-pride.I am just telling the truth. I know truth is ugly but you must accept it .Viren sarcastically says what you said just now about yourself must be given the award called j

Joke Of The Year.Akshara laughs and hit him on his shoulder . She says now tell me whether I can change this song or not ?He says OK fine grandma .You change to Hindi songs and sing nicely .Akshara smiles and says after you listen to it, you will definitely like it because East or West Hindi songs are  the Best! . Viren says whatever! Tum Hi Ho plays in the car’s sound system.She says to Viren I told you naa this kind of songs will touch our heart and soul. Viren nods and thinks in his heart  she is changing me completely where I am eating indian dishes and listening Hindi songs, which was against my taste in past but I totally feel complete  and happy with her presence in my life now.He looks at her humming the song and smiles. They reaches Akshara’s home , then she says  you may change the song if you want .Viren says it’s okay I must follow my friend’s footsteps even if she don’t. Akshara winks and says you are too grumpy  so I  can never follow your attitude and leaves from there.

To be continued.

Sorry for the late update I was busy in completing my assignment. Today I want my sweet readers to smile so its only about Viren &Akshara conversation. Please do suggest the names you prefer to give this duo 🙂
Thank you for reading and all your wonderful comments given each and every time ♥

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  1. Generally, I dont wake up early but aaj galti se its 6:25 am and I actually came here to check whether my post is published or not but before that I saw yours and truly it was very nice. I loved it and great going dashni di.. Will wait for the nwxt part

  2. Goody goody morning ho gaya 🙂

    1. Good morning sweet heart 🙂 Let me know if you are publishing any story .I would like to read it dear ♥

      1. Surely I will be very glad. Thank you so much
        The link of first part

  3. awesome dashni seriously loved ur today’s episode to the core omg u r awesome yaar…still waiting fr the next part. today viren and akshara were just awesome

    1. 10q so much dear 🙂

  4. Awesome, marvellous episode. ..she is adorable n sweeeeeet like honey…yes she changing him bit by bit….he too admires her not from outside beauty but from her beautiful heart…..very interesting n unique story. …I already gave the name to this lovelyyyyyy pair…ViRa. …keep it up honeyyy. … eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . .

    1. Love you too Roma 🙂 #Vira indeed a sweet name ♥ Thank you for your overloaded sweetness 😉

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