Dreams will come true (Episode 17)

Akshara cut the box in a TV shape and paints it with black water colour  while Viren is doing slides for presentation in the laptop about the built in apps and functions of the TV. Viren then says I feel sleepy so go and do a cup of coffee for me.  Akshara nods and goes to kitchen and she uses the coffee maker.

Viren  takes a sip and says coffee taste good.Really you did it? Akshara gives him a stare.Viren laughs and says thank you for the wonderful coffee. Akshara  then smiles. Akshara  continue to do the printer with an empty box and attach it with TV. She puts a spring in the printer so that foods can popped out from it.  Viren keep asking her about the functions for TV.She list out the all functions patiently. Viren sarcastically says I hope no one laughs at your TV. Akshara says at least I use my brain to do a TV with food printer.Its very useful and technology advanced because if any chef cooks in the TV then we don’t have to copy the recipes and cook it. We can just print and eat using our TV.None can ever thought about it.Appreciate my efforts to do the product wisely. Viren nods and says ya right. After Akshara finish doing the replica, she sits beside Viren and almost sleep on his shoulder. He then smiles looking at  her sleeping on his shoulder .

Suddenly, Viren’s mobile rings and he answers the call.It was none other than Viren’s grandma.Viren tells her that I am at our guest house to do project and will back home before 8 p.m. Viren’s grandmother hangs up without reply and Viren thinks in his heart why grandma is suddenly behaving too strangely?He completed the presentation slides and wonder what name should be given. He thought of waking up Akshara but he didn’t want to disturb he r so he thinks in his heart any name will do. He then put the name as TipTopTV.He thinks in his heart she always annoys me with her nonsense question but the best moment  in life is seeing her sleeping at least for a moment she is quiet. He looks at the remaining black colour on a palette with a brush. Viren smirks and  draws a moustache on her face. He then takes a selfie in his mobile with  Akshara. However, Akshara is sleeping peacefully on his shoulder and he thinks why she is so insensitive to sound? He hits her hand hardly and Akshara wakes up in shock. She angrily ask him are you out of your mind to hit me?? He says you know  what we are done with this project and only left with class presentation .Akshara smiles and says its good that we manage to do .Please drive me home now . Viren nods and says you are looking so beautiful now . Akshara says don’t  try to flirt with me .Viren winks at her and asks her look at his mobile’s camera. Akshara then sees her face in the mobile and shout in shock loudly .

Viren runs off from there and Akshara takes the  water colour in her hand and starts chasing him .She shouts that idiot you better stand before I kill you .Viren laughs at her from far and Akshara then purposely falls down on the ground and says my leg is twisted because of you.She says I can’t move my leg.Viren says from far I am  not stupid to believe in your tricks all. Akshara makes a crying face and holds her leg and says never mind don’t come. I will try to stand in this pain. Viren then runs to her and carry her towards sofa. She says don’t carry me please. Its very weird. Viren does not respond and his leg hit the empty boxes on the floor and both stumbled over the sofa . Viren is on top of Akshara and Viren is lost in her eyes. They both have an eyelock .Akshara then cups Viren’s face and he fails to understand her intention in it. Akshara laughs and says I am done in applying colour on your face . Before Viren replies, they  heard someone is shouting out Viren’s name .

Akshara pushes him and they both stands awkwardly in front of the old woman. Akshara runs to the kitchen to wash her face. Viren asks Maa why you are here? I told you right that I will be home . Viren’s grandmother laugh and says sarcastically I am here to watch your romantic drama. Viren says what nonsense you are talking now Maa?! We both just only finish doing the project and tripped accidentally on sofa. Grandma says Oh really? Akshara then comes to the living room very nervously and thinks in her heart that this old woman looks very strict and she must be Viren’s grandma. Viren then introduces Maa this is Akshara as she approach towards sofa and introduce to Akshara that this is my  grandmother . Akshara smiles and goes to take blessings. Grandma just says May God bless you firmly without touching her . Akshara thinks in her heart why she didn’t even touch me? Viren looks at this and thinks why grandma  is behaving rudely to Akshara? He then says let’s sit and talk at least. Why we are all standing? Viren’s grandmother says first go and wash your face.

I don’t understand how you all can behave so childishly at this age!! Viren nods and whispers in  Akshara’s ears you look nervous so please calm down then he leaves. Viren’s grandmother look at this and thinks in her heart what is the need for Viren to be  so close with this girl? She then initiate the conversation with Akshara by asking tell about your family and what they are doing? Akshara smiles and says both my parents are government servants and I have two siblings. My elder sister is studying fashion designing and my brother is executive manager in a private sector. Viren’s grandma smiles  and says so you are the youngest in family and your family must be belong to middle class isn’t it ? Akshara nods yes . Viren’s grandma says Viren does not see  family status all and mingles with everyone but our family gives importance in status. Nevertheless, I must also say that you are the first girl he thinks as a friend. I wonder what magic you have done on him? She smirks. Akshara nods and thinks in her heart that she is not liking my presence is it as I am not from a rich family?

Viren’s grandmother says I hope you both just remains as good friends because. … Viren interrupt the conversation and says its getting late and I need to send Akshara home.He thinks in his heart good that I come at a right time and stop Maa if not I am sure that she will open Simran’s topic. Akshara nods and says nice to meet you maa. Grandma smirks and tells you depends on Viren for transport. Why you don’t know how to drive is it? ? Akshara says No maa,  I can drive but I don’t have a car. Grandma says why is it because your parents can’t afford it?! Akshara smiles and says its because I want to buy a car with my own hard-earned money. Grandma smiles and says to herself in heart this girl is too good in talking. She then says okay you both can leave .Viren nods but Akshara says let me clean all this mess first maa. She then goes to throw the unused boxes and wash the palletes in the bathroom. Viren then takes the laptop and  carries the TV to the car.

Grandma goes to Viren and says follow me home  boy and we can ask our driver also to send her home. Viren refuses it saying It’s ok maa .I will send her and come home. No worries and you  please go home safely with our driver.

Akshara reaches to the car porch and says see you soon Maa .Grandma nods and goes to her car .Viren then says  to Akshara don’t sit behind like just now can?!! Akshara smiles and sit beside him. They both leave from there.  Viren’s grandmother says to herself she is captivating Viren’s heart with her  personality and she is also looking pretty. It is good that I have meet her today, at least I  have a chance to tell her that they need to remain as friends and I must create a barrier between them soon.

To be continued .

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  1. As i said dadi d villian

  2. oh dashniii…pls dont make thm seprate..y his grandma also behind status.n pls make thm fall in lv.eagerly waitng 4 nxt epi

  3. Your story is amazing dashni.. I loved it and the way you created that lovely paint scene was also very creative. Dadi villian? I never expected I think simran is some past type


  5. Chill guys 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful comments ♥

  6. Awesome episode, loved it very very much. …ViRa project is very impressive. …very good team work…..but grandma ruined it…such a villain….I didn’t like her. ….very interesting n exciting story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you so much Roma 🙂 🙂 Love you infinitely too:)

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