Dreams will come true (Episode 14)


Akshara is surprised with the decoration of  a hotel where children are standing in right and left outside of hotel.Little boys are dressed up in black coats and playing small musical instruments like drums, guitar and violin where as girls are dressed up in white gown holding red roses. Akshara is elated  as she walks along the way, the little girls give her roses  and the sound of low-toned music played by the little boys. Akshara hugs and kisses each and every kids and she reaches the doorstep of hotel. Viren walks behind her  while looking at her happiness. Viren asks may I open the door for you ? As he whispers in her ears, a smile is  visible on Akshara’s face. She nods and sees all the lights are off . Suddenly, a light  shines above a table  which is decorated with a white cloth and rose petals.

Akshara says what is happening around me? I can’t believe my eyes and why you’re doing this? Viren holds her hand brings her towards the table . Akshara looks around but none is there. He says cherish this moment because may be you will not get this again in your life. Akshara smiles and he pulls out a chair for her and makes her sit . Then, he sits in front of her and asks do you like it? Akshara says I feel so special but why you’re doing this suddenly? He smiles and says close your eyes first and never opens till I say. She then heard a sound of clap and wonders what is  he going to do? After that, Viren says open your eyes now and she is startled to see a moist chocolate cake on a plate with written  ”Two hearts are meant to be Friends 🙂 ” .Akshara is in euphoria as she  sees it on the plate and says Finally we are friends and smiles. She says thank you so much for coming into my life as a friend . Every girls dream is to have a guy best friend.I thought I would never have it in my life but your presence shows me miracles will happen in life. Viren smiles and says eat the chocolate cake.

Akshara says you know naa I am a question box.May I know why you  take time do all these things and why you never hate me like you hated others? Viren smiles and says because you’re unique in a way as you don’t behave like other ordinary girls. I have always encounter with girls that talks to me or try to date with me only because of my status. I never seen anyone going against me even when I am wrong. So I hated girls and thinks they all are attention seekers and due to my  unwanted past in my life, I even feel they’re not loyal too . However,  you’re not like them as you go against me and  taught me how to say sorry without any fear. You behave humble yet being too intelligent. You are annoying but I can say you’re too innocent  and kind at heart. Because of you I know that all girls are not the same. In my life all my friends are boys and yes we always have fun. After listening to whatever you said just  now, I feel that a genuine friendship is needed and it is from heart not based on gender. It can only be given by YOU! That’s why I plan to do a surprise for you in this hotel as I know you can be a good friend in my life.

Akshara nods and says you’re the best person I ever meet in my life despite of your grumpiness and arrogance.  Viren nods and says at least can you eat now? Akshara says No, I wanna know how did you arrange this plan so fast and where are the kids from? Viren says they’re from the orphanage sponsored by my family and  for every Christmas celebration they will wear that kind of dresses. So, I made them to do this and they are also too excited doing this. Akshara says that’s so sweet but have they taken their dinner? Viren says Yes, of course and they have taken their dinner here only before it is been decorated and says better eat now.

Akshara laughs and says I am a foodie and you think a chocolate cake is enough for my stomach? Viren laughs and says I am not stupid as you and I have ordered them to do North Indian dishes but I don’t know any of their names. Please wait, I will call the waiters.  A few waiters then serve Akshara the dishes but not Viren. She looks at him strangely and says you’re not eating? Viren says No, I don’t take carbohydrates or any oily foods at late night. Akshara makes angry look and says if you don’t eat then I won’t too. Viren says you’re such an annoying brat. Akshara laughs and says let’s eat and become fat together.Viren laughs and says you are already fat now. Akshara gives him a stare and says you are so jealous that I am slim even after eating so much  and ain’t like YOU. Viren smiles and says Ya right! He thinks in his heart she is too cute!

After completing their dinner,as Viren starts to drive, he said can you type your house address in the GPS system or you want me to drop you in any street  ? Akshara starts typing the address and says someone even without knowing where I am staying can give assurance that can send me home safely . Its too pathetic.  Viren gives her tough look and she starts laughing. Akshara  then says I have a plan a product for this project and we will do it tomorrow itself. Viren says but where we wanna do it since its going to be weekend. Akshara asks then how naa? ? Viren says come my house and do then . Akshara says No way, I can’t come there and it will be disturbance for your family.Viren says then I will think of a place and tell you in message where it can be done . Let me know what you want to do first. Akshara says I will tell you in message too okay!  He drops Akshara at her house and asks are happy that you’re safe? She smiles and says thank you so much for everything you have done.It will be remembered always.See you soon 🙂 Viren nods and leaves. Venisha opens the door after Akshara rings the house bell.

To be continued.

I truly believe friendship is the beginning of any love story. I hope you all like Viren’s little surprise . Hopefully you all like today’s episode as its only about Viren and Akshara guys 🙂

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  1. its really very nice dashni
    i too belive the same
    please update more
    thank u

    1. Thank you so much ya 😉

  2. yes it is true that friendship is the begining of love ….
    i too belive in this
    todays update was very nice .

    1. Thank you so much dear ♥

  3. Are you happy that you’re safe?*

  4. awesome dahsni just loved it there was a wide big smile when i was reading this too good yaar waiting fr ur next episode…

    1. 10q ya♥

  5. Hey dashni y havnt u uploaded. D nxt epi til now v r eagrly waitin

    1. Sorry ya I don’t know why its not published yet .I will publish again. ..

    1. Thank you dear ♥

  6. Awesome, marvellous episode dashni…my dearrryyyy. ..I loved viren’s surprise n our cute question box akshara…..very interesting n unique lovely story. …finally they are friends now. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. I even love you more Roma:) Your comments make my day 🙂

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