Dreams will come true (Episode 16)


Akshara informs her parents that she is going  out with her friend to complete the project as the due date is in two days . Akshara parents says hopefully you return home safely and asks who is that friend ? ? Akshara first hesitate to tell but then she thinks in her heart that I shouldn’t lie . Akshara then says he is  my friend, Viren and he is also my partner in my assignment and I need to do this with him. Don’t worry , he is good at driving so he will send me home safely later.  Akshara’s mum says hope you take care of yourself and stay in limit with any boys even if he is your friend. Akshara nods and leaves to get ready.She goes to take a bath again so she removes her black bangles and  her anklet. After her shower,  she wears a long dark blue skirt with light pink blouse. She receives a message from Viren that he is waiting while she is getting ready so she runs down with her bag. She sees him waiting in his car so she inform her parents and leaves fast.

She sits beside him and when he drives, she  starts scolding him that you are mad to think that girls can get ready in 20 minutes time. He laughs and says but you get ready right so shut up!! Akshara stares at him and says  the only thing you know in this world is the word Shut Up!! He smiles and tells her I  will drive you to the mall but you go inside and buy the things you want okay.I am lazy to walk . Akshara says you are a Lazy Pig! Viren stares and says there is something missing in you today. Akshara says what now and please concentrate in driving not me.I know I am beautiful.She then laughs and Viren says don’t overact and asks where is your bangles ? ? Akshara looks at her hand shockingly and says today I am here without my favourite bangles. I wear it everyday .You made me get ready fast so I forget to wear.Its all because of YOU!  Viren gets angry and says what the hell??!  You forget to wear and  putting the blame on me . Seriously you are too annoying. Akshara makes a crying face and says you finds me annoying naa . Don’t talk to me.I don’t want to be your friend.She then turns her face at the car window.

Viren then parks the car at the shopping mall’s parking lot and says you go and buy things .I will wait for you here in the car. Please bring my credit card with you. Akshara says Don’t be action! I don’t need your credit card all to buy these things.I can buy with my own money okay. Viren nods. Before he speaks, Akshara leaves the car in rage. Viren then says its too funny to look at her angry face. He then says nevertheless Akshara look so dull without bangles so I have to do something. Viren leaves from there. Akshara goes to  the stationary department, she bought many things such as water colour, black colour papers and so on.She asks the promoter to give unwanted empty boxes.The promoter gives her and Akshara is very happy that she buy all the things needed to do the replica for product. After that, she goes to  parking space but Viren’s car wasn’t there. She wonders where he went and waits for him.

After few minutes , Viren reaches there and asks her to get in the car .She keep all the things in the behind  seat and  just sit there. Viren asks anything else you need to buy? Akshara says did I ask anything?  Viren says No. Akshara says that means I bought everything and you can SHUT UP! Viren smiles and asks what product want to do for  this project and why you are not sitting beside me? Akshara says because its better I don’t annoy anyone and we are doing TV with Food Printer system. Viren says what crap you are saying  now? Akshara says I have say naa. That’s our product and no changes in it. Now you tell me where we both are going ? Viren says my house. Akshara hits him on his shoulder and says I told you right I am not coming your house because I don’t wanna disturb your family .You never listens to me at all . Viren smiles and says Just chill. I  am bringing you to my guest house and none will be there. Are you happy now? Akshara smiles and says Good!

They both reach the guest house. Viren opens the door for her and helps her to carry the things .Akshara says to Viren that a guest house can be a banglo and have an amazing interior design. Viren smiles. She  then asks him why this house is painted in black and white ? Viren says my favourite colour is black and white so its painted in that way . He then ask her to sit on the sofa. Akshara asks him but what is the need to paint your favourite colour in this house? He says because this banglo is under my name and I will stay here in the future so priority is my choice. Akshara nods and says I got one more question .Viren says with just a house you have so many questions.Okay jut ask. She says this house is  under your name right but is it you buy it? Sure its your dad  or may be your ancestors money.Then how it can be yours ? A house is yours if you work very hard and earn money for it right ? Viren smiles and says in future I will work hard to earn money and buy this house from my father. Are you satisfied or now you need to ask about my Audi also ?

Akshara smiles and says No . Let’s do the project . Viren says you started talking normally which means you are not angry with me like just now is it? Akshara smiles and says No, I am not  angry  anymore .I think because this house have good vibes. She takes out all the things  from the bag and Viren says wait I will be back.  Viren then comes to the living room with his laptop and a paper bag but Akshara did not notice it as she was busy cutting the box . Viren then put the paper bag on the box and says close your eyes .Akshara says No, I don’t want! Every time you buy some things for me but I don’t have much money to return it well to be truthful so I don’t want anything from you . Viren says shut up and close your eyes now  if I am your friend. Akshara closes her eyes then Viren holds her hand and he put bangles for her . Akshara opens the eyes and sees stunning customized stones and thread bangles. The bangles are all colourfuls . Akshara is surprised with it but hits him on his hand and says what is the need for this now ? Did I ask you for bangles? Its a waste of money and now I know where you went just now.  He smiles and says because without bangles you look dull and I hate seeing you like that .For my happiness,  wear it okay and you have to return me with a smile now. Akshara smiles and says thank you so much but how you can have good taste in buying bangles all? You got wear it before is it? She laughs and Viren hits her  on her head and says cut your crap . Let’s do the weird TV with these boxes. Akshara gives him a tough look and Viren laughs.

To be continued.

If it is boring I am sorry readers 🙁 Anyways, thank you for reading it and for all your valuable comments 🙂

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  1. No dashni its not boring in fact its good n virren notices even a single fact abt akshara n dat d doubts of her is also good to read n enjoy…plzz keep going n smile without worries

  2. awesome yaar i just loved it to the cre omg u r too good..

    1. Thank you so much Dev:) It means a lot ya♥

    2. Thank you my dear Vaishali ♥

  3. Love your story ♥♥♥
    Love the way viren give surprise for akshara
    Colourful bangles ♥♥♥
    I started to imagine

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

  4. O dashni it’s really beautiful story not boring at all. ….loved the cute fights of ViRa n his colorful bangles gift for her….it’s very cute n lovely pair. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you even know I think the name is Vira is cute for them. I love you even more for your sweetness ♥

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