Dreams will come true (Episode 12)


When the class ends, Rahul approaches Akshara and asks why nowadays you’re sitting with him? You forget your first friend in this college is it ? ? Akshara says no you’re mistaken. We are sitting together because we want to discuss about the project. Rahul says not everytime you need to sit with him though and now you must have  lunch with me and Sakshi. Akshara refuses saying I am not hungry and wants to go library. Rahul is not ready to listen to her and pulls her from chair and says no more explanation. He puts his hand on her shoulder and push her towards Sakshi. Akshara turns and look at Viren but he looks away angrily. Akshara did not notice that Rahul winks at Sakshi. Viren thinks in his heart I shouldn’t give so much of importance  to her and I ain’t giving damn with who she wants to have lunch. He then sits alone and did not have his  lunch.

In the restaurant,  Akshara misses Viren badly and wonders why he looked away. She texts him if he has taken his lunch but no replies from him. Then, she enters the class and sees him with his mobile . Before she goes near him, Sakshi pulls her and makes her sit in the front row. Viren feels her presence because of her bangles sound but he did not bothers it . Akshara thinks in her heart why suddenly  Sakshi and Rahul are being so close to me? This is too strange and Viren isn’t looking at me. Their computer programming class starts and the lecturer asks them about their progress and Akshara thinks in her heart that we didn’t even start anything and how we gonna do it? Then, the lecturer gives them questions to do and Akshara is forced to teach them both on how to do as they keep bugging her .Akshara is not able to teach them properly because she is worried for not getting any response from Viren.
When the class ends,  Rahul stops Akshara  from leaving by asking her how is the project  going on and what is the product she is doing?  Akshara says No, we haven’t decided any product for this project and says I need to go.It is very urgent. She turns behind and sees Viren is missing in the class. She runs out of her classroom and sees Viren from far.She runs as fast as lightning and pulls his bag from behind.  She then breathes heavily so he gives his water for her to drink. She says I was eagerly waiting to talk to you.I missed you so much in this few hours when you are not beside me.He gives her puzzled look and says you don’t have to miss me at all and you have your friends right so go with them.

Akshara says but we need to discuss about what product we should do ? Viren replies her coldly that I can handle everything and complete it well.You will get good marks because of me so don’t worry much and enjoy with your friends. Akshara says why are you talking rudely with me? You don’t need to handle everything alone as I am here and we will do the project together .

Viren asks her if we are not partners for project,  then you don’t care about me at all right???!The project is important for you so you be with me isn’t it?  She says no if you think like that then you’re totally wrong .The project just give me a path to be with you and  I really like if you’re around me because you are the first person takes good care of me whenever there is tears in my eyes . I know you do this because of humanity but for me you are my good friend not today but forever even if you don’t think me as your friend. I unable to stay peacefully if you’re ignoring  me as I really love your company. Please don’t simply be angry or stop talking  with me.Viren walks away rapidly  without replying her a
nything. She stays blank for a moment thinking why is he leaving  without uttering even a word?  She then try to finds him everywhere in the college but he is hardly seen so she contact his mobile many times but he did not answer her any of her calls. Akshara then leaves to work in cafeteria  with disappointment.She says to herself that he just vanishes even after hearing that I really likes being with him. He is impossible!
To be continued..

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  1. awesome dashni really loved it waiting fr ur next episode

    1. You’re so sweet that you take your time and comment on this story. Thank you so much dear ♥

      1. ur story is awesome dii i love it frm the bottom of my heart i wait for ur story every day u r really a nice great writer..

  2. Nce….so kind akshara

  3. Wonderful story ….
    Good job
    Waiting for next episode ♥

  4. Gud epi…..waiting for nxt epi updates soon

  5. Gud going…

  6. Awesome episode, feeling sad for akshara. ….

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