Dreams will come true (Episode 13)


Night falls with a blackness as thick as velvet, engulfs the country with light from a beautiful moon surrounded with sparkling stars on the sky and with the dimmed street lights. Akshara leaves the cafeteria and wants to walk  but suddenly she felt someone holding her hand from behind.She becomes terrified and looks around  with fear. It turned out to be Viren.
Akshara  pushes him and asks what you’re doing here at this time? You very angry with me right that’s why u leave me just now without talking?  Now you come here to scold me is it? He put his finger in her lips and says can you give a break for your mouth? They have an eyelock moment in the under the moonlight. Akshara pushes his finger and says I demand answers for all my questions. Viren then says I want to bring you somewhere now. She says you become mad is it, at this time you want to bring me somewhere and you  think I will come????? Viren nods and says you’re COMING now. She says No way and my parents will find me .I don’t want to get a slap again  and let me go now if not I will miss my train.Viren says just come for a while  if you trust me and I will send you home safely . You inform your parents now through phone . It’s a simple thing so JUST DO!

Akshara says definitely you’re dreaming to think its easy.She says you can bring me tomorrow also naa .He replies her firmly either you come now or forever don’t even think you can talk to me. Akshara says you are grumpy and also a stubborn guy I have ever seen in my life . You’re good in emotional blackmailing! WAIT! I will call them up . Akshara takes her phone and tries to call but her credit limit  has been low and needs to be recharged . Akshara then says to Viren it is all because if YOU. My money are wasted for calling you many times just now . Viren says  it’s not a big issue and can use my mobile. She says what else can be done?! She uses his mobile and calls her house phone.

Akshara:Hello,Papa!I am Akshu.
Akshara’s Dad: What time you’re coming back today ?
Akshara:Papa I am so sorry I will be late to home because I am following my friend to……..
Akshara’s Dad: Who is that? Where you are following?
Akshara looks at Viren blankly and he shows her in sign language that to eat . Akshara understands it and replies fastly.
Akshara: To eat papa. I am very hungry and my friend will send me home after dinner.I will come safely, no worries  papa . She  just hangs up the call before he dad replies.
She sighs with relief and tells him I really hate lies but now I cheat my parents because of you.

Viren laughs and says it can never be considered as a lie because you didn’t tell them you’re going out with a girl and you never know what u said might be true. . So come , let’s go in my bike .Akshara says Please NO .I am phobia of bikes and I hate sitting on it.  Seriously it will be like travelling in hell.We can walk and go to that somewhere and its more safer and save cost effectively.  Viren says you’re super annoying and unbelievable! Give me my phone now as I need to make a call.  Just WAIT here! He walks away and talks in the phone.Akshara gives him a confused look and asks you called a  call taxi at this time and you sure it will come at late night is it? He smiles and thinks in his heart that she don’t even know I have a car!She is too naive.  He just nods.

After 20 mins, a white AudiA4 comes and park in front of them and Akshara looks at Viren and says why this car is here?You called for a taxi right??? Viren never replies and a man in a white uniform gets down from the car and says to Viren that Sir, your car is here. I am sorry if I am late and I will bring your bike to home. Viren nods and looks at Akshara. She looks at the driver with a wide eyes.Viren then hits her hand .
Akshara says asks is it your car? Why he calls you Sir? Who are you for godsake ? The driver looks at Akshara weirdly and Viren says coldly to the driver Why are you still standing here?Just leave with the bike and the key is here. The driver nods and goes from there. 

Akshara says I am asking you naa.How you have driver and how  Audi can be your car?It is only used by rich class people.  I thought you are from middle class  family because my sister says rich boys goes behind girls but you say you hate girls. I thought rich people all go private colleges and not good in studies . None of this you ever did and never suits your character. Viren says these are all stereotypes and don’t waste the time and  let’s go now . Akshara says why you never tell me you’re rich?No, tell me first your full name. Viren gives her a  stare and says Viren Thakur and it’s not a big deal whether I am rich or poor . You are not gonna do anything even if you know it so sit in the car now. Akshara says it’s a big deal because I talk to someone and be with them without even knowing their true identity.Viren says at least now you know right so  just SHUT UP and follow me .She  nods and says but you should have tell it earlier.I am angry with you for hiding you identity.Viren says I didn’t hide anything and you never asks me anything so what you expect me to tell? I don’t boast about myself. Akshara says what you said is true but still you should have tell me. He says we can even fight later okay and get in the car now. Akshara then opens the behind door of the Audi and Viren sarcastically asks you think I am driver for you? Akshara says No!!!! Then Viren says sit at the front seat without  any hesitation.Akshara smiles and nods. Viren drives fastly and Akshara scolds him and tells him you have a good car but you’re a bad driver. He says please shut up when I drive can.They reaches the destination. He opens the car door for Akshara and she looks at the place with surprised.

To be continued.

Thank you so much Vaishali, faima, navina, ryths, roma, chumi, swaraani and ananya for commented on the fan fiction earlier 🙂 You guys are awesome and sweetest readers ♥To those silent readers thank for reading too. Hopefully you will enjoy reading it:)

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  1. I dnt lyk dat sakshi. . .i jst hate hr n hr bf. . .
    Ur story is gud dr 🙂 keep going. . . Updt nxt fastly. . .

    1. Hahaha sure 🙂

  2. awesome dashni todays episode was really nice more viren and akshara scenes just loved it….waiting fr ur next episode yaar…

    1. Thank you do much for liking Akshara and Viren ya 🙂

  3. Gud epi….post nxt epi asap m waiting

    1. Thank you so much ya ♥

  4. dear dashni..,nice epi.waiting 4 nxt one. Pls make the updates a bit longer..pls

    1. Will try to update it longer next time because busy with my research paper 😉 😉 Hope you likes the story 🙂

  5. Hiding your identity* Sorry for overlooking this grammatical errors ♥

  6. Akshara asks is it your car*
    because of YOU*
    Sorry for overlooked the errors

  7. It was a cute episode.. Waiting to know about the surprise…

  8. That really was very cute .. Akshara is really naive and her complains.. Full lovely episode.. Loved d epi.. Silent reader i am 🙁

    1. Hahaha nvm sweetie 🙂 Thank you for your comments and for reading the story ya♥

  9. Awesome, Marvellous Episode Wowwww. ….I just loved this Story. …ViRa so lovelyyyyy n cuteeeee. ..their fights n arguments very funny. …I’m enjoying it sooooo muchhhh. …keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Love you too roma for the way you encourage me .Its so sweet of you to motivate me to write better.You address them to cutely as Vira 🙂

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